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y cannot win battles, they endeavor to make up for it in stealing.--Their contraband dodge on the negro question is too mean a sophism for a London prig, in whose category stealing is stealing. On Sunday night party of negroes, some eight or more in number, two of them the property of P. S. Hancock, Esq., of Norfolk county, and the others belonging to R. H. Wilkins, Esq., of the same county, made their disappearance. As an old seine-boat belonging to Major W. E. Taylor, at his fishery at Willoughby spit, was missing at the same time, there is no doubt that some prowling emissaries have coaxed the slaves by water conveyance into the enemy's hole, where I suppose the Lincolnites will get all the work out of them they can. Five more are believed to have gone off last night. One is owned by Col. Samuel Watts, of Portsmouth, two by Maj. Wm. E. E. Taylor, of Norfolk, and two belong to Messrs. Ironmonger and Williams, of Norfolk county. There is nothing more irritating to the peo
The Daily Dispatch: October 25, 1861., [Electronic resource], Wealth, pauperism, and crime in the North (search)
e, you shoalen your water from 5 fathoms, haul off to the northward, and keep in about 6 or 7 fathoms till you judge yourself nearly up with Willoughby's Point; go no nearer it than 7 fathoms. By hauling to the northward you will deepen your water. On the Horse-Shoe side the bottom is hard sand, and on the south side it is soft bottom, until drawing on to Willoughby's Point, where it is hard: Therefore, being on the south side when the ground is soft, you may always know, drawing up with Willoughby's, as soon as you get hard sand bottom. Then haul off as before directed for Old Point Comfort light." I have copied these extracts partly from the quaint English in which they are written, and partly for the general descriptions of the character of the river. Near Dumfries there is but little difference: there are the same hills, woods, and marshes on the shore, and the same "spits or flats" of sand, which extend into the water. A mile and seven or eight-tenths is, perhaps, the a
Z W Ashburn, co L, 55th Va; G W Rogers, co K, 19th Miss; 8 co E, 14th Ga; Capt L T Jennings, D, 3d La bat; W E Michelle, co G, 3d La bat; Simon Bear, co K, La, Victor Minot, La Zeeman; W A Brockenbrough, Lieut E Brockenbrough, 49th Va; N E Sigmon, co F, 38th N, Carolina. Christian and Lea's Hospital. Wm F Wise 1st N C; T W Bell, 38th N C; H F Edwards, N C; W R Macon, 34th N C; William Hobbs, 3d N C; J P Hood, 14th Ga; J T Creighton, 56th Va; Pickens Butler, 19th Ga; W J Willoughby, 19th Ga; O F Matthews, 28th Ga; J L Hubbard, 22d N C; John Sikes, 3d N C; T J Milligan, 16th N C; Francis F Mulder, 1st N C; J W Blackwell, 18th N C; J B Blaburn, 37th N C. Ligon Hospital. J W Pope, 49th N C Reg't, co A; Chas P Jetton, do do, co K; Levi J, Matthus 25 C, co B; John Smith, do, co F; Jason A Wise, I; J M Meece, do, co F; J N Merlin, 24th do, co D; M M Harris, 48th do, co G; Henry Row, do, co B; Jos Moulden, do, co G Jas T Austin, do, co I; Marion McCoy; do, co I;
Ala; Milton Dulin, 48th N C; B F Morris, 22d Ga; W Treppell, 1st La; T H Gildarb, J McPherson, A B Gardner, 12th Miss; W A Caruthers, Geo Brideweber, N A Clarke, 11th Miss; A B Green, 12th Miss; D J Harralson, W P Robertson, H Brannan, Jas McGordan, J Q English, J H Mounger, Wm Rounceavall, 2d Miss; Fr Stringfellow, J H Dailey, Reuben Chason, Jno Cenny, 8th Ala; J L Files, Jas Morrissey. W D Rothell 9th Ala; F C Grogg, The Sullivan, J H Lanford, 9th Ala; James W Wright, Enock Harris, J T Willoughby, A J Walker, B Steadham, E C Walker, J R McManus, 14th Ala; Mike Winters, 9th Ala; A C Cunningham, 10th Ala; Tho Mayfield, F Hetherington, T S McDonald, 5th S C; B C Johnson, 4th S C; G C Anderson, R A Gordon, 1st S C rifles; J J Ruff, 13th S C; J T Sprinkle, 28th N C; J F Brown, 6th S C; J M Jones, J Massey, 4th N C; W Dalton. C D Pollard, 18th Va; B H Rochelle, Johnson's Artillery; G Shievers, dead, J J Davis, E Hull, Thos Mills, 2d Fla; J D Hill, will die, 18th Ga; J J Adams, 6th Ga; J
1st Conn; Col Potter; Maj 25th N Y; Col Hecker, 82d. Ill; Col N 12th Cnn Col Font-Vosges, 20th N Y; Col Johns. 7th Mass, severely; Col Brown, N Y, knee shattered; Col Riley, 75th and a prisoner; Col Richardson, 25th N Y, severely; Col Van Gitan, commanding br Adjutant Stevens, 115th Penn; Col 1st N Y; Lieut-Col Coggewell, 2d Mass; Col Cock 149th N Y; Col Miles, 61st N Y, fatally; Col E M Gregory, 91st Penn, severely, Maj Auzelle, 5th N J; Lt Col Lownsburg, 5th Excel'r, severely; Maj Willoughby, 13th N Y, Maj Higgins, 86th N Y, Col Parker 2d N Y; Col Burlin, 6th N J; Col Willeta, 117th. N J; Col Potter, 12th N H; Maj Healy U S Chasseur, mortally; Col W H Noble, 12th Conn; Adj't Thomas, 20th Ind, badly; Col Resmey 8th N J; and 28 Captains and Lieutenants killed; and 52 Captains and Lieutenants wounded, many of them, it is feared, This is out a partite list of the among officers. Neon Carnallses.--The following rebel Generals are known to be wounded: Lieut Gen Jackson, slig
The Daily Dispatch: May 27, 1864., [Electronic resource], The end of the Heenan and King Championship. (search)
The end of the Heenan and King Championship. --On the 24th ult., Thomas King, John Carmel Heenan. Thomas Sayere, John Tyler, Jerry Noon, John Macdonald, James Mace, and Robert Travers were tried at the Sussex (Eng) Quarter Sessions held at the Saire Hall, Lawes, on the charge of having riotously assembled and of having assaulted and beaten Thomas King and John Carmel Heenan. Mr. Roupell and Mr. Willoughby prosecuted. King, Mace, Calvin, and Tyler were defended by Sergeant Tindal Atkinson and Mr. E Besley, while Mr. Sleigh and Mr. Gates represented Heenan, Sayers, and Macdonald. Serjeant Atkinson and Mr. Sleigh said that their clients would plead 'Guilty.' with the exception of Mace, against whom there was no evidence. The Chairman thought that it would be sufficient to call upon the defendants to enter into their own recognizance in the sum of 1007 each to appear and receive judgment when called upon. The defendants entered into the required sureties and left the court.
To be tried for murder. --Willoughby C Hardy and Granville Lake, members of the 10th Virginia cavalry, charged with the murder of Charles McGrain, of Pendleton county, in March last, were yesterday sent from Castle Thunder to the Sheriff of that county, to be tried for the offence. They both stoutly deny any participation in the crime.
er his niggers," as the brutal ruffians reported. The Pennsylvania Fifty-second formed the rest of the forces of occupation. Soon the Star-Spangled Banner floated from the top of the custom-house, the citadel and the arsenal — waving for the first time here over free soil and a people free. All the public buildings were immediately taken possession of, and detachments stationed to guard them. The negro Provost-Guard. Lieutenant-Colonel Bennett is Provost-Marshal, and Major Willoughby Assistant Provost-Marshal. Two companies of the Fifty-fourth Massachusetts are doing provost-marshal duty. At every public building the tidy negro sentinels can be seen halting citizens, ordering them back, or examining their passes. They are well-behaved gentlemen, and contrast very favorably with some of the rebel citizens. I heard of one citizen, a woman, who complained of them as insolent. "Insolence" of the Colored troops. "Do the Yankees trouble you?" was asked of this
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