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mas Willis. Two silver cups, gift of Mr. Francis Leathe, 1742. One silver cups, gift of Thomas Brooks, Esq., 1759. One large silver tankard, with a cover,--gift of Rev. Ebenezer Turell, 1760. One smaller silver tankard, with a cover,--gift of Francis and Mary Whitmore, 1761. One large, open, silver can,--gift of Hon. Isaac Royal, 1781. One silver dish,--gift of Hon. Isaac Royal, 1789. One silver dish,--gift of Deacon Richard Hall, 1814. Two silver cups,--gift of Mr. William Wyman, 1815. Two silver flagons,--gift of Hon. P. C. Brooks, 1823. One silver dish,--gift of Mr. David Bucknam, 1824. One antique silver cup; donor and date unknown. One silver spoon; Two silver cans,--gift of Turell Tufts, Esq., 1842. Previously to 1759, there were the following:-- One pewter flagon,--gift of Hon. John Usher. One pewter flagon,--gift of Deacon John Whitmore. Four pewter flagon, bought by the church. Two pewter dishes,--gift of Thomas Tufts, Esq
24, 1764. Children:--  15-19William, d. young.  20Zechariah.  21Josiah, d. young.  22Elizabeth.  23Timothy.  24John.  25William, minister at Andover. 15-23TIMOTHY Symmes m. Martha----, and had--  23-26Timothy, b. Dec. 23, 1800.  27William Wyman, b. Aug. 24, 1803. 15-24John Symmes m. Miss Dix, of Waltham, and had--  24-28Josiah.  29John, b. 1754.  30Abigail, m.----Cutter. 24-29John Symmes m. Elizabeth Wright, 1780, and had--  29-31John, b. Jan. 27, 1781; m. Pamela Richardson, 1852.    Ellen H., b. Sept. 23, 1821; m.C. F. Dennet, June 12, 1843, and d. Feb. 5, 1844.  1WYMAN, James, of Medford, was b. in Woburn, Sept. 28, 1726. His father was Joshua Wyman, by his wife Mary Pollard. Joshua was fifth son of William Wyman, by his wife Prudence Putnam; was b. Jan. 3, 1693, and d. c. 1770. William W. was second son of Francis W., of Woburn, who came here at an early date, and m., 2d, Abigail Read. William was b. 1656. His father, Francis, d. Nov. 28,
evens, William Parmenter, John S. Ladd, Caleb Hayden, Ephraim Buttrick, Lewis Hall, Lorenzo Marrett, Norman S. Cate, Charles B. Stevens, Samuel Slocomb, and Anson Hooker. At the first meeting of the corporation the following board of officers was chosen: president, Frederic W. Holland; vice-presidents, George Stevens, Jesse Hall, and John Taylor; secretary, Ezra Ripley; trustees, Samuel Slocomb, Lewis Hall, Norman S. Cate, Anson Hooker, Lorenzo Marrett, Thomas Hastings, Silas B. Buck, William Wyman, Ezra Ripley, H. N. Hovey, J. S. Ladd, George Fifield. At the first meeting of the trustees, John Savage, Jr., was elected treasurer, and on May 20, 1854, the bank was opened for business in the banking-rooms of the Lechmere Bank. Mr. Holland continued as president till his removal from the State in 1859, when George Stevens succeeded him and served as president until his death in 1894, when John C. Bullard was chosen. Mr. Savage, the first treasurer, served in that capacity until
42, 1843. John Sargent, 1844-1848. John S. Ladd, 1845-1847, 1852. Charles R. Metcalf, 1845. Samuel Batchelder, 1847. Stephen T. Farwell, 1848-1852. William Wyman, 1848, 1849. Charles Wood, 1850, 1851. Justin Jones, 1850-1852. Willard Phillips, 1851. Franklin Sawyer, Jr., 1851. Isaiah Bangs, 1852, 1853. James Luke, 1842, 1843. Sylvanus Plympton, 1842. William Saunders, 1842. Jacob H. Bates, 1843. Nathaniel J. Wyeth, 1843. Stephen T. Farwell, 1844. William Wyman, 1844, 1845. Josiah Burrage, Jr., 1844, 1845. Jonas Wyeth, 1844. James D. Green, 1845. Alex. H. Ramsay, 1845. Charles Wood, 1845. Assessors. Ralph Day, 1848, 1849, 1852. Jesse Fogg, 1848, 1849. Horatio N. Hovey, 1848. Estes Howe, 1848. John S. Ladd, 1848, 1851. Wm. T. Richardson, 1848. William Wyman, 1848, 1849. David S. Buck, Elected June 11, 1849, in place of Jesse Coolidge, resigned. 1849-1852. Jesse Coolidge, 1849. Isaac Davis, 1849, 1850, 18
25.51 (torn) TorryHouse & Store5853.80 (torn) eph Adams jrHouse Barn &c2527.44 James RussellHouse Barn &c4141.70 P. R. RussellHouse Barn &c7054.14 S P TeelHouse Barn &c2218.91 Names of Resident LandholdersHouses &cAcresTax Eb. Cutter610.18 T Gould2-3 do 1-3 Brewery39.22 J HagerHouse & Store15.13 E Lampson L Stanton65.63 Samuel GardnerHouse Barn &c5527.02 Jonathan Teel jrHouse Barn &c3616.92 Jonathan Teel71 1/241.40 (18 Resident Landholders) N. R. Landholders C Thomson Wm. Wyman N. Wyman W Dale C Wright166.16 (5 N. R. Landholders) Tenants Charles BradburyHouse & Brickyard16.11 Jacob Page2.50 S Childs10.93 I Thorning8.33 Benj Parker8.10 A Cook1119.34 A Larkin64.12 A Dickson Clark6.38 9 Tenants Young men C Bradbury jr2.50 J. Hager jr2.50 Wm A Russell9.74 T Teel3.15 N. Lampson4.77 S Lampson2.50 S Gardner jr2.50 ————— (7 young men)507$522.30 Names of Common LaborersHouses &cAcresTax E Whitney N J Varnum S SawyerTenant15.20 R
, 79, 83, 92, 96, 99. Wilcolm, W., 15. Wiley, Phebe W., 49. Wiley, W. S., 74. Wilkins' Astronomy, 98. Willard, Paul, Esq., 48, 49, 70, 71. Willow Avenue, 62. Winter Hill, 65, 74, 85, 86. 87, 96, 97. Winter Hill District, 78, 92. Winter Hill Road, 21, 77. Winter Hill School, 16, 18, 19, 20, 47, 48, 50, 51, 52, 67, 69, 71. 72, 73, 74, 75, 76, 77, 78, 81, 83, 92. Winthrop School, 81, 82, 94, 99. Woburn, Mass., 51, 78, 79. Woburn Road School, 48. Woodbury, Augusta F. 86. Woodbury, William, 87. Woodman, Edith A., 53. Woods, John M., 60. Worcester's Geography, 98. Worcester, George P., 76. Worcester's History, 98. Worcester's Second and Third Books of Reading, 98. Worcester's Third Book, 98. Wright, C., 14. W right, Elizur, 29-39. Wright, Ellen M., 29. Wyman, 22. Wyman, Edward, 72. Wyman, Lucy, 17. Wyman, Luke, 12, 46, 47, 48. Wyman, Miss, 73. Wyman, N., 14. Wyman, William, 14. Young Ladies' Class Book, 98. Young Reader, The, 98.
of the following. Martha of W. Camb. m. William Wyman, of Woburn, 16 Apr. 1848. See Symmes Mem. Dickson of Chas. this Pct. 3 Apr. 1755. See Wyman, 935-6. Rachel of Chas. (sister of the foregin, father of Samuel (1), d. 31 Dec. 1777.—See Wyman's Chas., 331, 935, 1041. Aaron, had Joanna, bas son of Benjamin and bro. of Samuel (1).—See Wyman's Chas., 937. 2. Jonathan, of Medford, s. on Medford, was adm. this ch. 7 Apr. 1790. See Wyman's Chas. 936, and Cutter Hist., pp. 129, 384, ‘, w. of Benjamin, d. 28 Mar. 1819, a. 56. See Wyman's Chas., 936, 937. 5. Jonathan, s. of JonatMedford, at Medford, 18 Mar. 1810 [Sabells—per Wyman.] Had Benjamin Royal, bap. here 12 Nov. 1815; , m. Beulah Prentice, 9 May, 1784, Camb. ) See Wyman, 969, 970. Isaac, of Medf., m. Martha Frost 16John Tapley of Waltham, 3 Nov. 1795, Camb.—see Wyman, 970. Peter, Jr., of Medford (s. of Peter, 3d) Dec. 1753—fee 1/2 dol.—Brooks's Medford, 551; Wyman's Chas., 295. Tufts—a child belonging to Med[
y the first stroke of that noon bell; the workman's axe, if uplifted, fell by its own weight, and in less time than is required to state the fact, scores of men from the shipyards were on their way home to dinner, and all was quiet for an hour. . . . Mr. Blanchard occupied for several years previous to 1850, as a tailor's shop, the front part of the building on the easterly corner of what was known as Pasture Hill lane, opposite the Savings Bank building, with a workroom adjoining (Mr. William Wyman, the provision dealer, living in the rear). I think, from hearsay, his most prosperous days in business were spent there. At that time he had numerous apprentices, several of whom married townspeople and became honored wives and mothers. Finally he was able to retain only his oldest patrons, who cared little for advanced methods, and styles in tailoring, and his trade was transferred to Mr. Hervey and others. . . . There was a tinge of romance about his marriage. A foster-sister