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Beating a woman. --John Murray was carried before the Mayor yesterday on the complaint of Ann Edwards, the latter charging him with administering a flagellation to her, unwarranted by precedent, and against law. She testified that she had sustained intimate relations with Murray which warranted her in demanding money from himMurray which warranted her in demanding money from him to which he had replied by the blows in question. The Mayor informed Ann that she stood confessed a trifling specimen of a white woman, and he advised her to cut stick. Murray was told to resume his seat in the prisoner's box, and he afterwards proceeded in the direction of the jail in default of security for his good behavior.o which he had replied by the blows in question. The Mayor informed Ann that she stood confessed a trifling specimen of a white woman, and he advised her to cut stick. Murray was told to resume his seat in the prisoner's box, and he afterwards proceeded in the direction of the jail in default of security for his good behavior.
General, has been relieved from duty on the staff of General McDowell, and ordered to duty on that of Major General Hunter, in Illinois.--2d Lieutenant T. W. Stockton, 2d Cavalry, has also been ordered to duty on General Hunter's staff. Sir John Murray, of England, has been appointed an Assistant Adjutant General of volunteers in the army of the United States. He is a young gentleman of great military experience for his age and of great wealth, we hear. The resignations of the followhe charged with being an agent of Jeff. Davis, selected for the purpose of recruiting for the Southern army. The prisoner is young, and of rather prepossessing features. He gives his name as Arbert Bruen. He was taken by a policeman before Marshal Murray, who was asked for the proof against him; and Capt. Quinn replied he would have to proceed in quest of it. The prisoner was then remanded to the police headquarters. Mayor Wallach and his brother "Dug." The new Mayor of Washington,
d turned out to fight the enemies of the country; but it was of no use. They fired at the Marshal, missing his head by but a few inches, when he ordered his force to fire upon them. About twenty shots were discharged by the police force and citizens, the rioters continuing to shoot at the crowd. One of their number fell, severely wounded. --one bullet having passed through his thigh. He is now in the army hospital in this city, in a very precarious condition. He gives his name as John Murray. Richard Norwood was hung at Millican a few days since for harbering slaves. Incident from the Gulf. The Mobile Register, of the 15th Inst., brings intelligence that at half-past 8 o'clock the previous evening, a mounted courier arrived in that city, express from the coast, with dispatches for Gen. Withers. The messenger was one of the Mobile Drageous, and the purport of his intelligence was that the enemy were landing forces at "Point of Pines." a few miles west of the
ack, partly against a tree, and died instantly. The rebel who had shot the General then sprang forward, and was in the act of taking his body, or stripping off his sword, when Capt. Bieral ran forward, placed his revolver at his ear, and shot him dead. A heavy volley of musketry followed, which drove the boys back. Acting Adjutant Harvey said, "Soldiers, who will volunteer to rescue the General's body?" Capt. Bierel answered the summons, and was followed by Sergeant James Clark, Lieut. John Murray, private Steehan, and a half dozen others — They raised him up, and bore him from the field. Three or four of the rescuing party were shot in the act and fell, but succeeded in taking the General's body safely across the river. No braver men ever confronted an enemy on the field. The rebel officers themselves declared they thought we had a much superior force, and asked at one time, "Where are all your men?" On being answered that they were all engaged, he said, "Why, if we had
u seize and deliver the said Gordon to me at these headquarters within ten days from this date, or drive him out of the county, I shall send a force to your city with orders to reduce it to ashes, to burn the house of every secessionist in your county, and to carry away every negro. Col. Jennison's regiment will be entrusted with the execution of this order. The following named persons are particularly directed to this notice: David Hunt, Clinton Cockrill, Joe Merryman, Robert Cain, John Murray, H. J. Freeland, W. M. Paxton, W. C. Remington, Andrew Tribble, R. P. S. Filey, Jackson Miller, Robt. Clark, W. Tatman, H. M. Cochran, S. M. Hays, Joseph Todd, and James Burcksbarte. D. Hunter, Maj. Gen. Commanding. Improved Dwelling for soldiers. A Missouri correspondent of the New York Herald, writing under date of December 27, says: I noticed yesterday a series of structures occupied by one of Colonel Ellis's First Missouri Cavalry companies, which combined the light
The Civil Police yesterday effected the arrest of Bartlett Scully, for stealing $35 worth of clothing from Dan'l Keller, and of John Murray, for assaulting, while drunk, a wounded soldier on Main street. They will be appropriately used up by the Head of Police this morning.
Proceedings of the Courts. Mayor's Court, Sept. 19, 1862. --Jno. Walls, for stealing a watch from a man dosing on a door step, was sent on for examination before the Hustings Court. The case of John Murray, charged with cutting and stabbing Nicholas Leary and Jas. McCormack, was continued until Tuesday, on account of the inability of his accusers to appear against him. Ben Scott, a negro, for threatening to kill his wife, and treating her with great inhumanity, was held to bail for his good behavior, Lucretia, the wife of Ben, convulsed the Court and spectators by applying to his Honor for a divorce. John Florida and Peter Dunnavant were bold to bail for good behavior for entering the house of some washerwomen, and conducting themselves in a violent and disorderly manner. Geo. Rhodes, Frank Botto, James Powers, Jas. Russell, and a whole family, of all ages, named Longenotti, were charged with riotous conduct in the street. The case was continued until Sa
sult of an affray between himself and one Jno, Murray, on Thursday night of last week. He breathed 9 and 10 o'clock at night on Thursday, he met Murray, who proposed to accompany him. He did so. On or some reason, he objected to the presence of Murray, and told him he had better go home; he could not get lodgings there. Murray insisted upon going in, and thrust himself into the house. Leary laid hold of Murray to eject him. McCormick, after advising. Murray to leave peacefully seized hold oMurray to leave peacefully seized hold of him also. Shortly after doing so Murray stabbed him in the side, and he let go his hold. Afterwards Murray stabbed Leary twice with a knife, once in the side, and once in the back, and decided crin the room but Leary and his wife, witness and Murray. When Leary's wife cried murder, Murray threaMurray threatened to cut her throat from ear to ear if she did not stop, and did finally stab her in the breast. with some sharp instrument in the hands of John Murray, at the house of said Leary, on Grace, betw[1 more...]
isy brawls, between Murphy and his wife. Murphy said that he had not the least intention of disturbing the neighborhood, but was proud of the late victories our army had gained, and wished to celebrate them. He was required to give security for his future good behavior. John McCarty, formerly a member of Wheat's battalion, but now a substitute, charged — Pendergrast with assisting Bill Lewis to garrote him and rob him of $4.50. The case was continued until Monday, and Pendergrast, who held a pistol to McCarty's head and threatened to kill him if he made an alarm, was remanded to jail. Benj. Gottlieb, charged with stealing two hogs, of the value of $50, was committed to prison until Monday. George Ellering, for allowing an offensive nuisance to remain on his lot, was fined $10. The case of John Murray, for stabbing Michael Leary and Jas. McCormick, was continued for ten days. The case of John Drew, charged with stealing $63, was also continued for ten days.
n examination before the Hustings Court next Monday. The case of Michael Buckton, for felonious cutting and stabbing John Delaney, was continued until Wednesday. The accused admitted the fact; the evidence showed that he had slapped Delaney's wife's face in his presence and was struck by Delaney twice on the head with a stick, and then stabbed him — the cut disembowelling him. Delaney was supposed to be dying and an officer was sent to obtain his dying declarations. The case of John Murray, for feloniously cutting and stabbing Michael Leary, (who has since died,) and James McCormick, was further continued until Saturday. Lott Green, a negro who says he is free, but has no papers, was arrested for smoking a cigar in the street and ordered to be whipped. William Hudson, another free boy, was ordered 15 lashes for disorderly conduct in the street. Julia, slave of J. P. Ballard, charged with stealing $800 from a guest at the Ballard House, was discharged. Jo
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