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Sanborn. Miss Nellie L. Thompson. Miss Mabel W. Houghton. DeceasedSamuel S. Rice. Miss Marion E. Prescott. Rev. Charles Macomber Smith, D. D. Leslie Moore. Horace T. Harwood. Miss Jennie Estelle Harwood. George F. Fortier. Mrs. Clara P. Haven. Miss Dorothea Benson. Miss Amy Meserve. Frank B. Burrows. Mrs. Lucy E. Burrows. Arthur W. Glines. Miss Lizzie F. Wait. Miss Fannie M. Glines. P. M. Harwood. Mrs. Abbie M. Harwood. Mrs. Emma Hadley. Miss Alice Wilson. Mrs. Martha Williams. Miss Nellie Saben. Miss Gertrude Strout. DeceasedMiss Mattie Stone. Mrs. J. W. Peak. Mrs. Sarah Hale Hayes. Miss Mabel Delano. Miss Edith E. Delano. DeceasedAugustus Hodgman. DeceasedGershom T. Burnham. DeceasedWilliam F. Longfellow. Mrs. Hannah S. Longfellow. Miss S. Louise Chandler. Miss Emma F. Stevens. Miss Daisy Knapp. Miss Mildred Prescott. Miss Sarah Taylor. Mrs. Blanche North. Miss Florence Harwood. James E. Kelley. Mrs. Fannie Kelley. Mrs
om Cutter—see Cutter, par. 37.) 14. Joseph, s. of Samuel (6), m. (styled 3d) Mehitable Locke, 2 Mar. 1800. He d. 22 (28) June, 1803, a. 28 (g. s.). Had (Louisa ), d. 6 Sept. 1802, a. 2 (or 1 yr. 10 mo.—g. s.); Louisa, m. Timothy Eaton, of Woburn, 5 Apr. 1829, W. Camb.—see Eaton; Mary, m. Charles McIntire. See Book of the Lockes. His w. Mehitable was dau. of Joseph Locke (see par. 7). 15. Daniel, s. of Samuel (6), m. Mary Williams, 15 Nov. 1802. Mary d. 11 Nov. 1807, a. 25. Had Martha Williams, bap. (a. 7 yrs.) 7 Oct. 1810—the Martha Mary Williams, adm. Pct. ch. 13 Oct. 1822, and who m. here James Russell, 2d, 6 Nov. 1825. Daniel, of Northumberland, Penn., m. Mary Pool, of Boston, 14 Apr. 1825. He m. a second wife, Zerviah———, and d. elsewhere, 13 Feb. 1847, a. 67 1/4; had by second wf. six chil.—see Locke Book. 16. Isaac, s. of Samuel (6), m. Hannah Butterfield, 22 Mar. 1807. He d. 27 Apr. 1840, a. 59. His son George A., m. Mary S. Davis, 4 Apr. 1839; his da
His Honor dismissed the case, with some admonitory remarks to the parents, complainant and defendant.--William Scott, a worthless free negro, was ordered to receive 20 lashes for beating Mary F. Tonget, a free negress.--Jacob Poe was fined $1 for allowing filthy matter to escape from his premises into the street.--The case of William, a slave, charged with unlawful huckstering, was dismissed by consent of the parties.--Miss Alice White was arraigned on the charge of throwing stones at Miss Martha Williams, and using language towards her which was altogether unbecoming a lady. It appeared that the accused suspected the complainant of having said some hard things concerning "her man," and avenged herself in the mode mentioned. Ike Levy's name was included in the same warrant, and he came forward to answer the charge brought against him. Miss Alice was held to bail for her future good behavior, and fined $5 for throwing stones. Ike gave security for his appearance before the court thi
onday, to afford the defendants an opportunity to procure witnesses.--Daniel Collins, alias Michael Stephens, charged with being drunk and lying on a sidewalk, was discharged, upon assuring the Court that he could find his way back to his camp.--John T. Smith, the same above named, was charged with assault and battery upon Julia Selden. Case continued to Monday.--Isaac Levy appeared in discharge of his recognizance entered into Friday morning, to answer the charge of throwing stones at Martha Williams. He gave surety in $150 for his good behavior for twelve months.--The case of Stavethoper & Hansler, charged with creating a unissued, was continued to the 10th.--John H. Cook, charged with violently assaulting and beating Denis Wren, was required to give surety to keep the peace for twelve months, and for his appearance before the Hustings Court in November next to answer an indictment on said charge.--The child, who is not doti capar, had taken something from the defendant — James Ro
r. News via Washington. In the Washington Star of Thursday evening we find the following: Fairfax County, Va., Sept. 5. --From information, of the correctness of which there can be no question, I can inform you that at present there are no disunion troops at Vienna; a picket guard only being kept there. Immediately around Flint Hill — half way between Falls Church and Fairfax Court-House — there are the remains of four South Carolina regiments--Kershaw's, Cash's, Bacon's and Williams'--reduced to about half their original number by the contingencies of their service, principally through sickness. Each of these regiments was originally 900 strong. The camp measles has raged long and terrifically in these regiments, as throughout the rest of Beauregard's army. As soon as a man is taken down with it now, he is sent off to some hospital in the interior. Recently the South Carolina regiments received from their State a supply of new clothing and shoes, of which they
sent before the Hustings Court for trial for going at large, and bailed by her master. Timothy Durgan, who had violently assaulted Jacob Isler in the house of Thos, Phillips, without cause, was discharged on promise of immediately going back to South Carolina, where he bal's from. The case of Richard Morris, charged with stealing a number of articles of wearing apparel belonging to Andrew J. Myer, and of the value of $915, was called and continued until the 4th of March. Martha Williams and Martha J, Scott, two impudent colored females, charged with abusing Mrs. Caphart's children in the street, were respectively ordered twenty lashes, and committed for not having registers of their freedom. Charles Shellingsburg was fined $10 for permitting a nuisance to exist on his lot. William Haines, charged with cutting a cushion and injuring the furniture of the Theatre on the night of the 24th of February, was required to give $150 security for his good behavior and f
Robbing a Hen House. --The poultry house of Mrs. Martha Williams, on the west end of Marshall street, was broken into on Wednesday night last and robbed of between twelve and fourteen fine laying hens and one turkey. The thieves left no traces behind by which they can be identified.