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The Dredging machine. --The steam dredge beat and tug, rock breaker three lighters and two small boat clanging parties at the North who had the contractor removing obstructions from the channel of the river, were sold at auction on Monday last by Jas. M. Taylor & Son, under a decree or the District Court. A portion of the property was bought by the City of Richmond, and the remainder by private parties. And sold very low there being but little disposition to invest. In that sort of floating stock at present.
nt, was wounded. Lieut. Erkin, of the Texas troops was killed. From the Potomac — a midnight Foray. The Fredericksburg Recorder, of the 10th inst., says: On Tuesday night, or rather between midnight and Wednesday morning, the Federal war steamers on the Potomac, some three or four in number, ushered in the anniversary of the battle of New Orleans, by running up the stream, and firing into shore as they passed. Some 30 shot and shell were thrown upon the premises of Col. John Taylor, at Chatterton, but strange to say, did no harm whatever. Still later in the night they reached Creek and fired a large number of balls, variously estimated, between 75 and 180. The shot and shell fell all "around and about the men at the battery, and some twelve or fifteen lodged on Simm's Point, near the house of Mr. Warren--some of them within three feet of his dwelling, but providentially "no body was hurt." On Wednesday morning the steamers, four in number, were discerned of
, 5; T. H. Wynne, 5; L. W. Glazebrook, 5; Meade & Baker, 10; J. D. Hammersly, 5; J. H. Williams, 5; J. A. Hobson, 5; Ellett & Weisiger, 5; N. T. Pate, 5; Chambers & Donnelly, 5; R. L. Owen, 5; W. B. Myers, 5; Cash, 2.50; Cash, (L. D. C.,) 50.; Cash, 2; Cash, 1; J. H. E., 5; John S. Barbour, 10; Geo Tany, N. C., 25; from Examiner office, 65; Cash, 1; Cash, 2; Cash, 1.50; Cash, 2; Cash, 2; W. H. McFarland, 25; Cash, 1; R. L. Apperson, 10; R. A. Lancaster, 10; Thomas Branch, Petersburg, 40; Jas. M. Taylor & Son, 10; Marcus Harris, 5; Cash, 3; Kent, Paine & Co., 25; D. J. Saunders, 5; A. Pleasants, 3; G. V. Miles, 10; Isaac W. Walker, 5; Judge W. W. Crump, 10; Ginter, Alvey & Arents, 10; Cash, 5; E. B. Spence, 5; W. Ira Smith, 20; Cash, 2; W. H. richardson, 5; W. B. Isaacs, 5; A. Morris, 10; Samuel J. Harrison, 5; Major McClelland, 5; W. G. Ferguson 5; Johnson & Otey, 30; J. R. Winston, 2; Cash, 50 cts.; W. S. Triplett, 10; Lee & Dunham, 5; Cash, 5; W. B. Jones & Co., 5; S. M. Price & Co.,
Dangerous Wall. --James M. Taylor was summoned before the Mayor Tuesday, to show cause why he should not be fined for permitting the walls of a house, corner of Cary and 20th streets, to remain in a dangerous condition. The summons was continued for another hearing.
Sale of valuable property. --The farm, containing twenty-five acres, known as "Rose Neath," owned by J. B. Faulkner, well known as the former residence of Lewis D. Crenshaw, near the terminus of Grove road, on the western suburbs of the city, was sold yesterday at public auction, by Messrs, James M. Taylor & Son, real estate auctioneers, for the sum of $20,000. The price obtained for the place is regarded as good, and indicating a very healthy feeling in the real estate market.
Mayor's Court. --The extraordinary demand upon our space compels us to dispose of the proceedings before this Court in the briefest manner possible: Mary and Elias Vanderlip, who keep an oyster saloon on Broad street, appeared to answer a charge of making a violent demonstration upon several of their customers, and were required to give $150 bail for their good behavior.--Nat Mayo was fined $5 for employing a coal cart without having his initials and the number of the vehicle painted thereon.--James M. Taylor was fined $5 for permitting a pile of rubbish, bricks, &c., to remain in the street between the Dock and Cary street.--Dr. Newton was summoned up because his servant had been caught tying a horse to a city gas lamp, on the 6th inst. The case was continued. --John, slave of Dr. McCaw, was ordered 25 on a conviction for stealing a lot of candles, soap, and sugar, from the Chimborazo Hospital.
he shells which the Virginia threw among them. On our side the loss was indeed small, and when we consider the storm of shell to which at times they were subjected, we can but wonder while we rejoice that so few of them suffered injury. On the Virginia there were two killed and eight wounded. Among the wounded, we regret to mention, Capt Buchanan and Lt. Minor. These wounds, however, we are happy to state, are but slight. On the Raleigh, Midshipman Mutter was killed, and Captains Taylor and Alexander wounded, the first-mentioned quite severely. On the Seaport Gunner W Robinson and two seamen were wounded. This was all the damage sustained by this vessel among her men. Two Yankee prisoners aboard of her were struck by the balls of their friends, one of them killed and the other severely wounded. The former was standing in the door of the wardrobe at the time the Beaufort was alongside the Congress, and one of the shower of balls sent by the enemy on shore from th
The Daily Dispatch: March 14, 1862., [Electronic resource], Sale of real estate in Henrico county. (search)
Sale of real estate in Henrico county. --Messrs. James M. Taylor & Son, real estate auctioneers, sold, yesterday evening, the suburban farm known as Woodville, the residence of Mr. Andrew J. Ford, for the sum of $22,025. The farm contained twenty-four acres, and the average price per acre was $915. The sale is regarded as a good one.
Large sale of real estate. --We understand that Messrs. James M. Taylor & Son, real estate auctioneers, sold yesterday, at private sale, the farm in Chesterfield county lately owned by M. C. H. Rhodes, containing 695 acres, for the sum of $40,000 cash. Purchasers, Talbots & Brother.
Sale of real estate. --The property known as the "Exchange Stable," on Franklin street, occupied by Messrs. Davis and Hutcheson was sold yesterday by Messrs. James M. Taylor &Son, auctioneers, for $28,695.
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