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Religious and Charitable bequests. --Augustus White, formerly a resident of South Hadley, Mass., lately deceased, left a property valued at $50,000, situated mostly in New York and Michigan. He made the following bequests to benevolent purposes; American Board of Foreign Missions, $2,500; American Home Missionary Society, $2,500; American Bible Society, $1,500; American Education Society, $1,500; American Sunday School Union, $500; American Society, $1,000; Orphan Asylum Society, Utica, $800. Total, $10,000.
The Daily Dispatch: November 22, 1862., [Electronic resource], The appearance of the Yankee Army in Front of Fredericksburg — shells Thrown into the town — supposed destination of the threatening force. (search)
Arrests. --The civil police yesterday arrested Michael Martin for getting drunk and trespassing on J. W. Satterwhite, and resisting the officers; Robert, slave of Chas L. Hobson, as a runaway; Augustus White, for feloniously cheating and defrauding, and thereby obtaining, $28 from William Silvey; Robert Cochran, for being drunk and disorderly and threatening to shoot persons in the street. After night was arrested William, slave of J. D. Quarles, as a runaway; Steward Tingle, for getting drunk and acting disorderly in the Columbian Hotel; Jeremiah Sullivan, drunk and disorderly in the street; Michael Rourke, a member of the 1st Texas Regiment, and a resident at Camp Winder Hospital, for stealing ten eggs from Robert Munday, a countryman, at the First Market-House.
e caught by the guard without a pass. A summons issued against T. W. HÅ“nniger, for keeping billiard tables without a license, was dismissed; ditto a summons issued against M. Copp, for keeping a pistol gallery without a license. William, slave of Wm. H. Richardson, arrested on the charge of stealing sundry articles of confectionery from C. Bombard, was examined and dismissed. John, slave of Wm. H. Moncure, was tried for stealing $20 from Travis Fritter, and acquitted. Augustus White was committed for examination before a called Court of Hustings, on the charge of obtaining $28 from Wm. Silver by fraudulent and false pretences. Michael Martin, a soldier, belonging to the 14th La., regiment, charged with drunkenness, trespassing on J. W. Satterwhite's premises, and resisting the police, was sent to the Provost Marshal, to be returned to his regiment. Robert Cochran, for getting drunk in the street, behaving disorderly, and threatening to shoot various person
t adjourned at 1 o'clock, after a session of three hours. Released on Bail--A man named Augustus White was brought before Judge Meredith, at the State Court-House, Saturday, on a writ of habeas cppear before Judge Lyons, to be tried for grand larceny, Frances J. Kelley becoming his surety. White was sent on by an examining Court of magistrates on the 1st of December, and refused ball. The circumstances attending the offence alleged to have been committed by him are as follows: White and another party made a bet as to the contents of a pocket-book. White could not close the bet for waWhite could not close the bet for want of the necessary funds. A man standing by offered to loan the amount necessary to make the bet. The offer was accepted. White lost the bet. The party loaning the money asked for his funds, and tWhite lost the bet. The party loaning the money asked for his funds, and they not being forthcoming preferred the charge of grand larceny. It was in proof before Judge Meredith that he was in the act of repaying the borrowed money when arrested. C. S. District Court-
The Daily Dispatch: March 30, 1864., [Electronic resource], The battle of Stoneside Mountain — gallant conduct of the Virginians and North Carolinians. (search)
Judges Lyons's Court. --During Monday this Court was engaged with the case of Isaac Jacobs, indicted for obtaining money under false pretences from Nathan Bunstein, by selling him three forged passports for $1.500. At 9 o'clock Monday night the jury, after having had the case for about an hour, found the prisoner guilty, and ascertained the term of his imprisonment in the penitentiary at two years. Yesterday morning Augustus White was tried for stealing $28 from Wm. Sylva in the month of February, 1863, and the jury having heard the evidence acquitted the accused. The rest of the day was devoted to the trial of civil cases.