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Benson J. Lossing, Pictorial Field Book of the Civil War. Volume 3., Chapter 18: capture of Fort Fisher, Wilmington, and Goldsboroa.--Sherman's March through the Carolinas.--Stoneman's last raid. (search)
d to that commander. He left Wilmington in a dug-out, with Acting-Ensign H. B. Colby, Thomas Gillespie, seaman, and Joseph Williams, ship painter, all armed with Sharp's rifles, and revolvers, and carrying two-days' rations. They went up the Cape at every step, and men traveled over the pine-barren only with difficulty. But obstacles were not to be thought of. General Williams, with the Twentieth Corps, took the lead. Ward's division was deployed in the advance, and very soon his skirmisherd an open field over which the Nationals must advance. To avoid the perils of a direct attack under such circumstances, Williams sent Case's brigade to turn the left of the Confederate line. This was promptly done, and, by a quick charge upon theire Goldsboroa road, at the point where it was crossed by one from Clinton to Smithfield. Two divisions of the Twentieth (Williams's) Corps were camped ten or twelve miles in their rear, on the same road, near the Mingo Creek, in charge of Slocum's wa
Admiral David D. Porter, The Naval History of the Civil War., Chapter 50: Second attack on Fort Fisher. (search)
rusted to me by Major-General Schofield at Wilmington, North Carolina, on the 4th instant. I left the Nyack on the evening of the 4th in a small dug-out, with a party consisting of Acting-Ensign H. B. Colby, Thomas Gillespie, seaman. and Joseph Williams, ship's painter, armed with Sharpe's rifles and revolvers, and taking two days rations. After proceeding up the river about twelve miles I met the enemy's advance picket-post, which I succeeded in passing without discovery; but at a point na route. In parts of Robeson County I found a very large number of deserters from the rebel army, and quite a strong Union feeling. I cannot speak too highly of the conduct of Acting-Ensign Colby, also of the two men, Thomas Gillespie and Jos. Williams, who were ever ready to encounter any danger or hardship that came in their way. General Sherman wishing me to communicate with you as soon as possible, I leave to-night by the army tug, hoping to meet you on my way to Wilmington. In co
obert Taylor, John Ruse; Corporals William Weston, Daniel Nerhood, James D. Wolf, Henry Barkholder, Peter Schiele; Privates: Joseph Hinsey, William McDowell, Adam Barr, Henry Deihl, McFarland Marks, John Pink, John Flimswick, John Steele, James Craft, John Higgins, Henry Campbell, Gustavus Seyforth, Oscar French, George W. Welsh, Simon Flory, John Young, William Lawrence, Horatio Houston, James Wilson, Francis M. Peters, Michael J. Crooney, Robert Carman, Reuben Bixler, John Berkholder, Joseph Williams, John B. Daly, Robert Evans, Christian Kant, Charles Lutzinger, Geo. Martin, James Ingram, Nathaniel Staubs. List of the Officers and men recommended for reward by the commanders of regiments for gallant conduct at the battle of Dranesville, December 20, 1861, and belonging to the Third Brigade, (McCall's Division:) Tenth regiment.--Captain Thomas McConnell, Co. B; Sergeant Major Oswald H. Gaither, acting adjutant; Sergeant John Gundy, Co. D, pioneers; Privates Walter D. Byers, Co
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 15. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), General Semmes' Georgia Brigade. (search)
of this army. [78] James Knox, Capt. Commanding Regiment. Thirty-first Georgia Regiment. Com'y Sergeant G. S. Baldwin, Ord. Sergeant J. H. Snider, Chief Musician L. J. Richardson, Musician J. W. Battle, R. C. Cain, L. E. Lanin, N. G. Clifton, Musician H. H. Moorefield, A. W. Palmer, on, W. T. Simpson, S. M. Sutton, C. C. Williams, Hosp'l Stew'd C. N. Simpson. Co. A. Sergeant F. A. Scroggins, Private F. M. Newberry, J. McLemore, Private David Peterson, Joseph Williams, J. P. Couch. Co. B. Sergeant Eugene Granberry, Corporal A. G. McCrary, Private Thos. H. Brown, Private W. H. Morris, J. M. Parker, E. Phillips. Co. C. Sergeant W. F. Perry, J. C. Clarke, Private J. P. Carlisle, J. H. Cain, J. T. Finch, W. J. Hatcher, Private H. G. McAllister, W. T. McAllister, J. S. J. McCarty, W. T. Peters, W. G. Thornton, R. J. Welch. Co. D. Sergeant S. F. McGuinty, W. T. Smith, Private J. M. Childs, W. S. Childs, J. T. Foster, J. M.
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 15. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Terry's Brigade, formerly John M. Jones's. (search)
R. A. Smyer, 3d Corporal Noah Hufman, Private P. E. Arney, J. E. Arney, W. R. Burch, S. B. Boovey, P. V. Gilbert, J. M. Hass, Private W. H. Mooser, O. M. Jarratt, J. Q. Seats, T. P. Tucker, J. L. Wilson, A. H. Rowe, W. Setzer, L. Sigman, S. E. Killion, R. H. Sherrill. [102] Forty-eighth North Carolina Regiment. Field and Staff. O. S. Sergeant Stanhope Thomas. Co. A. Private W. G. Winchester, Salathiel Helms, Wm. Therrill, Private Hugh Starnes, Joseph Williams. Co. B. Private A. W. Darr, J. Hendrick, Private Henry Row, H. R. Richard. Co. C. 1st Sergeant Robt. R. Leonard, Corporal J. F. Webster, Private Wm. P. Hanes, W. W. Hoover, Private C. Kestler, W. P. Rogers, G. W. Adams. Co. D. Private A. Campbell. Co. E. 1st Sergeant T. Yarborough, 2d Sergeant T. C. Eubanks, 3d Sergeant G. W. Short, Corporal Wm. Elliott, Private B. E. Mangum, W. M. Osborn, Thomas Parker, Samuel Rape, Private W. G. Elliott, S.
Deceased. --Joseph Williams, Esq., an old and well known citizen of Petersburg, Va., died last Sunday evening. He was a native of Baltimore.
Assassination --On Thursday night, near Powhatan Station, on the Richmond and Danville Railroad, while Mr. Joseph Williams, a respectable farmer, was sitting at his supper, a shot was fired through the window at him, the ball penetrating his back and causing his instant death. The ball passed entirely through his body and broke some of the crockery on the table. His burn was burnt two or three weeks ago, and it is supposed that the same person who committed that act followed the crime by the murder of the owner.
The first Virginia regiment. --Among the losses in the First Virginia Regiment, of Richmond, at Gettysburg, were Colonel Williams, killed, and Lieut. Reeve, wounded. The regiment is now under the command of a Lieutenant, every ranking officer having been killed or wounded.
Lunatics. --A court of magistrates was held at the City Hall yesterday to examine persons charged with lunacy. Joseph Williams was first examined, and the Court directed that he should be sent to the lunatic asylum. Richard L. Bohaunan, indicted for stealing a gold watch, was next examined, and a number of witnesses testifying that he was a person of unsound mind, he was directed to be sent to the lunatic asylum.
The Daily Dispatch: December 22, 1865., [Electronic resource], Provost Court--Brevet-Colonel McEntee presiding. (search)
Provost Court--Brevet-Colonel McEntee presiding. --But few cases were disposed of in this Court yesterday. The following is a summary: C. S. Pleasants, charged with selling liquor to enlisted men, was fined twenty-five dollars. William Burton, negro, charged with stealing a load of coal and offering it for sale, pleaded guilty, and was sent to Castle Thunder for sixty days. Joseph Williams alias Davy Jones, negro, was convicted of being drunk and lying down in the street, and was sent to the Castle for ten days. James Ferguson, of the Twenty-fourth Massachusetts volunteers, arrested for drunkenness, was sent to the Castle for ten days.
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