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services. We only asked for $2,000 more. The official to whom he was referred, -supposed to have been the superintendent George B. McClellan who afterwards became the eminent general,--looking at the bill expressed great surprise. Why, sir, he exclaimed, this is as much as Daniel Webster himself would have charged. We cannot allow such a claim. Stung by the rebuff, Lincoln withdrew the bill, and started for home. On the way he stopped at Bloomington. There he met Grant Goodrich, Archibald Williams, Norman B. Judd, 0. H. Browning, and other attorneys, who, on learning of his modest charge for such valuable services rendered the railroad, induced him to increase the demand to $5,000, and to bring suit for that sum. This was done at once. On the trial six lawyers certified that the bill was reasonable, and judgment for that sum went by default. The judgment was promptly paid. Lincoln gave me my half, and much as we deprecated the avarice of great corporations, we both thanked t
ed John L. Atkinson. Check for $13, dated March 8th, payable to Wm. F. Fraysier, signed A. W. Thomas. Check No. 196, dated March 2d, payable to L. Dorsam, for $6, (for a pair of boots,) signed Wm. L. Atkinson. It is said that not long since Mr. Williams, (hardware merchant,) hired a number of hacks from Belvin & Atkinson, which coming to the knowledge of Carter, he made out a bill for the amount (about $37,) and presented it and obtained a check. On applying at the Bank he was directed to have it made payable to bearer. Finding the money could not be drawn, he wrote the following note, which was dispatched by a boy: "Mr. Williams will please to make the check payable to bearer, as Mr. Belvin is out of town this morning, and I wish to settle with the hackmen. H. A. Atkinson, for Jno. A. Belvin. March 4th, 1861." Mr. Atkinson is a partner of Belvin, but neither knew anything at the time of the above, nor was Mr. Belvin out of town. The examination in the forgery cases was postpon
The Daily Dispatch: March 12, 1861., [Electronic resource], Condition of the Federal Army in Texas. (search)
The Offices. Washington, March 11 --The Senate, in Executive session to-day, confirmed Robert Payne, District Attorney for the Northern District of Ohio. The President has also sent in the nominations (which were referred) of Lt. Gov. Goodrich, Collector of the port of Boston; Geo. W. McClelland, Secretary of the Massachusetts State Republican Committee, Assistant Postmaster General; Archibald Williams, of Ill., District Judge of Kansas, and Dole, of Ill. , Commissioner of Indian Affairs.
Supreme Court of Appeals. --The following decisions have been rendered by this Court since our last report: Murphy vs. McCourt. Argued by Robt. R. Collier for the appellant, and John Lyon for the appellee. Decree of the Circuit Court of the city of Petersburg affirmed. Crenshaw, &c., vs. Crenshaw's adm'r, &c. Argued by C. G. Griswold for the appellant, and August & Randolph for the appellee.--Decree of the Circuit Court of the county of Hanover affirmed. Epes vs. Williams' ex'or, and others. Argued by Wm. T. Joynes for the appellants, and James Alfred Jones and John Lyon for the appellees. Decree of the Circuit Court of the city of Petersburg affirmed. Cockerel vs. Flowerree's adm'r, and others. Argued by Messrs. Tucker " Patton for the appellants, and Arthur A. Morson and R. E. Scott for the appellees. Decree of the Circuit Court of Fauquier county reversed. The Court adjourned to the 5th day of April next.
Extra session of the U. S. Senate. Washington, March 12. --On motion, the resolution to expel Senator Wigfall was referred to the Committee on Judiciary, which is considered the easiest way of getting rid of the perplexing question. Cassius M. Clay, of Ky., has been nominated Minister to Spain, and Thomas Corwin, of Ohio, Minister to Mexico. The Senate also confirmed Archibald Williams as District Judge for Kansas, and Wm. P. Dole as Commissioner of Indian Affairs; both of Illinois.