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grass region, and, failing in that, to drive him from Kentucky. The army moved October 1, 1862, and my division, battle of Perryville (Chaplin hills) Kentucky, October 8, 1862. Eleventh division: (Third Corps, Army of the Ohio.) Brigadier-General Philip H. Sheridan. Thirty-Fifth brigade: Lieutenant-Colonel Bernard Laiboldt. Forty-Fourth Illinois, Captain Wallace W. Barrett. Seventy-Third Illinois, Colonel James F. Jaquess. Second Missouri, Captain Walter Hoppe. Fifteenth Missouri, Major John Weber. now a part of the Third Corps, commanded thought the enemy would make a stand, but Bragg's troops retreated toward Perryville, only resisting sufficiently to enable the forces of General Kirby Smith to be drawn in closer — they having begun a concentration at Frankfort-so they could be used in a combined attack on Louisville as soon as the Confederate commander's political projects were perfected. Much time was consumed by Buell's army in its march on Perryville, but we finally n
Olson. Eighty-Eighth Illinois, Colonel Francis T. Sherman. Twenty-First Michigan, Lieutenant-Colonel William B. McCreery. Twenty-Fourth Wisconsin, Major Elisha C. Hibbard. Second brigade: (1) Colonel Frederick Schaefer. (2) Lieutenant-Colonel Bernard Laiboldt. Forty-Fourth Illinois, Captain Wallace W. Barrett. Seventy-Third Illinois, Major William A. Presson. Second Missouri (1), Lieutenant-Colonel Bernard Laiboldt. Second Missouri (2), Major Francis Ehrler. Fifteenth Missouri, Lieutenant-Colonel John Weber. Third brigade: (1) Colonel Georce W. Roberts. (2) Colonel Fazilo A. Harrington. (3) Colonel Luther P. Bradley. Twenty-Second Illinois (1), Lieutenant-Colonel Francis Swanwick. Twenty-Second Illinois (2), Captain Samuel Johnson. Twenty-Seventh Illinois (1), Colonel Fazilo A. Harrington. Twenty-Seventh Illinois (2), Major William A. Schmitt. Forty-Second Illinois, Lieutenant-Colonel Nathan H. Walworth. Fifty-First Illinois (1), Colonel Luther P. Bradley. Fifty-First Illinois(
Robert Underwood Johnson, Clarence Clough Buell, Battles and Leaders of the Civil War. Volume 3., The opposing forces at Perryville, Ky., October 8th, 1862. (search)
l: 25th Il1., Lieut.-Col. James S. McClelland; 35th Ill., Lieut.-Col. William P. Chandler; 81st Ind., Lieut.-Col. John Timberlake; 8th Kan. (battalion), Lieut.-Col. John A. Martin; 8th Wis. Battery, Capt. Stephen J. Carpenter. Cavalry: B, 36th Ill., Capt. Samuel B. Sherer. Eleventh division, Brig.-Gen. Philip H. Sheridan. Thirty-fifth Brigade, Lieut.-Col. Bernard Laiboldt: 44th Ill., Capt. Wallace W. Barrett; 73d Ill., Col. James F. Jaquess; 2d Mo., Capt. Walter Hoppe (k); 15th Mo., Maj. John Weber. Brigade loss: k, 22; w, 102; m, 1 = 125. Thirty-sixth Brigade, Col. Daniel McCook: 85th Ill., Col. Robert S. Moore; 86th Ill., Col. David D. Irons; 125th Ill., Col. Oscar F. Harmon; 52d Ohio, Lieut.-Col. D. D. T. Cowen. Brigade loss: k, 7; w, 63; m, 9 = 79. Thirty-seventh Brigade, Col. Nicholas Greusel: 36th Ill., Capt. Silas Miller; 88th Ill., Col. Francis T. Sherman; 21st Mich., Col. Ambrose A. Stevens; 24th Wis., Col. Charles H. Larrabee. Brigade loss: k, 15; w, 124; m, 4 = 143.
Robert Underwood Johnson, Clarence Clough Buell, Battles and Leaders of the Civil War. Volume 3., The opposing forces at Stone's River, Tenn. (search)
6th Ill., Col. Nicholas Greusel, Maj. Silas Miller (w and c), Capt. Porter C. Olson; 88th Ill., Col. Francis T. Sherman; 21st Mich. Lieut.-Col. William B. McCreery; 24th Wis., Maj. Elisha C. Hibbard. Brigade loss: k, 104; w, 365; m, 200 = 669. Second (late Thirty-fifth ) Brigade, Col. Frederick Schaefer (k), Lieut.-Col. Bernard Laiboldt: 44th Ill., Capt. Wallace W. Barrett (w); 73d Ill., Maj. William A. Presson (w); 2d Mo. Lieut.-Col. Bernard Laiboldt, Maj. Francis Ehrler; 15th Mo., Lieut.-Col. John Weber. Brigade loss: k, 71; w, 281; m, 46 = 398. Third Brigade, Col. George W. Roberts (k), Col. Luther P. Bradley: 22d Ill., Lieut.-Col. Francis Swanwick (w and c), Capt. Samuel Johnson; 27th Ill., Col. Fazilo A. Harrington (k), Maj. Williamn A. Schmitt; 42d Ill., Lieut.-Col. Nathan H. Walworth; 51st Ill., Col. Luther P. Bradley, Capt. Henry F. Wescott. Brigade loss: k, 62; w, 343; m, 161 = 566. Artillery: Capt. Henry Hescock: C, 1st Ill. (3d Brigade), Capt. Charles Houghtaling; 4th Ind
berts' brigade. These officers behaved gallantly throughout the day. It is also my sad duty to record the death of Colonel F. A. Harrington, of the Twenty-seventh Illinois, who fell heroically leading his regiment to the charge. I refer with pride to the splendid conduct, bravery, and efficiency of the following regimental commanders, and the officers and men of their respective commands: Colonel F. T. Sherman, Eighty-eighth Illinois. Major F. Ehrler, Second Missouri. Lieutenant-Colonel John Weber, Fifteenth Missouri. Captain W. W. Barrett, Forty-fourth Illinois, (wounded). Major W. A. Preston, Seventy-third Illinois (wounded). Major Silas Miller, of the Thirty-sixth Illinois (wounded and a prisoner). Captain P. C. Oleson, Thirty-sixth Illinois. Major E. C. Hubbard, Twenty-fourth Wisconsin. Lieutenant-Colonel McCreery, Twenty-first Michigan. Lieutenant-Colonel N. H. Walworth, Forty-second Illinois. Lieutenant-Colonel F. Swannick, Twenty-second Illinois (wound
bitha, b. Nov. 9, 1699; m. Wm. Benford, Sept. 16, 1723.  38William, b. Feb. 9, 1705. 2-13Stephen Hall, of Charlestown, m., 1st, Grace----, who d., of smallpox, Nov. 12, 1721; and, 2d, Feb. 5, 1739, Mrs. Anne Nowel. He d. Sept. 3, 1755, aged 85. His children were--  13-39Stephen, b. Nov. 5, 1693.  40Grace, b. June 17, 1697; m. Isaac Parker.  41Esther, b. Dec. 27, 1700; m. Dec. 18, 1729, Peter Eades.  42Josiah, b. May 12, 1705.  43Willard.  44 Ruth, b. 1708; m.1st, July 8, 1725, John Weber. 2d, Dec. 11, 1735, T. Symmes. 2-14PERCIVAL Hall, of Sutton, 1720; m. at Woburn, Oct. 18, 1697, Jane Willis. He was one of the founders of the church at Medford; was one of the original proprietors of Sutton; was representative to the Provincial Congress; and deacon. He died Dec. 25, 1752. Children:--  14-45Percival, b. Nov. 13, 1698; m. Lydia Bounds; d. s. p.  46Jane, b. May 15, 1700.  a.Mary.  b.Elizabeth.  c.Stephen, b. Apr. 2, 1709.  d.Martha.  47Thomas, b. Aug. 15,