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Members. Number previously reported, 246. J. Herbert Barker. Geo. L. Batchelder. Mrs. Julia White Dalrymple. N. Penrose Hallowell. Miss E. Josephine Wilcox. Miss Martha C. Wilcox. William H. Winkley. Lombard Williams.
Medford Historical Society Papers, Volume 20., What the women of Medford are doing in the present War crisis. (search)
t among the useful agencies is the Medford Branch of the Metropolitan Chapter of the American National Red Cross, organized April 23, 1917, at the Armory, with the following officers:— Chairman, Mrs. Charles Holyoke. Vice-chairman, Miss E. Josephine Wilcox. Secretary, Miss Harriette McGill. Treasurer, Sidney Gleason. It started under favorable circumstances with four hundred Medford members who had been engaged in Red Cross work. Others rapidly became interested and now its membershicle (King's Daughters, S. M.), Mrs. C. L. Carpenter, chairman. Sarah E. Fuller Circle (King's Daughters, S. M.), Mrs. G. S. T. Fuller, chairman. Grace Guild (Episcopal), Mrs. Julia Hadley, chairman. Mystic Congregational Church, Miss E. Josephine Wilcox, chairman. Trinity M. E. Ch., (W. M.), Mrs. Herbert A. Weitz, chairman. Union Congregational Church (S. M.), Mrs. Frederick Blandford, chairman. Baptist Church (W. M.), Mrs. Jennie Lougee, chairman. Hillside Universalist, Mrs.
Medford Historical Society Papers, Volume 24., Medford Historical Society. (search)
Jr. Ernest B. Moore. Grace M. Moore. Warren T. Morse. Frances W. McGill. Frank L. Mason. Thomas H. Norton. Winthrop I. Nottage. Joseph E. Ober. George W. Parsons. Joseph W. Phinney. Life Member. Priscilla C. Phinney. Melvin W. Pierce. S. U. Prescott. Life Member. Edward S. Randall. George H. Remele. Thomas C. Richards, Rev. Percy W. Richardson. Harriet J. Russell. William J. Reilly. Mary E. Reilly. Walter E. Richardson. Elisha J. Sampson. George T. Sampson. Henry E. Scott. Harriet A. C. Scott. Herbert F. Staples. Henry P. Stanwood. Emeline M. Stearns. Katherine H. Stone. Amelia M. Symmes. Charles S. Taylor. Lizzie E. Taylor. Abby E. Teel. Charles H. Tinkham. Leonard Tufts. Life Member. Frank G. Volpe. Hendrik Vossema, Rev. William Cushing Wait. Life Member. Mary L. Washburn. Helen T. Wild. E. Josephine Wilcox. J. D. P. Wingate. Helen Wingate. William H. Winkley Irwin O. Wright. Life Member. Christine Warner.
Medford Historical Society Papers, Volume 25., Medford Church anniversaries. (search)
ging of the hymns. At the noon hour the large vestry was filled on occasion of the Historical Celebration, Reunion and Exhibit of the Work of the Sunday School. Former Superintendents Chapin and Loomis told of the school of 1876, and Miss E. Josephine Wilcox, with forty years experience, gave a History of the Mystic Sunday School that reads wonderfully well and should be an inspiration to all workers. (It is well reported in the Medford Mercury of October 27.) The music was with orchestral y the Christian Endeavor workers and was well carried out and brought many former members together. Monday, October 23, was Social Day with The Women's Meeting in the afternoon with President (Mrs.) Miller making the Welcoming address, and Miss Wilcox in conduct of the exercises. Mrs. Holyoke brought the greetings of the Unitarian and Mrs. Smith of the West Medford Congregational churches. Wives of three former pastors also told of their times in Mystic Church. These were Mrs. Hill, Mrs.
Medford Historical Society Papers, Volume 29., Medford Historical Society. (search)
Means. Mrs. Mabel W. Meloon. Joseph C. Miller, Jr. Ernest B. Moore. Mrs. Grace M. Moore. Winthrop I. Nottage. Joseph E. Ober. Miss Edith R. Orne. George W. Parsons. Life MemberJoseph W. Phinney. Mrs. Priscilla C. Phinney. Charles H. Phinney. Melvin W. Pierce. Life MemberMrs. Mary Gertrude Prescott, Lexington. George H. Remele, Palo Alto, Cal. Walter J. Rhodes. Mrs. Hannah E. Rhodes. Percy W. Richardson. Leroy H. Robbins. Henry E. Scott. Mrs. Harriet A. C. Scott. Miss Rhoda C. Slate. Miss Hila Helen Small. Herbert F. Staples. Miss Katharine H. Stone. Miss Abby E. Teel, Saugus. Life MemberLeonard Tufts, Pinehurst, N. C. Frank G. Volpe. Life MemberHon. William Cushing Wait. Harry E. Walker. Miss Mary L. Washburne. F. Irving Weston. Mrs. Cora F. Weston. Miss E. Josephine Wilcox. Miss Helen T. Wild. Dr. Samuel H. Wilkins. J. D. P. Wingate. Mrs. Helen Wingate. William H. Winkley. Life MemberIrwin O. Wright. A. Chesley York.