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y major-general in the service, for you have Williamson already. You are entitled, strictly, but toions. By order of Major-General Polk: George Williamson Assistant Adjutant-General. headquarteence. By order of Major-General Polk: George Williamson, Assistant Adjutant-General. headquartvalry, Trenton, Tenn., April 10, 1862. Maj. George Williamson, Assistant Adjutant-General, Corinth, de.   Brig. Gen. J. S. Roane commanding.   Williamson's battalion Arkansas Infantry441594 Borlandp Foote, near Purdy, May 5, 1862. Major [George Williamson]: I sent you a letter this morning by headquarters, Bethel, May 10, 1862. Maj. George Williamson, Assistant Adjutant-General: Major:orps, Army of the Miss., May 22, 1862. Maj. George Williamson, Assistant Adjutant-General, First Corls., Donelson's Brigade, June 3, 1862. Maj. George Williamson, Assistant Adjutant-General: Major:ment.] Received June 5, 1862--2.30 p. m. George Williamson, Assistant Adjutant-General. Major-Ge[7 more...]<
ft to be taken prisoners. The troops in occupation of the post consisted of the Eighth North-Carolina, Col. Shaw, seven hundred and fifty men; a battalion of the Seventeenth North-Carolina, commanded by Major Hill, two hundred men; Thirty-first North-Carolina, Col. Jordan, six hundred strong. The officers of the captured forces of post are subjoined: Eighth regiment, State troops, North-Carolina infantry. Colonel, Henry M. Shaw. Lieutenant-Colonel, William J. Price. Major, George Williamson. Captains, Jas. W. Hinton, J. M. Whitson, Hy. M. Rae, And. J. Rogers, Jas. M. Williams, Chas. J. Jones, Ed. C. Yellowby, Rufus A. Barrier, Gaston D. Cobb, Pinkney A. Kennerly. First Lieutenants, Wm. H. Bayley, T. J. Jarvis, Chas. H. Barron, Archibald H. Gregory, J. M. Murchison, Wm. M. Walker, A. J. Hines, Jacob File, Julius A. Wright, Archibald H. Gregory. Second Lieutenants, B. F. Simmons, Enoch F. Baxter, T. W. Davis, W. L. S. Townsend, Robt. B. Gilliam, J. C. Cooper, K. M.
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 8. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Gettysburg. (search)
ng officers and non-commissioned officers are mentioned in the regimental reports as deserving of great praise for their coolness and bravery: Adjutant T. C. James, Third North Carolina, dangerously wounded; Lieutenant R. N. Lyon, Company H, Third North Carolina; Lieutenant R. P. Jennings, Company E, Twenty-Third Virginia; Sergeant Thomas J. Betterton, Company A, Thirty-seventh Virginia, who took a stand of colors and was severely wounded. To the officers serving on my staff--Captain George Williamson, Assistant Adjutant-General, and First Lieutenant R. H. McKim, Aid-de-Camp, whose duties kept them constantly with the brigade; Major George A. Kyle, Confederate State Maryland troops, who was always with me when his other duties will allow, and Mr. John H. Boyle, Volunteer Aid — I am greatly indebted for valuable assistance rendered, and of whose gallant bearing I cannot too highly make mention. I am, Captain, very respectfully, your obedient servant, George H. Steuart, Brigad
who, I hope, will be allowed to remain with me: Officers brought with me. Captains John M. Otey and Alb. Ferry, Assistant Adjutant-Generals. Officers ordered here. Colonel D. B. Harris, Engineer; Majors Henry Bryan and Giles B. Cook, Assistant Adjutant-Generals, as inspectors. Offcers Required to Complete my General Staff. 1. Chief of Staff. Brigadier-General Thomas Jordan, if his services can be obtained; otherwise, Colonel G. W. Brent, or Major S. W. Melton, or Colonel George Williamson, who was assistant adjutant-general to General Polk at Corinth. 2. Chief of Artillery. Lieutenant-Colonel C. C. Jones, now Chief of Artillery to General Mercer for the District of Georgia. 3. Chief of Ordnance. Lieutenant-Colonel J. R. Waddy, now Chief of Ordnance, Department South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida, as soon as he can be spared; if he cannot, then Captain James Harding, in charge of a cap-factory near Savannah, or any good ordnance officer (of General Bragg's c
Couldn't stand the name. --It is known here that Col. W. G. Bonner very generously loaned his servant man, Abram, to Lieut. Geo. Williamson, to attend him to the wars. Abram is a fine looking negro, who is much respected in his place, and indispensable at Terpsichorean entertainments, as a skillful drawer of the bow; besides, is endowed with a laudable self-respect. While Abram was attending the Shreveport Greys in the streets of New Orleans, his fine appearance attracted the notice of a gentleman, who accosted him with the question, "What's your name ?"--Abram replied, "that his name was Pete.-- He had changed it hisself; he had been looking for Gov. Moore to git him to change it, but he couldn't find him. He weren't gwine to be named like old Abe Linkum." Good for Abram.--Shreveport Gazette.
The Daily Dispatch: January 14, 1862., [Electronic resource], Contributions for the Alexandria Volunteers. (search)
H. Montague, 2.00; C. Gennet, 5.00; Juan Pizzini, 1.00. Total, $127. Baldwin & Williams, one dozen pairs socks; Army Committee Y. M. C. A., two dozen pairs socks and one case domestic wines. Norfolk $182.00. G. W. Binford, $5.00, George Williamson, 1.00; J. G. Womble, 1.00; S. R. Borum, 5.00; Warren & Billups, 5.00; Dr. Granier, 5.00; Rev James Murray, 5.00; Foster & Moore, 5.00; Cincinnatus Morris, 2.00; Wm. T. Harrison, 1.00; Jno. A. James, 1.00; C. W. Grandy, 5.00; F. W. Seabury &A. & C. A. Santos, 10.00; Cary Weston, 15.00; J. Freeman and others, 11.00; T. D. Toy, 4.00; Rev. C. K. Toy, 6.00; C. Hall, 1.00; O. Windsor, 1.00; Joseph Freeman. 5.00; Dr. Tunstall 2.00; Cash, 2.00; Mr. Peters, 1.00; Marshall Parks, 10.00 Capt. Williamson, 1.00; A. G. Morton, 10.00; C. Burruss, 1.00; Cash, 5.00; Do., 10.00; Thomas Smith, 2.00; J. Umstadler, 1.00; Misses Annie Santos and Jennie S. Toy, (by collections,) 35.00. Total, $182.00. Henry T. Holladay, Orange county, $5.00; Thos
carrying away our stores. We lost over $75,000 worth of stores. We were fortunate enough to spill our powder rather than let the Yankees have it. We saved the greater part of our provisions and stores. The prisoners. The following is a list of the officers of Col. Shaw's 8th Regiment N. C. State troops and Col. Jordan's 31st Regiment N. C. Volunteers, lately captured at Roanoke Island: Colonel, Hon. Henry M. Shaw, of Currituck; Lieut. Col. Wm. J. Price, of Wilmington; Major, George Williamson, of Caswell. company a, (from Pasquotank)--Jas. W. Hinton, Captain; Wm. Bagley, 1st Lieutenant. B, (from Currituck)--Jas. M. Whitson, Captain; Thos. J. Farris, 1st, B. F. Simmons and Enoch Baxter, 2d Lieutenants. C, (from New Hanover and Brunswick)--Henry McRoe, Captain; C. H. Barron, 1st, and Thos. W. Davis and W. L. S. Townsend, 2d Lieutenants. D, (from Granville) A. J. Rogers, Captain; A. H. Gregory, 1st, and Robt. B. Gilliam, Jr., and J. C. Cooper, 2d Lieutenants