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by the concussion from a cannon-ball. Col. Russell leaves a wife and several children in New-Haven. Wounded.--Tenth Connecticut. Co. A, Corporal J. W. Ramsey, chest; Privates H. L. Parker, knee; Samuel 0. Frost, hand; Wm. A. Thrall, finger; A. P. Todd, two fingers; Frank Ramor, leg severe, (may be killed;) Thos. J. Stillman, head; Elizur C. Johnson, arm; Wm. S. Brockway, leg. Co. B, Corporal Eugene A. Root, hand. Co. D, Corporals Geo. Cook, knee; Alex. Palmater, foot; Privates Alexander Wright, leg; Wm. B. Davis, lower jaw; R. B. Speed, hand; R. L. Hurlburt, leg, severe; Edward F. Briggs, leg, severe; Irville Owens, head, severe; Lyman G. Lane, shoulder; Levi A. Hamblin, hip; Geo. W. Newell, leg; W. H. Pectall, hip. Co. F, Private Jeremiah Collins, ankle, severe, (may be killed.) Co. H, Capt. Robert Leggett, thigh; Sergeant Wm. M. Webb, knee; Corporal Henry J. Haugh, arm, severe; Corporal Jedediah R. Gay, hip; Privates Halmer Colbert, leg; Thomas Graff, chest; Pete
Escape of a convict. --While the penitentiary convicts employed on Capitol Square were taking their dinner on Saturday, one of the number, named Alexander Wright, alias Allen Smith, slipped into the Governor's kitchen, changed his variegated suit for one of more sombre line, and quietly walked off in the presence of the soldiers, who suspected nothing wrong. By the time the fact was made known, the convict was beyond their reach, and has not been recaptured. It appears that he had pickediers, who suspected nothing wrong. By the time the fact was made known, the convict was beyond their reach, and has not been recaptured. It appears that he had picked up a coat belonging to one of the cart drivers, but how he got the other articles of raiment, nobody seems to know. Wright evidently thought he was right in making the exchange, since it gave him a chance to snuff the air of liberty for a while. He was sent to the penitentiary from Greenbrier county, in the month of May last.
Captured. --Alexander Wright, the penitentiary convict who escaped from the guard on the Capitol Square some weeks since, has been re-arrested at Charleston, Kanawha county.
tate Court-House. The Grand Jury impaneled on Thursday were sworn in, with Wm. H. Hoxall as foreman. The prosecuting attorney, Littleton Tazewell, Esq., addressed the jury briefly with reference to certain of fences against the common law, amongst which he classed the emunle recently attempted by certain residents of the penitentiary, who desired to enlarge their sphere of usefulness. The Grand Jury being thus instructed, retired, and soon returned with a true bill for felony against Alexander Wright, other wise called Allen Smith, for escaping from the State's prison. A true bill for felony was also found against John McQuay, otherwise called Henry Russell; Joseph Laurence, John Powers Edward Barry, Wm. Harren, Fontaine Rowe, Silas Beazley, James P. Henry, Jesse Howell, Henry Horst, Henry Baldwin, and George Stephens, for conspiring together on the 21st of April to resist the lawful authority of an officer of the Penitentiary, for the purpose of escaping therefrom. Another true b
Wright. Washington, April 29, 1862. --The Navy Department has received dispatch from Commodore Foote, dated last evening. His fleet was still in front of Fort Wright, and prosecuting the siege completely but effectively. Cairo April 29, 1862--The De Solo arrived here this afternoon from the filed. She brings us news of importance and reports no change or movements. The bombardment was kept up by the mortars at long intervals. Chicago, April 29, 1862.--The rebel strength Wright is stated by intelligent deserters at 8,000 men, under General who has not been superseded as reported.--They have seven batteries, mounting twenty-six guns. "the mountain Department." Wheeling, Va., April 29, 1862. A trusty scout sent out by General Milroy went within seven miles of Staunton, and round there a rebel cavalry company, and learn that Johnston, shortly after leaving the Shenandoah mountain, was orders back, but replied that its occupation by 10,000 Yankees made it
From California. San Francisco, April 23. --Gen. Wright has issued an order for the arrest of all persons charged with aiding or abetting the rebellion, and such persons are required to take the oath of allegiance or be confined.