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June 5. Contrabands in the vicinity of Suffolk, Va., having signified their intention of serving the United States as armed soldiers, orders were issued by Major-General Peck to Captain John Wilder, to recruit a company of colored troops, subject to no molestation in removing those so recruited to the place of rendezvous, at Craney Island. --A squadron of the Sixth New York Cavalry, commanded by Major William P. Hall, on an expedition from Yorktown, Va., to Warwick River, succeeded in destroying twenty-three boats and one schooner belonging to the rebels.--Brigadier-General Alexander P. Stewart, of the rebel army, having been promoted to the rank of Major-General, took leave of his brigade, and assumed command in the corps of General Hardee, at Wartrace, Tenn.--Chattanooga Rebel, June 7. The steamer Isaac Smith, which was captured by the rebels on the first of February last, was sunk while trying to run the blockade of Charleston, S. C., by the national gunboat Wissahickon
Robert Underwood Johnson, Clarence Clough Buell, Battles and Leaders of the Civil War. Volume 4., The opposing land forces at Charleston, S. C. (search)
R. Myrick; B, 3d N. Y., Capt. James E. Ashcroft; F, 3d N. Y., Lieut. Paul Birchmeyer. Miscellaneous: Detachment 11th Me., Lieut. Charles Sellhmer; Detachment I, 1st Mass. Cav., Lieut. Charles V. Holt; 1st N. Y. Engineers, Col. Edward W. Serrell. North end of Folly Island, Brig.-Gen. Israel Vogdes. African Birigade, Brig.-Gen. Edward A. Wild: 55th Mass., Col. Norwood P. Hallowell; 1st N. C., Col. James C. Beecher; 2d N. C. (detachment), Col. Alonzo G. Draper; 3d N. C. (detachment), Capt. John Wilder. Foster's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. R. S. Foster: 13th Ind., Col. Cyrus J. Dobbs; 112th N. Y., Col. Jeremiah C. Drake; 169th N. Y., Col. Clarence Buell. Alford's Brigade, Col. Samuel M. Alford: 3d N. Y., Lieut.-Col. E. G. Floyd; 89th N. Y., Col. Harrison S. Fairchild 103d N. Y., Col. William Heine; 117th N. Y., Col. Alvin White. Artillery: 1st Conn., Capt. A. P. Rockwell. South end of Folly Island, Brig.-Gen. Geo. H. Gordon. First Brigade, Brig.-Gen. A. Schimmelfennig: 41st N. Y., Lieut.
Rebellion Record: a Diary of American Events: Poetry and Incidents., Volume 4. (ed. Frank Moore), The Blacksmiths and the Merrimac. (search)
nport, Jas. Watfield,Jas. Larkin, H. Tatem,Lewis Ewer, Wilson Guy,Jno. Davis, Miles Foreman,Jas. Watson, Sen., Hugh Minter,James Flemming, Jno. Green,Samuel Hodges, Thos. Bloxom,Alex. Davis, Jas. Mitchell,Thomas Guy, Joseph Rickets,Smith Guy, Thos. Franklin,Michael Conner, Jas. Patterson,Wm. Perry, Wm. Gray,Patrick Shanasy, Jno. Moody,Lawson Etheredge, Hillory Hopkins,Joshua Daily, E. Woodward,Jas Morand, H. Reynolds,Miles Foreman, Southey Rew,Jos. West, Julius Morien,Thos. Powell, Jos. Askew,Wm. Shephard, Anthony Butt,Jno. Curram, Thos. Bourke,Opie Jordan, Wm. Hosier,Wiley Howard. Finishers. Jno. B. Rooke,Charles Sturdivant, Elias Bridges,Jesse Kay, Anderson Gwinn,William Shipp, John Stoakes,William Pebworth, E. H. Brown,Lawrence Herbert, Harvey Barnes,T. I. Rooke, Lemuel Leary,Calder Sherwood, William Jones,George Collier, John Rhea,Henry Hopkins, William Leary,George Bear, John Wilder,Walter Thornton, Frederick Bowen,Edward Walker, Thomas Dunn.
. Jewell. Edward B. P. Kinsley. Leodegar M. Lipp. Roger S. Littlefield. Frederick A. Lull. John W. McGregor. Samuel McKeever. Robert R. Newell. William J. O'Brien. William Plumer. Josiah Porter. Thomas R. Robeson. J. Emery Round. Taylor P. Rundlett. John S. Sawyer. George A. Schmitt. J. Lewis Stackpole. George H. Taylor. Levi P. Thompson. George O. Tyler. Charles C. Wehrun. Henry C. Wells. Thomas R. Wells. Edward E. White. William H. Whitney. John B. Whorf. John Wilder. John C. Willey. Andrew Wilson. John T. Wilson. J. Henry Wyman. Brevet Captain. Benjamin Vaughn. Surgeons. Alfred F. Holt. Anson P. Hooker. Alfred A. Stocker. A. Carter Webber. Assistant Surgeon. Henry O. Marcy. First Lieutenants. John S. Allanson. William B. Allyn. John Bigelow. George W. Booth. William 8. Buck. Isaac H. Bullard. John H. Butler. A. L. Chamberlain. Daniel H. Chamberlain. Frederick Chandler. William H. Clark. Theodore Collamor
, 1862. Russell S. Edwards, 1861, 1862. John A. Ellis, 1861. William Gibson, 1861, 1862. Isaac C. Holmes, 1861, 1862, 1872. William F. Knowles, 1861, 1862. J. Warren Merrill, 1861. John S. Pollard, 1861, 1862. Nathaniel D. Sawin, 1861, 1862. George P. Carter, 1862, 1863. K. S. Chaffee, 1862, 1863, 1867, 1871, 1872, 1876. Hosea Clark, 1862. P. Stearns Davis, 1862. Samuel W. Dudley, 1862. Edward B. P. Kinsley, 1862. James P. Richardson, 1862. Joseph H. Tyler, 1862, 1873. John Wilder, 1862. Sumner Albee, 1863-1865. Nathaniel P. Brooks, 1863-1866. Francis C. Foster, 1863, 1864. James M. Price, 1863, 1864. Henry C. Rand, 1863, 1864. George E. Richardson, 1863, 1864. Amos C. Sanborn, 1863-1865. Fordyce M. Stimson, 1863. James M. Thresher, 1863. William Brine, 1864, 1865. William Daily, 1864-1866. Samuel H. Folsom, 1864. William Hutchins, 1864. John S. March, 1864-1866. John S. Sawyer, 1864, 1865. Charles B. Stevens, 1864, 1865. James H. Wyet
Corporal, Tompkin's Independent R. I. Light Battery, Apr. 17, 1861, to Aug. 6, 1861. Private, 3d R. I. Heavy Artillery, Mar. 15, 1862. First Lieutenant, 54th Mass. Infantry, Apr. 11, 1863; mustered, May 15. Discharged, Aug. 14, 1863, for promotion. Captain, 36th U. S. Colored Infantry, Aug. 14, 1863. See U. S. Colored Troops. Wilder, George O. First Lieutenant, 15th Mass. Infantry, Dec. 3, 1863. Transferred to 20th Mass. Infantry, July 27, 1864. Mustered out, May 15, 1865. Wilder, John. Second Lieutenant, 54th Mass. Infantry, Feb. 9, 1863; mustered, Feb. 10. Discharged for promotion, June 23, 1863. Captain, 2d U. S. Colored Infantry, June 23, 1863. See U. S. Colored Troops. Wildes, Edward P. Second Lieutenant, 17th Unattached Co., M. V. M., in service of the U. S., Aug. 5, 1864. Mustered out, Nov. 12, 1864. First Lieutenant, 17th Unattached Co., Mass. Infantry, Nov. 13, 1864. Mustered out, June 30, 1865. Wildes, Francis A. Captain, 59th Mass. Infantr
antry. Resigned, Feb. 20, 1863. Wild, Walter Henry. Born at Brookline, Mass., June 19, 1836. Corporal, Tompkins' Independent R. I. Light Battery, Apr. 17, 1861, to Aug. 6, 1861. Private, 3d R. I. Heavy Artillery, Mar. 15, 1862. First Lieutenant, 64th Mass. Infantry, Apr. 11, 1863; mustered, May 15. Discharged, Aug. 14, 1863, for promotion. Captain, 86th U. S. Colored Infantry, Aug. 14, 1863. Ordnance Officer, Artillery Brigade, 25th Army Corps. Mustered out, Aug. 14, 1866. Wilder, John. Second Lieutenant, 54th Mass. Infantry, Feb. 9, 1863; mustered, Feb. 10. Discharged for promotion, June 23, 1863. Captain, 2d U. S. Colored Infantry, June 23, 1863. Lieut. Colonel, July 30, 1864. Mustered out, Jan. 5, 1866. Willey, William Henry. Private and Sergeant, 2d Mass. Heavy Artillery, July 29, 1863. Discharged for promotion, Aug. 23, 1865. Second Lieutenant, 14th U. S. Colored Heavy Artillery, Aug. 24, 1865. Mustered out, Dec. 11, 1865. Williams, Edwin. Credi
Thomas Wentworth Higginson, Massachusetts in the Army and Navy during the war of 1861-1865, vol. 2, Index of names of persons. (search)
lbur, J. G., 391 Wilbur, J. L., 372 Wilbur, O. S., 372 Wilbur, S. D., 585 Wilbur, W. R., 372 Wilcox, O. S., 154 Wilcox, E. K., 372 Wilcox, E. N., 454, 566 Wilcox, H. C., 372, 497 Wilcox, H. L., 372 Wilcox, John, 154 Wilcox, Marshall, 585 Wild, E. A., 201, 233, 454, 731 Wild, W. H., 372, 497 Wilde, G. F. F., 162 Wilder, A. C., 454 Wilder, A. M., 454, 566 Wilder, B. G., 391 Wilder, C. B., Navy, 154 Wilder, C. B., U. S. Vols., 454 Wilder, F. A., 731 Wilder, G. O., 372 Wilder, John, 372, 497 Wildes, E. P., 372 Wildes, F. A., 372 Wildes, Frank, 154 Wildes, T. J., 154 Wiley, D. D., 202, 454, 567 Wiley, G. H., 372 Wiley, George, 372 Wiley, John, 2d, 372 Wiley, W. F., 372 Wilkes, Charles, 731 Wilkeson, Frank, 731 Wilkey, J. H., 372 Wilkie, J. H., 23d Unattached Co. Mass. Inf., 372 Wilkie, J. H., 24th Unattached Co. Mass. Inf., 372 Wilkins, C. R., 154 Wilkins, Charles, 454 Wilkinson, G. W., 154 Wilkins, H. C., 154 Wilkins, H. E., 372 Willard, Am
el; Simpson, Robert H., major; Tyler, Grayson, major, lieutenant-colonel. Eighteenth Artillery battalion: Hardin, Mark B., major. Eighteenth Cavalry regiment: Beall, David Edward, lieutenant-colonel; Imboden, George W., colonel; Monroe, Alexander, major. Eighteenth Infantry regiment: Carrington, Henry A., lieutenant-colonel, colonel; Cabell, George C., major, lieutenant-colonel; Wall, Edwin G., major; Withers, Robert E., colonel. Nineteenth Heavy Artillery battalion: Atkinson, John Wilder, major, lieutenant-colonel; Cary, N. R., major. Nineteenth Cavalry regiment: Downs, George, major; Jackson, William L., colonel; Kesler, Joseph K., major; Thompson, William P., lieutenant-colonel. Nineteenth Infantry regiment: Boyd, Waller M., major; Cocke, P. St. George, colonel; Ellis, John T., major, lieutenant-colonel; Gantt, Henry, major, lieutenant-colonel, colonel; Peyton, Charles S., major, lieutenant-colonel; Rust, Armistead Thomson Mason, colonel; Strange, John B., lieute
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 37. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Index. (search)
Index. Alexander, Gen. E. P., 125, 222. Allen, Major W 16. Anderson, Gen. Joseph R., 6. Anderson, Gen. R. H., 173. Andrew, Gov. John A., 246. Andrews, Gen., on Battle of Gettysburg, 128. Andrews, Col. of Artillery, surrendered, 213. Armistead, Gen. L. A., 144; heroic death of, 150. Arms, &c., of the C. S. Army, 3. Army of Northern Virginia, surrender of, number paroled, 177. Arsenals of the Confederacy, 6, 12. Atkinson. John Wilder, commander of 10th and 19th Battalion, C. S. Artillery, 353. Beard, Dan W., 304, 355. Baldwin, Lt. Col. B. G.. 16. Barron, Commodore, 59. Basseler J. H., 266. Battine, Capt. Cecil 112. Bayne, Lt. Col. T. R., 16. Bethesda Church, Battle of 236 Bidgood, Adjutant Joseph V., 319. Black Eagle Company, Roster of, 52. Blockade running, 3. Bloody Angle, Battlefield of, 164. Blunt, killed, Private, 200. Breathed, Jim, 25. Breckinridge, Gen. J. C., 247. Brehm Henry G., 266. Broun,