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Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 25. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), The Cumberland Grays, Company D, Twenty-first Virginia Infantry. (search)
company, a few yards from the enemy's line. Merryman, James, died soon after the war. Mahr, J. C. L., killed at Kernstown. Meador, Robert J., wounded at Gettysburg and died since. Meador, Mike, died since the war. Meador, John L., died in 1861. Parker, Thomas, died in 1861. Parker, Jerry, died since the war. Parker, I. A., died since the war. Price, John B., killed at Cedar Mountain. Snoddy, John S., died since the war. Shores, Thomas, died since the war. Wootton, John and A. W., died since the war. Number killed during the war16 Number died during the war18 Number died since the war21 Number still living48 —— Total103 There were twenty-eight wounded and five who lost limbs during the war, and one had his leg, which was wounded, amputated since the war. Richmond, Virginia. [from the Richmond, Va., Dispatch, July 4, 1897.] the evacuation of the City and the days preceding it. How the news was received in Danville—Some of the cl<
illiam Russell (1), per Wyman, 1044. 2. Elisha, s. of William (1), m. Mary Prentice here 12 Apr. 1768. He o. c. Pct. ch. 21 May, 1769, and had Elisha, b. 11, bap. 21 May, 1769. Wood, Josiah, son of Mrs. Anna Williams, d. 17 Nov. 1742, a. 22. Maria M., of Medford, m. Abram D. Tasker, 13 Sept. 1840. John, Jr., m. Mary C. Barker, of Boston, 28 Jan. 1841. Woolson, Sarah, m. Stephen Robbins, both of Lexington, 11 July, 1754. Sybil—called Wilson—m. Thad. Bowman, 1753—see Wilson. Wootton, John, s. of John and Rebecca, d. 7 July, 1739, a.— (g. s.). Wright, widow Ann, d. 22 Feb. 1772, a. 80. Elizabeth, of Woburn, m. John Symmes, Jr., of Medford, 31 Oct. 1780—fee $100. Chandler, d. 27 Oct. 1824, a. 55. See Wyman's Chas., 1052. Wybert, Thomas, of Boston, m. Mary Pierpont, of Camb., 27 Jan. 1776. Wyer, Lydia, w. of Eleazer, late of Charlestown, was adm. Pet, ch. 6 Oct. 1776, and Anne, dau. of Eleazer, of Charlestown, was bap. here same time. See Wyman, 1055, No.
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Acting-Governor of Utah resigned -- A few days since we published the news of Gov. Comming's departure from Salt Lake City for the South. It now appeared that Secretary Wootton, left as Acting Governor in Cumming's absence, has resigned. A letter to that effect, dated June 5th, has been received at Washington.
to authorize the Commissioners of Revenue of the southern district of Halifax county, to issue a license to David Apt as a hawker and pedlar, was passed. Mr. Babbour, from the Committee on Finance, reported a bill making an appropriation to the civil contingent fund, which was read and ordered to its engrossment. The bill compensating Peter P. Penn, of Henry county, for the loss of his slave, Albert, condemned to death for murder, was taken up, and, after a brief explanation by Mr. Wootton, was passed — ayes 88, noes 7. Mr. Bufford said, that before the House went ino secret session he wanted to offer a resolution. Last evening, in secret session, the House had passed resolutions complimentary to a distinguished son of Virginia, Gen. Joseph E. Johnston. This was a utting occasion for the General Assembly to recognize the services of another eminent man, who, though not a Virginia, deserved notice from this body. He offered a resolution highly complimentary to Ge
Supreme Court of Appeals. --The following decisions have lately been rendered by this Court. Present, Judges Allen, Daniel, Moncure and Robertson. Staples's ex'ors vs Walker, argued by J A Walker and Jno R Tucker for plaintiffs, and John T Wootton and P R Grantan for defendant. Decree of the Circuit Court of Patrick county affirmed. Stephens and vs Brown, &c., argued by John R Tucker for appellants, and Daniel B Lucas for appellees. Decrees of the Circuit Court of Jefferson co.reversed. Mubberty, &c., vs Stoneburner, &c., argued by Jno R Tucker for appellants, and A A Morson for appellees. Decree of the Circuit Court of Loudoun co.reversed. Kessee vs. Bailey and ala, argued by Tucker and Patton and G A Myers for appellant, and Andrew Johnston and Jas Alfred Jones for appellees. Decree of the Circuit Court of the city of Richmond affirmed in part and reversed in part. The Court has adjourned till the 12th of October.
The Daily Dispatch: July 1, 1864., [Electronic resource], List of casualties in Wickham's cavalry brigade. (search)
klin, 4th Va. c. June 12th--Near Trevillian's Depot — Killed: Privates Darby, 2d Va cav. W C Moseley, Lt B J Hill, 3d Va cav; W B Abraham, 4th Va cav. Wounded, Pvtes King, Lipscomb, Sergt Harris, Pvtes Kelley, J J Conner, Capt Whitehead, Pvtes Watts and Bayton, 2d Va cav; Pvtes Dabney, P F Jones, R T Armintead, W L Rogers, J H Ware, Sergt W B Foster, W M Folkes, J S Hardaway; Thos Fowier, C S Clarke, W L Gathrie, W M Hill, Corp'l Young, Pvtes Harrison, White, Jolley, Nat Thackston, S T Wootton, 3d Va cav; privates W Busic, B T Wayland, and Corp'l J T Amos, 4th Va cav. Missing: John F Hill. June 21st--Near White House.--Killed Privates A W Parr and B F Settle, 4th Va Wounded: Sergt Mal Jno Bowling, Lt John Knight, Corp'l R H Walton, privates J Ham, T R Fanquarean, F L Petrick, C Clarkes, 3d Va cav; Corp'l A Norman, Pvtes A A Lyns, J E Larkin, F Edwards, W H Kinnon, J R Martin, L D Biale, H Fones, and F Duke, 4th Va cav. June 24--Near Nanes's — Killed: Sergt G T Funkhous