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on. Mrs. Julia L. Sanborn. Miss Nellie L. Thompson. Miss Mabel W. Houghton. DeceasedSamuel S. Rice. Miss Marion E. Prescott. Rev. Charles Macomber Smith, D. D. Leslie Moore. Horace T. Harwood. Miss Jennie Estelle Harwood. George F. Fortier. Mrs. Clara P. Haven. Miss Dorothea Benson. Miss Amy Meserve. Frank B. Burrows. Mrs. Lucy E. Burrows. Arthur W. Glines. Miss Lizzie F. Wait. Miss Fannie M. Glines. P. M. Harwood. Mrs. Abbie M. Harwood. Mrs. Emma Hadley. Miss Alice Wilson. Mrs. Martha Williams. Miss Nellie Saben. Miss Gertrude Strout. DeceasedMiss Mattie Stone. Mrs. J. W. Peak. Mrs. Sarah Hale Hayes. Miss Mabel Delano. Miss Edith E. Delano. DeceasedAugustus Hodgman. DeceasedGershom T. Burnham. DeceasedWilliam F. Longfellow. Mrs. Hannah S. Longfellow. Miss S. Louise Chandler. Miss Emma F. Stevens. Miss Daisy Knapp. Miss Mildred Prescott. Miss Sarah Taylor. Mrs. Blanche North. Miss Florence Harwood. James E. Kelley. Mr
East Boston Trickey, Mrs. E. A.10 Auburn Avenue Turner, Mrs. Frank12 Austin Street Twombly, Mrs. Susan F.19 Greenville Street Tufts, Mrs. Charlotte 85 Mt. Vernon Street Ulm, Mrs. Albert A.59 Preston Road Wait, Miss Lizzie22 Webster Street Warren, Mr. and Mrs. J. F.25 Dell Street Watt, Mr. and Mrs. Alex29 Warren Avenue Webster, Mr. and Mrs. Frank E.10 Pearson Avenue Weeks, Miss Grace E.32 Vinal Avenue Wellington, Mr. and Mrs. J. F.23 Summit Avenue Wellman, Mrs. E. F. 13 Hamlet Street Whipple, Miss H. J. 20 Prospect-hill Avenue Whitcher, Miss L. A. Hotel Woodbridge Whitney, Mrs. M. A.47 Mt. Vernon Street Whitney, Mrs. R. C.28 Highland Avenue Wilder, Mrs. A. M.40 Harvard Street Wiley, Mr. and Mrs. I. H.22 Pearl Street Williams, Miss Angelia 108 Cross Street Williams, Charles, Jr.1 Arlington Street Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. F. M.137 Highland Avenue Wiswell, Joseph 22 Webster Street Wright, Mr. and Mrs. H. E.31 Pearl Street Wyman, Mr. and Mrs. A. A.35 Bartlett Street
t Turner, Mrs. Frank 12 Austin Street Ulm, Mrs. Albert55 Preston Road Underwood, Estelle 218 Medford Street Underwood, Jennie218 Medford Street Wait, Lizzie 22 Webster Street Wait, Mildred58 Gilman Street Wait, Willie58 Gilman Street Warren, Ethel 24 Crescent Street Watt, Bernice 29 Warren Avenue Watt, Mrs. Mabel 29 Warren Avenue Webster, Mrs. Frank. 10 Pearson Avenue Weeks, Grace 32 Vinal Avenue Weeks, Donald14 Chester Avenue Wentworth, Elizabeth169 Washington Street Wentworth, Esther169 Washington Street Whipple, Hannah J.20 Prospect-hill Avenue Whitney, Mrs. A. S.28 Highland Avenue Wiggin, Charles S.116 Glenwood Road Wilson, Calla137 Highland Avenue Wiley, Mr. and Mrs. I. H.22 Pearl Street Wiley, Alma 22 Pearl Street Wiley, Raymond 22 Pearl Street Woods, Walter 22 Florence Street Wiswell, Joseph 22 Webster Street Wyman, Mr. and Mrs. A. A.35 Bartlett Street Wyman, Helen35 Bartlett Street Wyman, Louise. 35 Bartlett Street Wyman, Alice35 Bartlett Street
gst us, burning our houses, destroying our towns and villages, distributing poison, and inciting our negroes to insurrection, arson and murder — A few weeks ago one of these emissaries at tempted to proclaim his doctrine in San Antonio, when a fight ensued, and a Southern man was killed, and this fanatic permitted to escape. In Gonzales, the Lexington of Texas, a regiment of a thousand men, armed and equipped for battle, have been organized headed by the brave and gallant Texan, Jabez C Wilson, a man tried in the dark days of the Texas revolution; a man who spurned the protection of the British flag, and who preferred as a Texan to draw for the black bean, rather than claim protection under any than the Lone Star flag In our own little town, we have organized a company of about eighty men. You, of the border States, are hardly prepared to realize the condition of things here. This spirit of resistance, the bustle and activity of the people, which has swept over our county like so
sent to him. Ample arrangements have been made to have them well cared for till hired out. He has practiced medicine for more than twenty years, and will, to avoid medical bills as far as possible, prescribe in all simple cases without charge. Much has been saved the present year by that course. Persons intending to patronize him will please notify him of such intention immediately. References: Richmond. Judge J. M. Gregory, Goddin & Apperson, Stephen Hunter, Samuel & Wilson. W. W. Wooldridge, R. T. Farish. Henrico. Col. S McRae, Dr. J. N. Garnette. James City. James H. Allen Norfolk. Dr. J. J. Simpkins. Louisa. John Hunter Accomac. Dr. P. F. Brown. Wm. H. B. Custis. Geo. W. Medge, King William. Ambrose White, Dr. L. Edwards. Albemarle. Elder Jas. W. Goff, Elder R. L. Coleman, Caroline. George Fitzhugh, Dr. C. Urquhart, Hon. D. C. Dejarnette, Henry George, Philip Samuel, King and Queen. William Boulware,
sit down comfortably by me on the sofa, and let us have our tea together. I am glad to find you are as good and sensible as I took you for." And this was Alice Wilson's second wooing. Mr. Openshaw's will was too strong, and his circumstances too good, for him not to carry all before him. He settled Mrs. Wilson in a comfMrs. Wilson in a comfortable house of her own, and made her quite independent of lodgers. The little that Alice said with regard to future plans was in Norah's behalf. "No," said Mr. Openshaw. "Norah shall take care of the old lady as long as she lives, and after that she shall either come and live with us, or, if she likes it better, she shall ht on clear and straight, under the guidance of her husband's strong sense, warm heart, and powerful will. Year by year their worldly prosperity in creased. At Mrs. Wilson's death Norah came back to them as nurse to the newly-born little Edwin, into which post she was not installed without a pretty strong oration on the part of th