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Doc. 50.1.-Thirty-Second regiment N. Y. S. V. The following are the officers of the Thirty-Second: Field.--Colonel, Roderick Matherson; Lieutenant-Colonel, Francis E. Pinto; Major, Geo. F. Lemon. Staff.--Adjutant, J. Sparrow Purdie; Quartermaster, T. West; Chaplain, Rev. George Ryer; Surgeon, Wm. B. Little. Line.--Captains: Jerome Rowe, Chas. Hubbies, Benj. J. Hayes, W. W. Chalmy, Elisha S. Youngs, Enas E. Fish, James H. Butler, Russell Myers, H. Howard Solomon, John Whitlock. Lieutenants: James H. Ticknor, Wm. E. Stone, W. J. Simmons, Wm. W. Lee, John Stewart, E. Sparrow Purdy, Joseph C. Hyatt, Samuel McKie, George H. Moore, Hiram W. Jackson. Ensigns: Wm. C. Wyckoff, J. P. Alucilus, John Persigne, William Atchison, Hewit Andrew Parkes, Anthony J. Altaire, Jos. T. Newell, J. W. Munterstock, Prentiss P. Hughes.
Jas T Austin, do, co I; Marion McCoy; do, co I; Wm Garner, 48th N C, co B; A. W Troutman, do, co C; P R Jones, do, co G; P A White, do, co C; J A S Balsden, 4th Ga, co A; D M Watson, 22d Ga, co H; Jessee Reese, do, co H J N Harris, do, co H; W P Whitlock, do, co G; W Kobynne, do, co H; N C Sanford, 3d Ga, co C; C H T , 1st La, co K; J Keller, do, co K; G Zupper, do, co K; A Breed, do, co I; J S Lorreins, do, co I; J Taylor, do, co C; J Barnwell, do, co E; J Kelley, do, co D; A H Leonard, do, co o; Peter Hart, do do; J R Bradshaw, do do; J L Ross, 14th Ala; D F Henderson, do do; M B Colley, do do; W S Hale, 5th Ala bat; W C Anderson, 14th Ala; J J Phillips, do do. Institute Hospital. J M St Johns, 35th Ga; D G Pope, 14th Ga; John Whitlock, 44th Va; J S Vintia, 40th Va; Seth Rockwell, R W Ezeli, 2d R R Donoway, 40th Va; J G Leland, 40th Va; Col M S Stuart, 1st N C; R E Owens, 40th Va; Jno H Gase, 38th N C; Lewis Hepler, 60th Va; Elias Helper, 60th Va; Samuel F Jones, 55th Va;
the street after hours with an improper pass. Miles R. Bohannon was committed to prison to answer the charge of forging, on the 10th of March, a check, purporting to be signed by "B. Akins & Son," of Lynchburg, on the Farmers' Bank of Virginia. William, slave of George Duggins, was ordered thirty nine lashes, on the strength of the evidence charging him with breaking into the store of John O'Niell, some time since, and stealing therefrom five kegs of lard, valued at $750. John Whitlock, charged with entering the store of Jerry Coughlin with intent to commit a larceny, was ordered to receive twenty lashes. The charge against Spencer, slave of C. S. Kent, of having a pass in his possession unendorsed, and also with having in his possession five teaspoons supposed to have been stolen, was continued for the want of important witnesses. Henry, slave of Frederick Bradley, was committed to jail till such time as his master chose to call for him and prove his ownersh
w characters were brought into Court, who it was believed would criminate him; but they knew nothing in the world against him, or, if they did, they managed with admirable skill to keep it to themselves. Solomon, slave of John Sledd, and John Whitlock, a free negro, were charged with stealing a box of butter from Bartholomew Hill. It appeared that Mr. Hill was a market man, and on Saturday morning, while Whitlock engaged him in conversation, Solomon caught up a small box of butter and ranWhitlock engaged him in conversation, Solomon caught up a small box of butter and ran off. Officer Griffin, who witnessed the whole affair, ran after Solomon and arrested him. The negroes were ordered to be whipped. William, slave of Wm. Barrett, war ordered to be whipped for stealing chickens. Wm. H. Harvey and Wm. H. Reed were charged — the former with assaulting, the latter with threatening to assault, Joseph H. Moore. It appeared that Moore, who holds some position of authority in the Second Auditor's Office of the Confederate Treasury Department, lodged with the
Theft. --John Whitlock, free negro, was lodged in the cage yesterday, charged with theft, committed at the store of Robert Y. Slater.