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Prison Items. --The following subjects were placed in Castle Thunder on yesterday for the offences placed opposite their names, viz: Wm Connell and Thos Dobson, horse stallions Pat Chapman, substitute and deserter; Wm B Nash, co G. 9th Georgia, deserter; Benj Peddle, co H. 1st Va, by order Gen. Winder, Richard Lined by Capt Pegram; Thos Williams, alias Mike Burns, co D, 3d Virginia, cavalry, desertion; Joe Price. (negro) bent by General Wise; Moses Overton, General Lee's Body Guard, desertion; John O'Donnell, conscript; S E Dillon, Jesse Link, 24th Virginia, Fleming Pugh, 54th Va; S Hale, 57th Va; H W Farmer, Lee battery; J Q. A Forth, do; Jame. Ribson, 7th N. C; G R King, 50th Va; Henry Goin, do Thos H. Dose, 42d Va; G. W. Richardson and J. Adams, Danville artillery; W N. Owens, Lee battery; J F Olive, 21st Va; Thos Johnson and R B Mar, Lee battery; Jonathan Link, 24th Va; Jame Earl, Va Febels Cary Martin, co E. 8th Va; Henry Delony, co 1, 58th Va; James Jenkins, do; John Ly
f the Court, entered a nolle prosequi, and the prisoner, an Italian, was discharged from custody. Henry Smith, slave of James K Caskie, was also indicted yesterday, in three cases, for felony, in signing stolen sheets of Confederate Treasury notes, and passing the same as genuine currency. The Court site again to-day. Commonwealth as. The Richmond Typographical Society.--This case was called in the Hustings Court on Thursday, Mr. A. Judson Crane appearing for the Commonwealth and Messrs. Williams and Sands for the defendants. The case was continued as to the plea of not guilty until the next term, on account of the absence of witnesses for the defence. The Court was occupied several hours in hearing a demurrer to the indictment. After argument at great length the Court unanimously overruled the demurrer and thus sustained the indictment, which will some day be tried on its merits before a jury. Mayor's Court.--Yesterday a dozen or more negroes, found the night before is
en, Mc; W D Jordan, 37th do; Capt Vanbekklin, 3d do; Capt J C McMellon, co E 30th do; Capt E M Scott, 1st do; W Leggett; J W Baley; A S Cromwell, 48th do; Lieut Anderson, co B, 48th do; R M S Hocker, co H 34th do; Col D K McRea, 5th do; J F Gibson, 4th do; J W Wise, 45th do; Dr E W Lattemore, General Hospital No. 4; J P Britton, co F, 5th do; Capt. D C Clarke; Lieut Y B Allen 6th do; Thos Slappen 13th do; Lieut W. G N. 18th do; W P Emmett, 3d Col R Y Bennett, 14th do; H Atwell, 19th do; A J Williams, co F 30th do; Chestley Jordan, G F Smayer; S C Furgerson. 16th do; W H Jones 48th do; J B McCaw; J C Metcalf, co B. 54th do; J M Yackriff, co B, 25th do; D Houck, 6th do; A Russell co H. 54th do; Lieut. H J Mctical, 30th do; J D Beyan, 2d cavalry; Brady, 3d N C; Capt Miller, 1st do; J A Homes 4th do; J H Johnson, 17th do; Col--,2d do; John Murklin, 14th do; Sennett Townsend, 28th do; J H Lander, 3d do; W H Jones, 48th do; Captain John Crimes 4th do; G H Wilson; 49th do; Captain J C Mc, 3
s, 1st S C, Co. G, Gordonsville; John Crawford, 1st S C, Co. A, Richmond; Samuel Hampton, 63d N C, Co. K Richmond, Henry Wagoner, Brathed's battal, Gordonsville; lease Currell, 9th Va, Co. D, Richmond; Mitton Youns. Breathed's batt, Gordonsville; John Thompson, 6th Va, Co. I, Gordonsville; Robert Hogan, 11th Va, Co. D, Richmond; Henry Keister, 11th Va, Co. F. Richmond; sergt Robert Gament 2d N C, Co. F, Gordonsville; Rich Bell, 11th Va, Co. R, Gordonsville; Jas Plair 51st Ga, Co. C, Gordonsville; Jacob Shipe 12th Va, Co. R, Gordonsville; Jacob Baill are, Hart's batt, S C, Gordonsville; Thos Williams 11th Va, Co. B, Gordonsville; Patterson Turley. 11th Va, Co. B, Gordonsville; Warner Cowan, 12th Va, Co. B, Gordonsville; Geo Barwick, Cobb's Legion. Co. F, Gordonsville; Wm Hottel, 11th Va, Co. A Gordonsville; W Hollingsworth, 1st N C, Co. G Gordonsville; Carnthers, 12th Va, Co. K, Gordonsville; Hy W Baker, 11th Va Co. E Gordonsville; Walker F Hawes, 9th Va, Co. H Charlottesville.
without further intelligence from Knoxville, and nothing has been heard of Gen. Wheeler, for whose safety considerable uneasiness is felt in official circles.* The Louisville Journal, of the 3d inst., says that Major General Slocum and Brigadier Generals Williams and Knipe, of the Army of the Potomac, arrived at that city on the evening of the 2d. It is believed that these officers and their commands have already reached their destination. Slocum and Williams each commanded a corps d'armes atWilliams each commanded a corps d'armes at the battle of Chancellorsville. It may be that a portion of the reinforcements sent to Rosecrans has been ordered to Bridgeport, Stevenson, and other points along the enemy's line of communications, and that Wheeler has encountered a heavier force than he expected when he started on his expedition. We have no information in regard to the whereabouts of the Federal cavalry. But to what point have the Federal reinforcements been sent? It is not improbable that most of them have gone, or w
The Daily Dispatch: October 22, 1863., [Electronic resource], Casualties among General officers on both Sides during the War. (search)
The following is a list of the Yankee Generals killed, died, and resigned since the war: Killed or Died from Wounds in Battle.--Major Generals Philip Kearney, at Chantilly; Isaac I Stevens, Chantilly; Jesse L Reno, South Mountain; J K T Mansfield, Antietam; Israel B Richardson, Antietam; Hiram G Berry, Chancellorsville; A W Whipple, Chancellorsville; John F Reynolds, Gettysburg. Brigadier-Generals Nath'l Lyon, Wilson's Creek; F W Lander, Edwards's Ferry; W H L Wallace, Shiloh; Thos Williams, Baton Rouge; H Bohlen, Rappahannock Ford; Geo W Taylor, Manassas; Isaac P Rodman, Antietam; P A Hackleman, Corinth; Jas S Jackson, Perryville; W K Terrill, Perryville; Geo D Bayard, Fredericksburg; C F Jackson, Fredericksburg; Joshua W Sill, Stone river; E N Kirk, Stone river; Edmund Kirby, Chancellorsville; Geo Boomer, Vicksburg; Stephen H Weed, Gettysburg; E J Farnsworth, Gettysburg; S K Zook, Gettysburg; Geo C Strong, Morris Island; W H Lytle, Chickamauga. Died.--Maj Gens C F Sm