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. 47.) A short engagement took place at Aransas Pass, Texas, between the gunboat Scioto and the rebel batteries at that place, without important results or loss of life.--General Abner Doubleday published an order, returning his thanks to the Vermont brigade, the One Hundred and Fifty-first Pennsylvania volunteers, and the Twentieth New York State militia, for their gallant conduct in resisting in the front line the main attack of the enemy at Gettysburgh, after sustaining a terrific fire from seventy-five to one hundred pieces of artillery.--Mr. Wolff, a candidate for Congress in Kentucky, was arrested in Owen County, and sent to General Burnside, at Cincinnati, in consequence of the following words, used in a speech to the people of Owen: This is a John Brown raid — a war against slavery, and he hoped every true Kentuckian would rise in arms in opposition to it. He was for secession, separation, or any thing against it. --the National troops marched into Port Hudson, Louisian
o that the whole block will be cut and scored into fine fibers. Brooks and Clements' excelsior machine, March 25, 1868, is also a rotary shredder. The bolt is pressed downward within its fixed case by a weighted lever, and subjected to the action of the scoring and plane cutters at the upper surface of the horizontal rotating wheel. See Fig. 1897, page 815. See excelsior machine patents:— 2,654.Baker, May 30, 1842.93,428.Folsom, Aug. 10, 1869. 10,893.Prescott, May 9, 1854.111,415.Wolff, Jan. 31, 1871. 12,424.Smith and Cowles, Feb. 20, 1855.118,289.Smith, Aug. 22, 1871. 26, 791.Skinner, Jan. 10, 1860.120, 866.Felber, Nov. 14, 1871. 27, 597.Noyes, Mar. 20, 1860.128, 970.Mayo, July 16, 1872. 39, 747.Post, Sept. 1, 1863.131,147.Brackett, Sept. 10, 1872. 75, 728.Brooks and Clements, Mar. 24, 1868.136,529.Mayo, March 4, 1873. 151,742.Bailey, June 9, 1874. Sloam. (Mining.) A layer of earth between coal-seams. Sloates. (Vehicle.) The cross slats in the frame<
Waitt, Ernest Linden, History of the Nineteenth regiment, Massachusetts volunteer infantry , 1861-1865, Roster of the Nineteenth regiment Massachusetts Volunteers (search)
, (H), May 19, ‘64; 40; sub.; abs. pris. since June 22, ‘64; not heard from since. Wilson, Thos., priv., (—), Dec. 30, ‘62; 26; N. M. Wilson, Wm., priv., (B), Feb. 26, ‘62; 24; M. O. June 30, ‘65. Wilson, Wm., priv., (C), Nov. 15, ‘64; 19; M. O. June 30, ‘65. Wilson, Wm. H., capt., (H), July 26, ‘61; 25; resigned Nov. 14, ‘61. Winslow, Ezra D., chap., (F and G), Dec. 1, ‘61; disch. disa. Dec. 12, ‘62. Winthrop, Thos. F., priv., (A), July 26, ‘61; 19; M. O. as 1st Lieut. Oct. 9, ‘64. Wolff, Sedliz, priv., (G), Aug. 3, ‘63; 21; sub. M. R. Pollard, Jr., deserted Aug. 16, ‘63 at Morrisville, Va. Wood, Benj. F., priv., (—), Jan. 2, ‘65; 18; died Feb. 11, ‘65 in Hosp. Wood, Geo., priv., (G), July 27, ‘63; 31; drafted; transf. to V. R.C. Sept. 3, ‘63; disch. From Co. C 18 V. R.C. July 26, ‘65. Wood, John, priv., (—), Dec. 2, ‘62; 23; N. F.R. Wood, John, priv., (—), Dec. 5, ‘62; 22; N. F.R. Wood, John H., priv., (—),Aug. 23, ‘61;
Cambridge History of American Literature: volume 3 (ed. Trent, William Peterfield, 1862-1939., Erskine, John, 1879-1951., Sherman, Stuart Pratt, 1881-1926., Van Doren, Carl, 1885-1950.), Book III (continued) (search)
lustrates the mental interest of the man is The return of Peter Grimm (2 January, 1911), which deals with the presence of the dead. A related subject of interest was dual personality, which prompted his acceptance of The case of Becky (I October, 1912) by Edward Locke and The secret (23 December, 1913) by Henri Bernstein. The latter revealed the expertness of Belasco as an adapter far better than his work on Hermann Bahr's The concert (3 October, 1910) or on The Lily (23 December, 1909) by Wolff and Leroux. Had Belasco not been a manager, the effect on his own work might have been different. As it is, he has sought variety, he has followed the changing times. His interest in emotion, in picturesque situation, in unusual atmosphere, in modern realism, is evident in the long list of plays by himself, and in other dramas he has produced. Sentiment for the past encouraged him to further the career of William C. De Mille, son of his early associate, and while The Warrens of Virginia
Cambridge History of American Literature: volume 3 (ed. Trent, William Peterfield, 1862-1939., Erskine, John, 1879-1951., Sherman, Stuart Pratt, 1881-1926., Van Doren, Carl, 1885-1950.), Index (search)
47, 128, 272-73 Winthrop, R. C., 337 Winthrop, Theodore, 68, 69, 155 Wisconsin idea, the, 365 Wisconsin (University), 177, 210, 412, 479 Wise, H. A., 142 Wise, John, 426 Wister, Owen, 95, 162 Witching hour, the, 283 Witch of Prague, the, 88 Witherspoon, Pres., 229 Within the law, 293 Within the Rim, 102 Without a home, 74 Wittenberg (University), 207 Wolcott, 430 Wolf, the (planned by Norris, Frank) 93 Wolf, the (a play), 293 Wolf, F. A., 453, 460 Wolff, 282 Wolfskill, William, 138 Wollenweber, L. A., 582 Woman, the, 282 Woman in the case, the, 284 Woman in the wilderness, the, 573 Woman's way, a, 294 Woodberry, George E., 118, 129, 49: Woodbridge, F. J. E., 263 Woodbridge, Wm. C., 403, 407 Woods and Lakes of Maine, 162 Woolf, Benjamin, 271 Woolsey, T. D., 206, 361, 460, 461 Woolson, C. F., 86, 89 Woodmaston, Charles, 427 Worcester, Dean C., 166 Worcester, Joseph E., 475, 478 Words and their uses, 474 Wo
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 25. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 1.32 (search)
son's Brigade, doing service on Alleghany and Shenandoah mountains until the fall of 1861, when it was made an artillery company, and was attached to the same brigade till the artillery was made a separate command. After this it was a part of McIntosh's battalion, in General A. P. Hill's corps, until the close of the war. It was mustered into service as the McDowell Guard in honor of Miss Lillie McDowell, then of Lexington, Va., a daughter of Governor James McDowell, now Mrs. E. P. McD. Wolff, of Georgia, who made the company a present of a pair of horses, harness and ambulance, besides furnishing a considerable amount of means for clothing equipment of the company. She also paid a bounty to a young man who was under military age, to go as her personal representative in the war. Her substitute, Alfred Sly, proved himself faithful to the trust until a few days before the fight at Gettysburg, when having been sent out with others on detached service, he was captured and held in pr
C. S. District Court. --The argument in the case of the Confederate States vs. Wolff and Stern, to sequestrate certain debts due by them to Elkers and Balkner, was continued yesterday by Mr. Guastaves A. Myers for the defendants, and will be resumed to-day. In the case of Isaac Williams and others vs. the sloop Betsy Richards, in Admiralty, the Marshal made his report, and paid into Court the amount realized from the sale of the vessel, &c. Jas. E. Watson qualified as an attorney to practice in this Court.
The Daily Dispatch: January 11, 1862., [Electronic resource], The Burnside expedition — warm work Expected in North Carolina--the weather — cistern water scarce, &c. (search)
C. S. District Court. --In this Court, yesterday, orders of sale were entered in the cases of the Confederate States against John Predmore, O. E. Malthy, and M. R. Watkinson, for the sequestration of property. Judge Halyburton delivered an elaborate opinion in the case of the Confederate States against Wolff and Stern, to sequestrate the property of Elkers, which is noticed more fully in another department of this paper. Daniel B. Lucas qualified to practice as an attorney in this Court.
Interesting decision under the Sequestratration act. The case of the Confederate States against Wolff et als., to sequestrate certain debts due them to Elkers & Brother, alleged to be allen enemies, was called up yesterday the Confederate States District Court, rd Judge Halyburton delivered his opinion thereupon, indicating his purpose to dismiss the petition. The particulars of this novel case are as follows: Isaac Elkers. A native of Prussia, emigrated to this country many years ago, resided in Mobile, Ala., for a long period, where he took out his last naturalization papers in 1849. He established a large clothing store in Mobile in conjunction with his brother, and afterwards, in 1853, removed to New York and there established a branch house of trade. He married in New York, bought a residence there, and voted there at the Presidential election of --voting against Lincoln. He frequently visited Mobile from 1851 to 1861, and continued a partner in the Mobile house.
C. S. District Court. --On Saturday the District Attorney entered a noole prosequi in the case of Chas. Patz, the individual charged with stealing blank Confederate Treasury notes. In the case of C. S. A. us. Wolff and Stern, to effect the property of George and Simon Elkers, the Judge dismissed the petition filed against them, thereby virtually proclaiming the loyally of the parties sought to be effected. In the case of the C. S. A. against Chapman J. Leigh, to effect the property of C. M. Fry & Co., the report of Commissioner Watson was returned and filed. The latter is understood to be adverse to the claims of defendand, Leigh, who is a native and now a citizen of Richmond.
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