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ll human institutions in this daily altering world. We are but strangers in an inn, but passengers in a ship, said Roger Williams. This sense of the transiency of human effort, the perishable nature of human institutions, was quick in the conscioll, for instance, is said to have thought of emigrating hither in 1637. If he had joined his friends John Cotton and Roger Williams in New England, who can doubt that the personal characteristics of my brave Oliver would today be identified with the Sandys of Virginia, Morton of Merrymount, John Winthrop, Sir Christopher Gardiner and Anne Hutchinson of Boston, and Roger Williams of Providence. They seem as miscellaneous as Kitchener's army. It is true that we can make certain distinctions. them belonged to the middle class. John Harvard was the son of a butcher; Thomas Shepard, the son of a grocer; Roger Williams, the son of a tailor. But all three were university bred and were natural leaders of men. Once arrived in the wilde
Bliss Perry, The American spirit in lierature: a chronicle of great interpreters, Chapter 2: the first colonial literature (search)
me has become a symbol of victorious tolerance, Roger Williams. Williams, known today as a friend of CromweWilliams, known today as a friend of Cromwell, Milton, and Sir Harry Vane, had been exiled from Massachusetts for maintaining that the civil power had n John Cotton was perfectly logical in enlarging Roger Williams into the wilderness, but he showed less than hinsent to fight. Back and forth the books fly, for Williams loves this game. His Bloody Tenet of Persecution and this in turn provokes the torrential flood of Williams's masterpiece, The Bloody Tenet yet more Bloody, b But there is one sentence in a letter written by Williams in his old age to his fellow-townsmen of Providenc for such wise and humane counsels as this that Roger Williams is remembered. His opponents had mightier intelabored over their souls, as did John Eliot and Roger Williams and Daniel Gookin of New England. In the Pequoo that which separates us from the Mexican War. Roger Williams ended his much-enduring and beneficent life in
y of American literature, 11 volumes (1888-1890). For verse alone, see E. C. Stedman, An American Anthology (1900), and W. C. Bronson, American poems, 1625-1892 (1912). For criticism of leading authors, note W. C. Brownell, American prose masters (1909), and Stedman, Poets of America (1885). Chapters 1-3. Note W. Bradford, Journal (1898), J. Winthrop, Journal (1825, 1826), also Life and letters by R. C. Winthrop, 2 volumes (1863), G. L. Walker, Thomas Hooker (1891), 0. S. Straus, Roger Williams (1894), Cotton Mather, Diary, 2 volumes (1911, 1912), also his Life by Barrett Wendell (1891), Samuel Sewall, Diary, 3 volumes (1878). For Jonathan Edwards, see Works, 4 volumes (1852), his Life by A. V. G. Allen (1889), Selected sermons edited by H. N. Gardiner (1904). The most recent edition of Franklin's Works is edited by A. H. Smyth, 10 volumes (1907). Chapter 4. Samuel Adams, Works, 4 volumes (1904), John Adams, Works, 10 volumes (1856), Thomas Paine, Life by M. D. Conway, 2
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