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Rev. James K. Ewer , Company 3, Third Mass. Cav., Roster of the Third Massachusetts Cavalry Regiment in the war for the Union, Company K. (search)
1865. Unof. Birdsey Curtis, Braintree, .42, s, tinsmith. July 22, 1862. Absent without leave since Feb. 1863. Charles C. Davis, Braintree, 23, s; bootmaker. July 16, 1862. Disch. disa. Jan. 23, 1863. Joseph Dissotelle, Braintree, 27, m; bootmaker. July 17, 1862. Disch. May 21, 1865. Unof. mason Drury, en. Bernardston, July 26, 1862. Disch. March 18, 1863. Unof. Cornelius Dugan, Franklin, 23, a; laborer. July 22, 1862. Disch. disa. Nov. 5, 1863. Antony Dugolfs, East Boston, 21, s; fisherman. Oct. 17, 1863. Disch. May 31, 1865. Dwight S. Fairman, Bernardston, 22,; farmer. July 26, 1862. Disch. May 21, 1865. Unof. Jewett Fairman, Bernardston, 18, s; farmer. July 26, 1862. Disch. May 21, 1865. Unof. John W. Falconer, Leyden, 24, s; farmer. July 30, 1862. Died Jan. 23, 1864, New Orleans, La. Gilbert Fanning, Boston, 21, s; sailor. July 7, 1862. Disch. disa. March 24, 1863. John Flood, Braintree, 38, m; tailor. July 21, 1862. Disch.
Rev. James K. Ewer , Company 3, Third Mass. Cav., Roster of the Third Massachusetts Cavalry Regiment in the war for the Union, Company L. (search)
gt. Maiden, 19, s; coachman, Oct. 28, 1861. Wounded Sept. 19, 1864. M. O. Dec. 27, 1864. Parker Merrill, Com. Sergt. Salem, 27, s; clerk. Nov. 2, 1861. Trans. to V. R.C. March 11, 1864. Charles H. Blesdall, Sergt. Charlestown, 22; painter. Dec, 31, 1864. M. O. Sept. 28, 1865. Erastus F. Field, Sergt. en. New Orleans, La., 28. Sept. 23, 1862. Ditch. May 19, 1865. Charles Hausler, Sergt. en. New Orleans, 24. Dec. 3, 1862. Killed Oct. 19, 1864. Simon F. Marshall, Sergt. East Boston, 23, s; conductor. Dec. 4, 1861. Died of wounds, Aug. 18, 1862. Richard S. Piggott, Sergt. en. New Orleans, La. 32. Sept. 23, 1862. Disch. June 13, 1865. Frank Rice, Sergt. Springfield, 21; bookkeeper. Dec. 31, 1864. M. O. Sept. 28, 1865. William B. Raymond, Sergt. Wareham, 19, s; nailer, Sept. 26, 1861. M. O. Dec, 27, 1864. Ralph A. Rowley, Sergt. Andover, 19, s; clerk. Oct. 31, 1861. Disch. for promotion Feb. 1, 1864. 1st Lieut. 4th Regt. U. S.C. Cav. Samuel Sweet
his bridge was considered a remarkable achievement in pontoon engineering, it being two thousand feet long, and the channel boats being anchored in thirteen fathoms of water. Swinton. The troops continued crossing all this and the succeeding day, our turn not coming until during the afternoon of the 15th. Our guns were loaded on one boat, and the men and horses on another; but the guns did not reach us until evening. Among the boats used in the ferriage were the Jefferson, an old East Boston ferry-boat, and the Winnissimmet, that plied so many years beween Boston and Chelsea, and when we embarked on board the latter to make the crossing, it seemed almost as if we were at home once more. The landing having been effected at what was known as Windmill Point, we went into camp for the night, not far from the brink of the river; but sunrise of the 16th found us up again and resuming the advance. The country we were now traversing was quite level, and had not been the theatre o
. Privates J. T. Goodwin, C. E. Prince, Thomas Ellworth returned to duty from general hospital. Dec. 14. Privates J. L. W. Thayer and Henry Orcutt reported to quarters. Private A. C. Billings returned to duty from general hospital. Monthly inspection by Lieut. Clark A. I. G. Art'y Brigade. Dec. 15. One horse died—Stoppage. Thirteen (13) horses turned over to Capt. Strang by order of Lieut. Clark, A. I. G. Art'y Brig. Private information received of the death of Judson Stevens at East Boston while on furlough, Aug. 31, 1864. Lieut. Geo. H. Day on leave of absence of 15 days to Boston. Dec. 16. Nine recruits received from Draft Rendezvous, Mass.; Wm. H. Clark, Francis A. Cook, Michael Foley, Joseph Lear, George Nichols, Chas. F. Clark, Patrick Foran, Samuel Otis, Moses Mercier. Dec. 17. First Lieut. Wm. G. Rollins temporarily detailed on special service at Headquarters Art'y Brigade, Second Corps, agreeably to Special Orders 213, Headquarters Art'y Brigade. Dec. 18. P
. Snelling, John F.,19Millbury,Dec. 26, 1863,June 9, 1865, expiration of service. Southworth, Alvah F.,19Hardwick,Sept. 9, 1862,June 9, 1865, expiration of service. Spooner, Albert B.,19Barre,Jan. 5, 1864,Died Aug. 20, 1864, Brattleboro. Vt. Starkweather, William H.,21Boston,Sept. 9, 1862,Wounded Aug. 25, 1864. June 9, 1865, exp. of service. Stetson, George W.,21Barre,Jan. 6, 1864,June 9, 1865, expiration of service. Stevens, Judson, 22E. Boston,Dec. 24, 1863,Died Aug. 31, 1864, East Boston, Mass. Stowell, David R.,39Boston, Sept. 9, 1862,June 9, 1865, expiration of service. Strout, Jonas W.,27Charlestown,Jan. 9, 1864,June 9, 1865, expiration of service. Strand, Thomas W.,18Charlestown,Sept. 9, 1862,June 9, 1865, expiration of service. Sulham, Jacob, 28Cambridge,Jan. 4, 1864,June 9, 1865, expiration of service. Temple, Lyman W.,25Boston, Sept. 9, 1862,June 9, 1865, expiration of service. Terbriggen, Peter A.,39Springfield,Sept. 23, 1864,June 9, 1865, expiration of service.
Elizabeth Cary Agassiz, Louis Agassiz: his life and correspondence, third edition, Chapter 14: 1846-1847: Aet. 39-40. (search)
lectures in Boston on glaciers. correspondence with scientific friends in Europe. house in East Boston. household and housekeeping. illness. letter to Elie de Beaumont. letter to James D. Danatting no one. . . . In the summer of 1847 Agassiz established himself in a small house at East Boston, sufficiently near the sea to be a convenient station for marine collections. Here certain mven the thick tests of the Venus mercenaria. . . . The suburb of Boston where I am living (East Boston) is built on an island, one kilometer and a half long, extending from north to southeast, and and covered also with a considerable number of boulders of divers forms and dimensions. At East Boston you cannot see what underlies this deposit; but no doubt it rests upon a rounded mass of grane in the language which he afterward wrote and spoke with such fluency. To James D. Dana. East Boston, September, 1847. . . . What have you thought of me all this time, not having written a si
Princeton, 415; Philadelphia, 416; American scientific men, 419, 436; Hudson River, 426; West Point, 426; Albany, 427; lectures on glaciers, 430; American forests, 439; erratic phenomena, 439; medusae and polyps, 440; plans for travel, 441; at East Boston, 442; first birthday in America, 445; on the Bibb, 453; first dredging, 455; leaves Prussian service, 456; professor at Harvard, 457; removes to Cambridge, 457; death of his wife, 461; begins a collection, 462; excursion to Lake Superior, 463,Geoffroy St. Hilaire's progressive theory, remarks on, 383. Gibbes, 493. Glacial marks in Scotland, 806, 309, 376; Roads of Glen Roy, 308; in Ireland, 310; in New England, 411, 413; in New York, 426; at Halifax, 445; at Brooklyn, 449; at East Boston, 449; on Lake Superior, 464; in Maine, 622; in Brazil, 633, 639; in New York, 663; in Penikese, 774; in western prairies, 664; in South America, 694, 712, 716, 722, 729, 735. Glacial submarine dykes, 448. Glacial phenomena, 439, 445-447,
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 19. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Another account of the fight. (search)
and her answers severely tested by General Wilson. By the intelligence and evident sincerity of her statements she succeeded in imparting her convictions to the General, which found ample confirmation in the repulse he had met and the frequent rattling of an empty train of cars which she had referred to as bringing in reinforcements. Regretting my inability, &c., &c., I am, yours very truly, (Signed) John B. Mcphail, Late a Major Confederate Army. Major Robert L. Ragland, East Boston; Captain John Lewis, Milton, N. C.; Captain William B. Bruce, Staunton, Va.; and Captain John H. Powell, commanded a company of boys in the battle. Account of Captain J. W. Lewis. [times, October 11, 1891] My attention has been called to the account of that glorious battle of 24th June, 1864, at Staunton bridge. I am glad that General D. H. Maury and Major John B. McPhail have given so interesting an account of it. But you will see that both accounts only refer to the fight o
in. From 1725 till death Jonathan lived on the lot, now the east side of Thompson square, described as a mansion with seven smokes, a hatter's shop and barn. It extended from Main to Back (now Warren) street. Captain Eben Breed was a retired master mariner, who gave his name to the elevation on which the battle of Bunker Hill was fought. He was a son of John Breed, who had been a soldier in King Philip's war, and was father to John Breed, the distiller. Breed's Island, northeast of East Boston, takes its name from this family. Captain Breed died in 1754, leaving a large estate, appraised at £ 5,647 16s 1d. His will speaks of his son John, resident at Surinam, S. A., and that one's son Ebenezer. William Hoppin was a rigger, who died a very old man in 1773. The late Rev. Dr. Hoppin, of Christ church, Cambridge, was a great-grandson. Samuel Hutchinson, the shoemaker, lived on the road to Winter Hill. Miriam Fosket, born in 1665, Miriam Cleveland, was widow of Thomas Fo
., 10. Dean Academy, 2. Dedham, Mass., 80. Delta Chapter of Massachusetts, 2. Devens, David, 64, 95. Devens, Richard, 22, 39, 40, 42, 63, 65. Devens, Richard, Esq., 39, 40. Devens, Hon., Richard, 65, 66. Devonshire, Eng., 81. Dexter, Samuel, 22, 39, 40, Dexter, Samuel, Esq., 39. Dixon, Mr., 72. Doane Street, Boston, 86. Dodge, David, 68, 69, 70, 71. Dodge, Horace, 71. Dorchester, Mass., 89. Dow, Brigadier-General, Neal, 50. Dow, Colonel, 27, 50. Dudley, General, 53. East Boston, 84. East Somerville, 8. Edgerley, Edward Everett, 10. Edwards, Mary Lincoln, 1. Elliot, Charles D., 23. Elm Street, 7. Emerson, Ralph Waldo, 11. Emerson, Rev., William, 6. Encyclopaedia Brittanica, 2. Endicott, 4. England, 5. Essex, 87. Essex, Eng., 81. Esterbrook, Hannah. 89. Esterbrook, Joseph, 84, 89. Esterbrook. Millicent, 84. Everton, Samuel, 87. Farewell Song to, the Lane, A, 9, 10. Farragut, Admiral, 49, 50, 51, 57. Fay, 95. Fay, Rev. Mr., 1
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