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t us not despond, but make united, repeated, and determined efforts to repel the vandal hordes of the North; and, if necessary, let every mountain pass be a Thermopy , before the foot of the fanatical invader shall again poliute the soil of the Confederate States. Sylvania. In addition to the foregoing, the editors of the Dispatch have received a letter from 1st Lieutenant James H. Mason, company K, 56th Regiment, giving the following statement of easualties in his company: Killed--Captain Dabney Carr Harrison. Wounded--Private John T Tucker; not mertally. Taken prisoners — Lieuts P H Clopton and Geo. W Hay; Privates H C Earnest, H T Tucker, E M Peace, W H Wood, B F Marshall, E. H. Acree, Jno Adams; D. W Anderson, R Baskett, Wm Balley, L W Heath, Wm Ingram, A. J Jenkins, Thos Jackson, E W Kelley, H P Kelley, Jno S McGhee, Bo P Richardson, Jos J Smythe, T J Truman, Wm Truman, Wm White, P J. Woody, and Wm H Peace. The balance of the men are safe and accounted for.
, Lynch Burton, E P Willis, J W Biggers, Dr J S Stevenson, W B Seay, H C Moore, W S Simms, 2d Ga; J T Bowen, 17th Ga; T R White, 15th Ga; T J Millbrook, J W Wheeler, Jos Rice, 2d Ga; J B Jones, 9th Ga; R H Griffin, J O Jones, 2d Ga; O Barr, J N Bimmvins, E L Milican, 10th Ala; J E Beanchamp, Wm Hogan, 9th Ala; R S Jones, 15th Ala; C L Lovell, J W Bracken, J Cline, J W White, 9th Ala; Lt J A Burnes, 5th Ala; W A Sims, 5th Ala; J R Coats, J R Britt, 11th Ala; Henry Sharp, A J Boyd, W E Bledsoe, o I, 19th Ga; A M Holland, co K, 19th Ga; A K Scott, co K, 19th Ga; S Hemre, co F, 19th Ga; W P P Parkes, co H, 19th Ga; Wm White, co F, 19th Ga; W H Bedmyfield, do do; Wm Camp, co F, 23d Ga; E D Lane, co D, 44th Ga; W B Irby, co I, 28th Ga; B H Bragieut T J Buckley 1st Sergt R McKeown, 4th Sergt John Kelly, J Cain, T Divine, T Doyle, M Golden, M Kennedy, M Mullins, J White, O Cole. Company E, (Montgomery Guards,) Lieut Gilmore in command.--Killed: 1st Lieut Michael B Gilmore, 2d Lieut Jos
The Daily Dispatch: March 24, 1863., [Electronic resource], The late Yankee advance on the Rappahannock. (search)
; A W Tougce, co C, 105th Ohio P D Gobb, co E, 41st Ohio; Second Lieutenants W R Lawrence. co C, 73d Ill, A Berwick, 1st Ohio artillery; J Clare, co D. 31st lod; C E Tanbury, co D, 15th Wisconsin; G T Winters co C, 39th Ind; M A Smith co H, 36th Ill; W Lerhman co K, 22d Ill; D Kounth, co A, 2d Mo; E G Hall. co I th Mich; L K Wescott, co H, 28th Ill; A G Brown, co C. 49th Ohio; J Moore, co I, 30th Ind; H C Gass, co D 86th Ind; Tho G Cochran, co D, 77th Penn; I H Blodget, co E 75th Ill; J H White, co G, 49th Ohio; J R Clannell, co C, 1st Ill; art; T Butler, co K, 9th Ohio; J H Archer, co B, 78th Pa; G Mohrhardt, co F, 1st M; a Chubb, co D, 105th Ohio; All of the above save Stoughton were captured at Murfreesboro'. The following were taken at Harsville, Dec. 7th, viz: Lieut. Col R R Stewart, 2d Ind; cav; Captains Chris Beet, co L 2d Ind cav; D A Briggs, co I, do; J U Kreidler, co 16, 105th Ohio; First Lieutenants E Barnett, co E 2d Ind; J W Buton, co 2d Indians cavalry; D Parsley co
Prison Items. --The following persons were received at the artillery prison of the Boston District yesterday viz: F S Doran, a citizen of Illinois, sent to this city by the Provost Marshal of Mobile to be forwarded to the North; and Wm White and Wm. Bowen, the soldiers charged with shooting Sweiger and Crops were sent to the prison at the request of Judge Culd, to be filed by Court Martial on Saturday March 29th. P Creedon of Co H, 46th Va, was put in as a substitute and deserter.