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Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 15. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Paroles of the Army of Northern Virginia. (search)
Moore, Jno. H. Moore, David C. McConnel, John Phelps, J. W. Harker, Chas. W. Phelps, Jos. V. Phelps, R. B. F. Padgits, Jno. Prebble, Robt. E. Piper, John J. Reynolds, Sr., Jno. S. Seay, Jos. W. Scott, Thos. W. Sprouse, Nath'l D. Wilson, Wm. Wyram, Wood, Jas. K., Frederick Erka, Samuel Grove, Telford I. Mahone. [45 men.] Latham's Battery, 38th Virginia Artillery, Army of Northern Virginia. Private Francis M. Davidson, Private H. Myers. Wm. Tyner, [3] I ceames B. Thornton,Zzz=Co. I. Judson A. Hardwicke, Zzz=Co. I. Thomas Smith, Zzz=Co. I. William R. Harben,Zzz=Co. I. William S. Hall, Zzz=Co. I. James E. Jackson,Zzz=Co. I. Algernon B. Jones, Zzz=Co. I. Private Jasper J. Welch,Co. D. Daniel Wilson,Zzz=Co. D. John F. Williams,Zzz=Co. D. Wm. M. Williams,Zzz=Co. D. Franklin Yarbrough, Zzz=Co. D. 2d Sergeant Bolin R. Roland,Co. E. 3d Sergeant William H. Bass, Zzz=Co. E. 5th Sergeant Robert M. Cherry, Zzz=Co. E. 3d Corporal Thomas
s when he is at meeting. The articles number eleven, and are dated June, 1804, when the names of the members were,— Artemas Kennedy, Ephraim Cutter, Benjamin Harrington, James Hill, Daniel Locke, Jason Kennedy, John Perry, Isaac Locke, Timothy Swan, Amos Locke, William Hill, Jr., David Hill, Joseph Adams, Amos Hill, William Wyeth, Amos Davis, Ichabod Fessenden, Ebenezer Hall, Jr., William Adams, Jr., Samuel Hill, Walter Russell, James Russell, Jr., Francis Locke, Jr., Thomas Fillebrown, Daniel Wilson, Moses Cutter, Joseph Hill, James Cutter, Jr., George Swan, Benjamin Cutter, Jr., John Wilson, Joel Frost, James Fillebrown. On Dec. 5, 1804, Artemas Kennedy was chosen president, Isaac Locke secretary, A. Kennedy chorister, Daniel Locke and John Perry bass assistants, Isaac Locke tenor assistant, Jason Kennedy treble assistant, James Hill treasurer. Ebenezer Rumford Thompson, school-master in West Cambridge, 1814-15, and born here March 6, 1796, refers, in a letter to Mr. J. B. Russ
nother, b. 21 May, 1747; one, stillborn, 14-5 Apr. 1749; and a dau., b. 16 Mar., d. 4 June, 1750. From Woburn, notified in Charlestown, 1745. The name is sometimes Batharick. See Paige, 404-5, 409, 485-6; Wyman's Chas. 68, 69. Batts, Timothy, and Susan Cook of W. Camb. m. 2 Sept. 1827. Bayley, Daniel, and Elizabeth Mullet of Camb. m. 28 Mar. 1776. Beals, Thomas, and Mary Cooper of Camb. m. 6 June, 1779— marriage fee $40. (See Paige, 517.) Belcher, Sally, of Brighton, and Daniel Wilson of W. Camb. m. 26 Nov. 1812. Belknap, Joseph, and Margerie W. of Joseph, were adm. Pct. ch. 11 Oct. 1741; and Joseph, set. about 5, and Jason, set. about 3, sons of Joseph, were baptized 11 Oct. 1741. Joseph the father had also a daughter, b. 14 May, 1740, prob. the dau. Margerie, who d. unbap'd 31 July, 1741, a. 15 mos.; John, b. 24, bap. 27 Feb. 1743, d. 2 Oct. 1748; Eunice, b. 4, bap. 10 Mar. 1745, d. 31 Aug. 1753, a. 9 yrs. (Cooke); twin children, b. Jan. and bap. 1748, d. Jan
Death in prison. --A soldier named Daniel Wilson, belonging to one of the North Carolina regiments, imprisoned in Castle Thunder for desertion, died in the hospital at that place yesterday of an attack of pneumonia.