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Benson J. Lossing, Pictorial Field Book of the Civil War. Volume 1., Chapter 2: preliminary rebellious movements. (search)
and shaping events, so as to bring about, as speedily as possible, a dissolution of the present Union, and a Southern Confederacy. --Rather than submit one moment to Black Republican rule, Wise wrote to an old friend of his father, in the North, I would fight to the last drop of blood to resist its fanatical oppression. Our minds are made up. The South will not wait until the 4th of March. We will be well under arms before then, or our safety must be guaranteed. Autograph letter to Josiah Williams, of Poughkeepsie, N. Y., dated Rolleston, near Norfolk, Va., December 24, 1860. Governor Wise, it will be remembered, was chiefly instrumental in procuring the execution of John Brown for treason, less than a year before. Four years later, his estate of Rolleston, near Norfolk, was occupied as a camp for freed negroes; and, in his mansion, a daughter of John Brown was teaching <*> children how to read and write the English language. Everywhere the conspirators and their followers
ocke, Capt. Solomon Bowman, Lieut. Stephen Frost, Ens. John Cutter, Sergt. Moses Hovey, Sergt. Thomas Cutter, Corpl. John Tidd, Corpl. James Fowle, Corpl. Seth Stone, Corpl. William Adams, Israel Blackington, Israel Blackington, Jr., Matthew Cox, Joseph Cox, Charles Cutter, Andrew Cutter, Joseph Frost, John Fowle, Miles Greenwood, Abraham Hill, Elisha Hastings, Zechariah Hill, John Locke, Jonathan Perry, Peter Stearns, Josiah Williams, William Winship, Cuff Whittemore (negro). This was an eventful day in Cambridge. The first detachment of British troops passed through the town, at midnight, stealthily and unmolested. The reinforcement marched openly at midday; but the militia were engaged in the distant conflict, and no opposition was offered, except the removal of the planks from the Great Bridge; General Heath says (Memoirs, p. 13), that he sent some of the Watertown militia down to Cambridge, with di
l, Oct. 6, 1775. Capt. Benjamin Locke, Cambridge. Lieut. Solomon Bowman, ditto. Ensign Stephen Frost, do. Sergts., Jonathan Clark, Boston; Joseph Trask, Cambridge; John Cutter, Cambridge; Moses Hovey, do. Corps., Thomas Cutter, Cambridge (discharged Oct. 5, 1775); John Tidd, Cambridge; James Fowle, ditto; Seth Stone, do.; Joseph Batcheller, Marblehead (supplied Thomas Cutter's place). Jonathan Perry, Cambridge; Joseph Frost, ditto; Daniel Cutter, Charlestown; Abraham Hill, Cambridge; Josiah Williams, ditto; Miles Greenwood, ditto; Matthew Cox, Cambridge (in the Quebec Detachment); Peter Stearns, Cambridge; John Fowle, ditto; John Locke, do.; Israel Blackington, do.; Andrew Cutter, do.; Elisha Hastings, do.; Joseph Cox, do.; William Adams, do.; Zechariah Hill, do.; Israel Blackington. Jr., do.; William Winship, do.; Charles Cutter, do.; Ephraim Mullet, Charlestown; John Sheldon Center, ditto; William Dickson, do.; Isaac Fillebrown, Charlestown (in the Quebec Detachment); William Ho
3; Love d. 9 May, 1824, a. 68. 3. Moses, s. of Moses (2), m. Eunice Reed of Chas., 18 Oct. 1801. See Wyman, 521. Moses d. 24 Oct. 1804, a. 27. Eunice m. Reuben Frost, 17 Apr. 1813. See Frost (par. 32). 4. Experience, of Lexington, m. Josiah Williams of Camb., 17 Dec. 1776. Mrs. Margaret, d. 5 Apr. 1795, a. 87. Elizabeth, m. Samuel Peirce, of Wilmington, 22 Aug. 1813. Hannah, m. Zechariah Hill, 10 Apr. 1814. See Wyman, 521-22, for some, possibly, of group (1), Susanna, Caleb, Sarah, Nhom, s. of Gershom (6), d. 31 Dec. 1808, a. 42. 9. Rebecca (of Sudbury, at Daniel Raymond's),d. 31 July, 1771. Josiah, of Camb., m. Experience Hovey, of Lexington, 17 Dec. 1776. Mehitable, m. Manuel Gracie, of Wilmington, 10 Apr. 1777. Josiah Williams was one of Benjamin Locke's Company of Menotomy minute-men, 19 Apr. 1775. See Paige, 692, 694. Wilson, Andrew, had w. Sarah, who was adm. Pct. ch. at organization, 9 Sept. 1739. She was Sarah Sherman, of Watertown —Paige. Sarah, Jr.,