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Benjamnin F. Butler, Butler's Book: Autobiography and Personal Reminiscences of Major-General Benjamin Butler, Chapter 16: capture of fortifications around Richmond, Newmarket Heights, Dutch Gap Canal, elections in New York and gold conspiracy. (search)
a continuous intrenched line at that point. Most of the line has abatis but no ditch. The troops holding that line, from all the information gathered, are Bushrod Johnson's (Tennessee) brigade, about four hundred and fifty (450) men for duty, with its pickets advanced beyond Cox's overseer's house toward Dutch Gap, holding the f militia reserves, numbering about one hundred and seventy-five (175) men for duty, who are in camp some distance to the rear, who form a connecting line between Johnson's Brigade and the City Battalion. These reserves are composed of soldiers below the age of eighteen (18), and above the age of forty-five (45), but they, with this to pass them by the Varina road, or turn them near the house of J. Aikens and pass to the rear, as the demoralization of their defenders, if any get there from Johnson's command, will be greater when they find themselves cut off from Richmond. General Ord will observe that the Varina road runs within two miles of the river, a
s at New Orleans, 522, 525; Peabody improvement on, 536. Johnson, Gen., Bushrod, reference to, 649. Johnston, Gen., Joe, at Bull Run, 29kland's Brigade, reference to, 795. Kirkwood House, Washington, Johnson at, 930. Know-Nothing party, 120, 125. Kruttschmidt, acting PrGeo., candidate for dictator, 279, 576. Lawrence, Hon., Wm., on Johnson impeachment case, 928. Lawrence, Captain, repels Confederates adelegate to, 981. Nelson, Judge, of Tennessee, counsel for President Johnson, 929-930. New Berne,North Carolina, occupied by Union forctler's staff, 896. Stanbury, Attorney-General, counsel for President Johnson, 929-930. Stansbury, on Milligan vs. United States case, 1stified, 914; believes Davis incited Lincoln's assassination, 915; Johnson's quarrel with, 926. Star Brigade, reference to, 663. States investigation reported through, 821. Wade, Senator, recommends Johnson to consult Butler, 915. Wade Hampton's Legion, position near Ri
Spilling Coffee.--A correspondent of the Cincinnati Commercial relates the following anecdote, which was told him by an officer of Bushrod Johnson's staff: On Friday morning, the fourteenth, early, heavy skirmishing had commenced between the sharpshooters, while Gen. Johnson and his aids were taking their breakfast from two barrel-heads in the General's quarters. Capt. Moorman does not drink coffee himself, but he filled a cup and passed it to the General. While en route a rifle-ball tBushrod Johnson's staff: On Friday morning, the fourteenth, early, heavy skirmishing had commenced between the sharpshooters, while Gen. Johnson and his aids were taking their breakfast from two barrel-heads in the General's quarters. Capt. Moorman does not drink coffee himself, but he filled a cup and passed it to the General. While en route a rifle-ball took off the base of the cup so nicely as not to disturb the superstructure, spilling the coffee, while the General took the empty cup.
mental front — his left attacking Willich's and Kirk's brigades of Johnson's division, which, being disposed as shown in the map, thin and lieight of testimony, had previously left its position on his left. Johnson's brigade, on retiring, inclined too far to the west, and were tooo points before reaching Wilkinson's pike. The reserve brigade of Johnson's division, advancing from its bivouac near Wilkinson's pike, towa, (consolidations counted as one,) averaging from those in General Bushrod Johnson's division four hundred and eleven each, say, for certain, service. As for such brigadiers as Negley, Jefferson C. Davis, Johnson, Palmer, Hascal, Van Cleve, Wood, Mitchell, Cruft, and Sheridan, tSixth Kentucky, Acting Brigade Quartermaster in the absence of Captain Johnson, exercised great capacity in caring for and keeping from the eg early notice of the enemy's advance, I sent a staff-officer to Gen. Johnson to advise him of it, and then I passed to the extreme right of m
left to my discretion the route by which my division should cross the mountains, I determined to make the ascent by the Park road, thence to Tracy City, thence by Johnson's to Purdon's, where I would fall into the road leading from McMinnville, by Altam Cut, to Thurman. Immediately on receiving the order I despatched instructionted by the Rossville and Lafayette road, I was informed further that Buckner's command, which had been posted at Tyner's Station, on the railway, had retreated by Johnson, to Ringgold; but I subsequently learned that he did not go so far eastward as Ringgold, but passed through Greysville, and thence to Lafayette. The bulk of thesill, and just before I had received the order to move into action a contraband came into my lines, from whom I learned that this force was the division of General Bushrod Johnson. Knowing that it would pass the creek immediately on my evacuating my position, if it should not be occupied by some other troops, I despatched one of
o their arrival the firing had ceased. General Johnson's line faced nearly north, about perpendived from the same source to report to General Bushrod Johnson, whose command was then heavily presswhich we found, to move to the support of General Johnson, already in position; the centre rested ithe left, to form on the left of Brigadier-General Bushrod Johnson; but on taking my position, undeline having been formed, I was ordered by General Johnson to make a right wheel again, or swing to igades of that division on my right. General Bushrod Johnson was present and called for a comparisered to take position in rear of McNair's and Johnson's brigades, in reserve. About eleven A. M., o change position, being transferred from General Johnson's to General Walker's division. The piecg's brigades, the whole commanded by Brigadier-General Johnson, was formed by placing Johnson's briGeneral: Captain: In obedience to Brigadier-General Johnson's order of yesterday, I have the hon[19 more...]
on Reynolds. Through some misunderstanding in giving or interpreting this order, General Wood withdrew his division from its position on the right of Brannan. By this movement a large opening was left almost in the center of the battle-line. Johnson's, Hindman's, and Kershaw's divisions rushed into the gap and fell upon the Union right and center with an impetus that was irresistible. The Confederate general, Bushrod Johnson, has given us an unforgetable picture of the thrilling event: TheBushrod Johnson, has given us an unforgetable picture of the thrilling event: The resolute and impetuous charge, the rush of our heavy columns sweeping out from the shadow and gloom of the forest The too-advanced position Crawfish Spring, to the South of the Chickamauga Battle-field. Rosecrans, in concentrating his troops on the 18th of September, was still possessed of the idea that Bragg was covering his retreat upon his railroad connections at Dalton. Instead, the Confederate commander had massed his forces on the other side of Chickamauga and was only awaiting t
n the result of any Federal attack, but of Sherman's advance through the heart of South Carolina. On February 17th the city was reluctantly evacuated. August 17, 1864: Winchester, Va. Union, New Jersey Brigade of Sixth Corps and Wilson's Cav.; Confed., Gen. Early's command. Losses: Union, 50 wounded, 250 missing. August 18-20, 1864: six-mile House, Weldon Railroad, Va. Union, Fifth and Ninth Corps and Kautz's and Gregg's Cav.; Confed., Gen. A. P. Hill's corps, Bushrod Johnson's division, Dearing's brigade and Hampton's Cav. Losses: Union, 251 killed, 1155 wounded, 2879 missing; Confed. No record found. August 18-22, 1864: raid on the Atlanta and West Point Railroad. Union, Kilpatrick's Cav.; Confed., W. H. Johnson's Cav. Losses: Union, 400 wounded. August 21, 1864: summit Point, Berryville, and flowing Springs, Va. Union, Sixth Corps, and Merritt's and Wilson's Cav.; Confed., Rodes' and Ramseur's divisions. Losses: Uni
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 2. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 6.34 (search)
his meagre force upon a new line a short distance in rear of the lost redans, ordered down Bushrod Johnson's three brigades from the Bermuda Hundred front, and made such preparation as was possible situation was indeed critical, for though the enemy assaulted but feebly the next morning, and Johnson's brigades arrived at 10 A. M., there was still such disparity of numbers as might well have sh so to denude the Petersburg front that there was left for its defence but four brigades of Bushrod Johnson's division and the divisions of Hoke and Mahone, which together with the artillery made up o the front, while the troops marched in single file along the covered-way, he drew rein at Bushrod Johnson's Headquarters, and reported in person to Beauregard. Informed that Johnson would assist iJohnson would assist in the attack with the outlying troops about the Crater, he rode still further to the front, dismounted, and pushing along the covered-way from the Plank Road, came out into the ravine, in which he af
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 7. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Official diary of First corps, A. N. V., while commanded by Lt.-General R. H. Anderson, from June 1st to October 18, 1864. (search)
June 18th At 3 A. M. Kershaw moves for Petersburg, followed by Field. Pickett occupying the whole line. We arrive at Petersburg, and Kershaw relieves Bushrod Johnson's division — Field taking position on Kershaw's right. A feeble attack is made in the afternoon on Elliott's brigade of Johnson's division. June 19th SJohnson's division. June 19th Sharp skirmishing during the day, and a sort of advance on Kershaw's right and Field's left during the night. June 20th and 21st Affairs unchanged. June 22d A. P. Hill goes out with Mahone and Wilcox — B. R. Johnson supporting — and drives the enemy from our right. It is a handsome affair--two thousand prisoners, four p, seven colors, being among the captures. June 23d Preparations made for the contemplated attack tomorrow. Field at night withdraws from the trenches — Bushrod Johnson relieving him — and moves to the left in support of and co-operation with Hoke. Field did not get out clear until dawn the next morning. June 24th A
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