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   Amount paid for town-expenses, 8 years2,26507 Benjamin Parker, Treasurer from 1743 to 1749.     Amount paid for town-expenses, 6 years4,886101 Aaron Hall, Treasurer from 1761 to 1767.Lawful Money.  Amount paid for town-expenses$674197 James Wyman, Treasurer from 1767 to 1771.     Amount paid for town-expenses, 4 years2,162122 In these four years are included the expenses of building the meeting-house, in 1769. The pews paid the greater part.   Lawful Money. Expenses from 177. John Whitmore1714. William Willis1725. John Richardson1727. Edward Brooks1728. Samuel Brooks1729. Stephen Hall1733. Edward Brooks1735. Benjamin Parker1743. Edward Brooks1750. Thomas Brooks1756. Aaron Hall1761. Thomas Brooks1763. James Wyman1767. Jonathan Patten1778. Richard Hall1786. Jonathan Porter1790. Isaac Warren1793. Samuel Buel1794. John Bishop1798. Joseph P. Hall1804. Joseph Manning1808. William Rogers1823. Henry Porter1825. Turell Tufts1827. Timothy Cott
Thomas Willis1705. Stephen Willis1708. Thomas Tufts1714. Peter Tufts1715. Thomas Tufts1718. John Bradshaw1722. Samuel Brooks1723. John Allfordchosen1726. Benjamin Willis1730. William Willis1735. John Hall1741. William Willis1742. Andrew Hall1744. Stephen Hall1751. Samuel Brooks1762. Stephen Hall1763. Benjamin Hall1770. Simon Tufts1772. Benjamin Hall1775. Thomas Brooks1776. T. Brooks, (under the Constitution)1780. Thomas Brooks1781. Aaron Hall1782. John Brooks1785. James Wyman1787. Thomas Brooks1788. Ebenezer Hall1789. Nathaniel Hall1800. Timothy Bigelow1808. Dudley Hall1813. Abner Bartlett1815. Turell Tufts1824. Thatcher Magoun1825. John B. Fitch1826. John Sparrell1831. Thomas R. Peck1833. Frederick A. Kendall1834. Timothy Cotting1834. John King1835. James O. Curtis1836. George W. Porter1837. Lewis Richardson1838. Leonard Bucknam1838. Alexander Gregg1840. Thatcher R. Raymond1843. Gorham Brooks1846. Joseph P. Hall1847. Thatcher R. Raymond
such, made a report, January 3, 1776. The corps which Captain Isaac Hall commanded was made up of men from Medford, Charlestown, Woburn, Malden, Cambridge, and Stoneham, and were called the eight months men. They enlisted for that time; and, in addition to their pay, each one was to have a coat at the expiration of his enlistment. Eight of this company belonged to Medford; and they were the following: Isaac Hall, Captain; Caleb Brooks, Lieutenant. The privates were: Benjamin Floyd, James Wyman, Jonah Cutler, John Smith, William Bucknam, and Joseph Bond. The last named was discharged June 7, 1775; the rest served out the eight months, and were on the coat roll, so called,--which fact secured a pension from the United States. Some took money instead of a coat. Some time afterwards, Captain Hall testified that Samuel Ingalls, one of his company, has bin imprizoned in Cannedy, and hain't receeved no coat. This company was ordered by General Washington, in March, 1776, to be mar
Daniel Symonds. Samuel Thompson. Samuel Teal. Samuel Teal. Samuel Tufts, jun. Abigail Tarbutt. Benjamin Tufts. Gershom Tufts. Benjamin Tufts, jun. Jacob Tufts. Hutchinson Tufts. Peter Tufts. Isaac Tufts. Daniel Tufts. Jonathan Tufts. Ebenezer Tufts. James Tufts. Gershom Teal. Watts Turner. Hutchinson Tufts, jun. Eleazer Usher. Nathaniel Watts. Ebenezer Williams. Isaac Warren. Gardner Greenleaf. Joseph Wyman. James Wyman. John Wade. Convers Francis. John Mead and John Williams. ----Webster. Joseph Wyman. Benj. Pratt and----Brown. Isaac Greenleaf and H. Popkins. John Wright. Jonathan Godden. John Hall and Joseph Tufts. Francis Wait. James Kidder. The inhabitants occupied one hundred and thirty-six houses, which were valued at $74,032.80; making an average value of $544 each. The town valuation of all other property was $160,116.60. Taxes were assessed on 4,603 acres
Governor of the State the requisite authority and officers, proceeded to the vessel, and brought off Caesar in triumph. Great pains were taken by Mr. Ingraham to ascertain the names of the eavesdropping ladies who had betrayed his counsel; but Mr. Wyman, the long-approved Medford stage-driver, was visited on the occasion by a convenient shortness of memory, which wholly disqualified him from recollecting who were his female passengers that evening; women, as he afterwards added when telling th ornamental trees, $200; fruit, vegetables, and hay, $80; carriages and hay-rack, $1751,632 Alfred Brooks — Buildings, $350; fruit-trees, $100450 Noah Johnson — Buildings, $445; hay and grain in barn, $40; ox-wagon and farming-tools, $42527 James Wyman — Fruit-trees30 Moses Pierce — House25 John V. Fletcher — House, $25; fruit-trees, $2045 Joseph Swan — Fruit-trees20 P. C. Hall-Fruit-trees, $920; ornamental trees, $50; fruit, $801,050 Jonathan Porter — Fruit-trees, $75; fruit, $3
n of Francis W., of Woburn, who came here at an early date, and m., 2d, Abigail Read. William was b. 1656. His father, Francis, d. Nov. 28, 1699, aged c. 82. James Wyman, of Medford, m. Susanna Cutter, Mar. 18, 1756, who d., aged 38, May 12, 1772. He d. Oct. 26, 1813. Children were--  1-2 James, b. Jan. 21, 1757; m.,1st, Mail Brooks. Catharine Wyman, m. William Tufts. Elizabeth Wyman, m. Samuel Wakefield, Jan. 2, 1749. Seth Wyman, of Charlestown, m. Ruth Wright, June 4, 1744. James Wyman, of Woburn, m. Elizabeth Brooks, May 18, 1787. Phebe Wyman, m. Caleb Brooks, 2d, Nov. 20, 1800. James Wyman, m. Susanna Cutter. Joseph Wyman, m. Ruth Feroll, Brooks, 2d, Nov. 20, 1800. James Wyman, m. Susanna Cutter. Joseph Wyman, m. Ruth Feroll, Mar. 15, 1781. Joseph Wyman, m. Mary Wyman, Nov. 15, 1781. Joseph Wyman, m. Mary Dalton, Nov. 13, 1790. Joseph Wyman, m. Hannah Wheeler, July 7, 1821. John Wyman, m. Ruhama Richardson, Feb. 26, 1765. Jonathan Wyman, m. Sarah Mansfield.
nts, viz.: James Brown, $805; Stephen Fogg (tenant of Brown), $250; George A. Locke, $160; Josiah L. Frost, $320; Horace Wilson (tenant of Frost), $200; George Prentiss & Son, $1,310; M. W. Marsh, $160; James Hill, $250; J. V. Fletcher, $100; James Wyman, $45; Widow Amos Frost, $330; Oliver Russell, $450; Thaddeus Frost, $440; William Hill, 2d, $750; Francis S. and Newell Frost, $440; Henry Frost, $1,150; Jonathan Frost, $600; Warren S. and Varnum Frost, $200; estate of David Hill, $500; Silas; John Fillebrown, $800; Samuel C. Bucknam, $475; Abel R. Proctor, $260; sundry persons, $500; William Hill, 3d, $90; Cornelius Akerman, $10; John P. Daniels, $35; Luke Agur, $100; Andrews Howe, $25; Thomas R. Cushing, $175; Mr. Converse, $40; James Wyman (tenant of Converse), $125; Loton Gasset, $200. Total amount, $23,606. The amount of money distributed, subscribed by citizens of the town, for the sufferers in West Cambridge, was $1,219.60. One person gave $150; seven persons gave $50 eac
ion were held in the Baptist Church. Nov. 29, 1844, the Society dedicated its meeting-house; the lot on which it stands being the generous gift of Miss Anna Bradshaw. The house, after being repaired and enlarged at an expense equalling its original cost, was re-opened for worship on Nov. 15 1857. See Church Manual. The original members of the church were Rev. Thaddeus Fiske, D. D., Miles Gardner, Jonathan Teel, Thomas Teel, Edwin R. Walker, Luke Wyman, John Williams, Luke Wyman, Jr., James Wyman, Mrs. Lucy Fiske, Mrs. Lydia Teel, Mrs. Lydia T. Richardson, Mrs. Adeline W. Dodge, Miss Susan F. Teel, Miss Lydia T. Gardner, Miss Almira Gardner, Mrs. Lydia Gardner, Mrs. Mary Frost, Miss Anna Bradshaw, Mrs. Ellen Bartlett, Mrs. Rebecca Williams, Miss Lucy Davis, Mrs. E. C. Proctor, Miss Catherine H. Pollard [Mrs. Symmes], Mrs. Mary Brown, Mrs. Frances A. Thompson, Mrs. Mary Ann Wyman, Mrs. Rebecca A. Drury, Mrs. Amy Locke, Mrs. Eliza Osborn, Mrs. Electa B. Hill, Mrs. Ruthy Wyman, Mrs.
Medford Historical Society Papers, Volume 3., Medford in the War of the Revolution. (search)
and Wine 12s. Room, Candles, pipes 7s. 4d. Benjamin Hall was the chairman of the Committee of Correspondence in 1775. The other members were Ebenezer Brooks, Jr., Thomas Patten, Stephen Hall, 3d, or Tertius, as he was familiarly called, James Wyman, Deacon Isaac Warren, and Deacon Samuel Kidder. Benjamin Hall lived in what was later called the Dr. Swan House, and his place of business was the distillery and adjacent buildings, consisting of a candle-house, cooper's shop, etc. With our morom the end window of each house. People built houses very nearly where they pleased in those days—even placing them back to the street if their taste dictated. Stephen Hall, Tertius, lived in the vicinity of Allston street, West Medford. James Wyman was the Town Treasurer, a man who bore the burden and heat of the day during the war. With an empty treasury, he was constantly instructed to borrow, borrow, borrow. He quitted office in 1778, and at that time received £ 10-6-8, for his extra
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