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Hustings Court. --The Grand Jury, on Saturday, found true bills of indictment against the following named persons for issuing shinplasters: A. P. Brown, E. Seman, Lucien Hill, C. H. Wynne, N. B. Hill, C. R. Bricken, S. P. Cocke, Thos. M. Alfriend, R. H. Dibrell, J. B. Winston, J. H. Gentry, R. D. Mitchell, J. B. Glazebrook, T. A. Parker, A. D. Williams, W. E. Johnston, I. D. Mercer, A. W. Richardson, A. S. Lee, A. Arsell, Jr., J. P. Hill, Geo. I. Herring, W. G. Dandridge, F. B. Hart, R. T. Reynolds, W. P. Parkins, S. Mason, D. J. Saunders, Thomas Lawson — several cases against each. The Grand Jury also presented White & Riley, for retailing ardent spirits at the Theatre, without license. William Burnes, for exhibiting faro. Clara Coleman, fer keeping a house of ill-fame. James Suliivan, for assaulting Catharine Croke. Louisa Sunderland, for petty larceny. The following cases were tried on Saturday: John P. Hughes, for beating his wife, found guilty, and fi
from the mountain side, but as many as four or five be either killed or wounded, Five or six hundred would, they think, be a low estimate, therefore, of the loss of the enemy in killed and wounded in this affair. Jack May then rejoined Colonel Williams, who. with his force of only fourteen hundred men to prevent a flank movement of the enemy estimated at probably 8,000, had fallen back to the junction of the Pound Gap and what is called the Grape Vine Creek Road. Colonel Williams is now inColonel Williams is now in the vicinity of, if not immediately at, the Pound Gap--General Marshall is at the Gap of the Louisa river opening from Piketon into Tazewell county. Gentlemen of intelligence just from that country entertain no fear of the perfect feasibility of our holding the mountain; and General Marshall only wishes such small reinforcements of men and arms as will enable him to push through and proceed against Nelson. Paris, Kentucky, is more distant from Piketon than Wytheville, Virginia, and the ci
Col. Williams commanding the First Regiment Georgia Regulate, now stationed at Manassas, died of pulmonary disease, contracted in the service at his residence, in Columbus, Ga., on the 6th inst.
Carter, Carpenter, Cazenove, Cecil, J. J. Coleman, Crockett, Curtis, Dabney, Daniel, John D., Davis, R. J. Davis, Dice, Eggleston, Ewing, Fleming, Fletcher, Forbes, Friend, Garrison, Gatewood, George, Gillespie, Gilmer, Grattan, Green, Hopkins, Hunter, Kerby, James, Johnson, Jordan, Kaufman, Kyle, Lively, Lockridge, Lynn, Mallory, Matthews, McCamant, A. W. McDonald, McKinney, McLaughlin, Minor, Montague, R. E. Nelson, Newton, Noland, Orgald, Payne, Pitman, Reid, Richardson, Riddick, Rives, Robertson, Robert C. Sanders, Sheffey, Sady, Steger, Tate, Taylor, Thomas, Thrash, Tredway, Walker, Ward, Williams, S. Wilson, Woodson, Woottorn Worsham, Wright, Wynne, and Mr. Speaker.--Total 83. Nays.--Messrs. Brooks, Clark, Collier, Franklin, Lundy, Prince, Peter C. Saunders, Staples, Veden, and West.--Total 10. So the bill was passed by a vote of $3 to 10. On motion of Mr. Robertson, of Richmond, the House then went into secret session on the bill to organize the Virginia forces.
An Uufortunate affair. --We saw yesterday evening, at the undertaker's establishment of Maj. Williams, the body of a gallant and heroic Lieutenant — McMahon, of a Mississippi regiment — who, we were informed, had been shot by a citizen of Dumfries, whose name we were unable to learn. The shooting is said to have occurred under the following circumstances: Lieut. M. had been sent by a superior officer to get a horse from this citizen. He offered both to buy or to hire the horse, both of which offers were refused. He then returned and reported, when he was ordered to impress. This he returned to do, when the owner of the horse deliberately shot him. It is reported that the citizen has since been hung. This, however, is not well vouched for. He has, however, been arrested and placed under a strong military guard.--Fredericksburg Recorder, 7t
a juror. Martha Pemberton was fined $10 for permitting her slave to go at large and hire himself out, contrary to law. John Denzler was tried by jury for an assault on Hannah Houck, (his sister.) The jury returned a verdict of not guilty. The following named defendants, indicted for issuing notes of a less denomination than $5, severally paid to the Clerk the costs in their cases, when nolle prosequies were entered by the Attorney for the Commonwealth, viz: R. T. Reynolds, two cases; W. P. Perkins, four cases; Francis B. Hart, six cases; George I. Herring, two cases; Wm. G. Dandridge, two cases; John B. Glazebrook, two cases; A. D. Williams, two cases; T. W. Parker, two cases; Lucien Hill, two cases; R. D. Mitchell, two cases; D. Baker, Jr., nine cases; Thos. B. Starke, eleven cases. The consideration of the gaming cases will be resumed this morning. No doubt the Court or Prosecuting Attorney will soon see the propriety of trying or dismissing these petty cases.
Ranaway. --A Negro Boy, named David; about 20 years old; of medium height; black skin. No scars recollected. He is slow in his movements. It is supposed he is lucking about the city. Has been at the Central Hotel, and has probably hired himself at some of the camps.--Ten dollars reward will be paid for his return, if caught within the city, or county of Henrico, $25 if caught beyond. Ro D. Ward, or ap 16--t * A. D. Williams.
The Daily Dispatch: August 7, 1862., [Electronic resource], Arrival of exchanged Confederate prisoners. (search)
, 53d Tennessee regiment--Fort Donelson. Capt Joseph L McAleer, 2d Maryland regiment--Back River. Capt John L Pitman, 33d Virginia regiment--Kernstown. First Lieut J T James, 11th Virginia regiment--Williamsburg. Second Lieut Wm Wade, 4th Virginia regiment--Kernstown. Captain H R Morrison, 4th Virginia regiment--Kernstown. First Lieut J T Boyd, 4th Virginia regiment--Kernstown. Second Lieut G W Veitch, 6th Virginia regiment--Front Royal. First Lieut S C Williams, C S Artillery--Kerns town. Second Lieut Thos Carty, 7th Louisiana regiment--Gaines's Mill. Second Lieut J P Young, 7th North Carolina regiment--White Oak Swamp. Second Lieut C D Boyd, Nelsons Artillery — Seven Pines. Second Lieut A Finley, 22d North Carolina regiment--Seven Pines. Second Lieut P S Hagy, 37th Virginia regiment--Winchester. First Lieut J N Lyle, 4th Virginia regiment--Kernstown. Major T Graybill, 28th Georgia regiment--Seven Pines. Colon
Runaway --On Sunday, 27th June,David, a negro boy, about 20 years of age, ginger-bread color, owned by Messrs. Green & Marshall, and hired of P. M. Tabb & Son. He left the farm formerly occupied by Dr. Duval, on the Westham road. He was last seen in company with two negroes of Mr. Moncure, and it is supposed they were making their way towards the enemy's lines in the upper country. A suitable reward will be paid for his return to Mr. Drumheller, the overseer on the farm, or to myself. A. D. Williams, au 7--3t Trustee for B. W. Green.
The Daily Dispatch: July 20, 1863., [Electronic resource], The Impossibility of Johnston saving Vicksburg (search)
Libby Prison. --On Saturday evening last there were 182 officers received at the Libby, captured in the engagements around Gettysburg on the first of the present month. Among them were the following field officers: Col. Chas Tilden, 16th Maine reg't; Lt Cols J P Spofford, 97th N Y, and J Williams, 25th Ohio; Majs A Von Mitzel, 74th Pa; S Kovaes, 114th Pa, and T B Rogers, 140th Pa. In addition to these were 55 Captains, 49 1st Lieutenants, 63 2d Lieutenants.
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