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ning, February 15, 1854. Ira. Thorpe, Charles Williams, Erastus E. Cole, Reuben Horton, Edwinorton, Alfred Horton. A true copy. Attest: C. Williams, Clerk. In response to the above, the sithin and for the County of Middlesex, by Charles Williams and eleven other persons, all legal voter You are therefore hereby ordered to warn Charles Williams, Erastus E. Cole, Reuben Horton, Edwin Mu, Edwin Munroe, Jr., being the moderator, Charles Williams, clerk, with Edwin Munroe, Jr., Reuben Hoam Welch were voted into the society. Charles Williams, Jr.'s, name was added March 1, 1854. T location to withdraw from the parish. Charles Williams, who had been clerk of the parish since 1unroe, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Erastus E. Cole, Charles Williams, Mr. and Mrs. J. Q. Twombly, Mr. and Mrs.the standing committee for so many years, Charles Williams, as clerk of the parish and superintendenf service as committeeman and adviser, Charles Williams, Jr., as superintendent of the Sunday Schoo[2 more...]
following names:— Mrs. N. T. Munroe, Mrs. Daniel Pratt. Mrs. Sewall Dodge, Mrs. Nathaniel Daniels, Mrs. John Mandell, Mrs. George Rogers, Mrs. E. Harmon, Mrs. Jennings, Mrs. James Runey, Miss Georgiana Williams, Miss Harriet Fitz, Mrs. W. Gage, Mrs. Giles, Mrs. H. Bradshaw, Mrs. H. Cutter, Mrs. Seth Stevens, Mrs. Childs, Mrs. George S. Fogg, Miss Martha Hadley, Mrs. George W. Ireland, Mrs. George H. Emerson. Miss A. Horton, Mrs. E. E. Cole, Mrs. Fitch Cutter. Mrs. Charles Munroe, Mrs. Charles Williams, Mrs. Abel Fitz, Mrs. Aaron Sargent, Mrs. Charles Tufts, Miss Mary Giles, Mrs. Edwin Daniels, Mrs. E. A. Bacon, Mrs. A. Waters, Mrs. Frank Russell. The society started with forty-one members. The first president was Mrs. Nancy T. Munroe, for many years the editor, in connection with Mrs. E. A. Bacon, of the Ladies' Repository, since merged into the Christian Leader. The first treasurer was Mrs. Charles Tufts, wife of the founder of Tufts College. We have not been able to asc
like hunting for the proverbial needle in the proverbial haystack. As near as I can learn, Charles Williams and Edwin Munroe were the prime movers in the establishing of the school, and the first meeeet, and was utilized as a primary schoolhouse. The first officers were: Superintendent, Charles Williams; vice-superintendent, Edwin Munroe; librarian, Charles Williams, Jr.; secretary, Isaac O. GCharles Williams, Jr.; secretary, Isaac O. Giles. One who was a member of the school at this early stage informs me that the attendance was about fifteen, and that its officers and teachers were persons of more than average ability. At fns are made of profits from fairs, and donations of part of such, to the parish. Superintendent Charles Williams was succeeded in 1865 by his son, Charles Williams, Jr., who served eight years. Charles Williams, Jr., who served eight years. In 1868 the church was burned, and the school for a time was obliged to meet in the Prescott schoolhouse or the town hall (now city hall). The first reunion of teachers occurred in January, 1870;
1860—Edwin Munroe, Jr., Reuben Horton, Charles Williams, R. Carver. 1861—Edwin Munroe, Jr., George W. Ireland, Charles Williams, R. Carver, E. E. Cole, David Elliot, Reuben Horton. 1862—Edwin Munroe, Jr., George W. Ireland, Charles Williams, R. Carver, E. E. Cole, David Elliot, J. T. Glines863—Edwin Munroe, Jr., George W. Ireland, Charles Williams, R. Carver, E. E. Cole, David Elliot, J. 864—Edwin Munroe, Jr., George W. Ireland, Charles Williams, R. Carver, E. E. Cole, David Elliot, J. 865—Edwin Munroe, Jr., George W. Ireland, Charles Williams, R. Carver, E. E. Cole, David Elliot, J. s. 1866—Edwin Munroe, Jr., E. E. Cole, Charles Williams, George W. Ireland, David Elliot, H. Hask Superintendents of the Sunday School. Charles Williams, 1854 to 1865. Charles Williams, Jr., Charles Williams, Jr., 1865 to 1873. L. P. Hollander, 1873. John Viall, 1873. John F. Ayer, 1873 to 1878. Rev. W Clerks of the society. 1854 to 1871, Charles Williams. 1871 to 1876, John Hunnewell.
Church members DeceasedCharles Williams. DeceasedEdwin Munroe, Jr. DeceasedErastus E. Cole. DeceasedCharles F. Potter. Charles A. Kirkpatrick. DeceasedSamuel Kirkpatrick. DeceasedReuben Horton. William D. Barnett. DeceasedDavid Elliott. DeceasedThomas McGill. David P. Horton. Benjamin S. Binney. DeceasedJoseph Q. Twombly. Edwin T. Daniels. Mrs. Christine Daniels. Miss Angelia Williams. Mrs. Lydia A. Shaw. DeceasedMrs. Cordelia C. Elliott. DeceasedMrs. Helen A. Potter. DeceasedMiss Ellen F. Russell. Miss Henrietta Dugan. Miss Emma F. Williams. Miss Adeline Horton. DeceasedJohn Dugan. DeceasedJohn Thorning. DeceasedMiss Olive B. Giles. DeceasedMrs. Nancy T. Munroe. DeceasedMiss Mary E. Horton. DeceasedMiss Anna H. Giles. Miss Ellen A. Daniels. DeceasedMrs. G. R. Binney. Mrs. C. Mandell. Mrs. S. F. Twombly. DeceasedM. T. Hollander. DeceasedJ. W. Mandell. Deceased