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Oliver Otis Howard, Autobiography of Oliver Otis Howard, major general , United States army : volume 2, Chapter 52: President Johnson's reconstruction and further bureau legislation for 1866 (search)
ferred to me for examination and correction. Any agent who took the part of the freedmen against a Southern planter, especially one who had the hardihood to arrest a white man for misusing a negro, was traduced, and often, I am sorry to say, his discharge was brought about. The President was very anxious to be rid of every prominent officer who was reported to have been long the freedmen's friend. In his eyes assistant commissioners, such as Mr. Conway, Colonel Brown, Generals Whittlesey, Saxton, Samuel Thomas, and Absalom Baird, were too pronounced in behalf of those assailed; they seemed to be friends of the so-called carpet-baggers, i. e., immigrants from the North, and of Southern Unionists and negroes; and many subagents also were accused of a like attitude. They were too much the advocates of their wards to suit the situation. As I was obliged to execute the law under the direction of his Excellency, little by little his power made itself felt. To give my work the utmost o
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Thomas Wentworth Higginson, Margaret Fuller Ossoli, Index. (search)
. Radzivill, Princess, 231. Randall, Elizabeth, 39. Recamier, Madame, 37. Reformers in New England (1840-1850), 175. Richter, Jean Paul, 28, 45. Ripley, George, 91,142, 144, 146, 147, 149, 154, 157, 179-181, 183 189, 291. Ripley, Mrs. G., 163, 180, 183; letter to, 112. Robbins, S. D., 181. Robinson, Rev. Mr., 53, 68. Rosa, Salvator, 95. Roscoe, William, 221. Rotch, Mary, letter to, 212. Russell, Le Baron, 144. Rye-bread days, 104. S. Sand, George, 173, 230. Saxton, Rufus, 163. Schiller, J. C. F. von, 45. Scott, David, 225, 226. Scott, Sir, Walter, 228, 297. Scougal, Ienry, 69. Segur, Comte de, 109. Shakespeare, William, 291, 292. Shelley, P. B., 42, 134, 290, 307. Shepard, Mr., 9. Sismondi, J. C. L. S. de, 24. Slavery, American, 10, 12, 14, 126. Smith, Southwood, 229. Socrates, 309. Southey, Robert, 45, 290. Spring, Edward, 223. Spring, Marcus and Rebecca, 219, 220, 228, 239. Spurzheim, J. G., 49. Stael, Madame de, 30, 37, 45,
Thomas Wentworth Higginson, Cheerful Yesterdays, chapter 10 (search)
ly second in command, the colonel being Captain Rufus Saxton, U. S. A., an officer with whom, by a cr barracks, I opened a letter from Brigadier-General Rufus Saxton, military commander of the Departmspect the situation, and saw promptly that General Saxton was in earnest, and that I could safely lee the seat of war was then most peculiar. General Saxton, who had been an Abolitionist even at Westps there existed a constant jealousy, and General Saxton, in a position requiring superhuman patienneedlessly suspicious; nor was our beloved General Saxton always free from oversensitiveness. Incides being wreaked on our unoffending heads, General Saxton's enemies occasionally striking at him thrtepped into the Court-House door before me; in Saxton's case it came from his participation in the wever in respect to courage or conduct. As General Saxton wrote to a Northern committee of inquiry ahere. A sudden influx of wounded men gave General Saxton, erelong, the opportunity of granting her [1 more...]
Thomas Wentworth Higginson, Cheerful Yesterdays, Index. (search)
, E. W., 60. Roosevelt, Theodore, 345. Rosello, Victoriano, 22. Rossetti, William, 288. Rossetti, Mrs., 289. Rousseau, J. J., 316, 317, 318, 330. Rucekert, Friedrich, 101. Rupert, Prince, 203. Russell, W. E., 353. Russell, Thomas, 226. Russell, William. 21. Russell, Lord, William, 282. Rust, J. D., 261, 262. Saladin, 60, 301. Sales, Francis, 55. Saltoun, Fletcher of, 183. Sanborn, F. B., 173, 215, 217, 218, 221, 222, 224, 225. Sand, George, 77. Savage, James, 224. Saxton, Rufus, 248, 251, 252, 253, 256, 257, 265. Schelling, F. W. J., 102. Schnetzler, August, 89. Scholar in politics, the, no prejudice against, 336. Schramm, Herr von, 120. Schubert, G. H. von, 86. Scott, Sir, Walter, 16, 132, 133, 219, 272, 276. Seamans, Mr., 233. Sedgwick, Charles, 60. Selden, John, 359. Sewall, S. E., 175. Sewall, Samuel, 122. Seward, W. H., 238, 239. Shadrach (a slave), 135, 136, 137, 139, 140, 142. Shairp, Principal, 277. Shakespeare, William, 64, 287, 294.
Thomas Wentworth Higginson, Letters and Journals of Thomas Wentworth Higginson, Chapter army life and camp drill (search)
bern destination. All these plans were changed by General Saxton's proposal that Captain Higginson should take command drew at Washington for leave to go to Beaufort and see General Saxton, there to decide on accepting the post, which is, of cinson that no pro-Slavery influence was apt to destroy General Saxton's project and he resigned his commission in the MassacCamp Saxton, Beaufort, S. C., December 1, 1862 . . .General Saxton has lent me a horse and I had a ride through the plantbout Ellsworth... in the Atlantic, and is staying with General Saxton. ... It was entertaining to see the ex-actress's eye fut four came the band, the officers, the young ladies, General Saxton without his livelier half, Mr. Hay laboring not to app more extravagant threat only impairs. . . . If he [General Saxton] once did a dishonorable act I should forever lose my Montgomery has been a sore disappointment to me and to General Saxton, with whom he is at sword's point; I did not desire to
Thomas Wentworth Higginson, Letters and Journals of Thomas Wentworth Higginson, Index. (search)
ummer at, 144-46. Pumpellys, the, 328. Q Quakers, meetings of, 73-77, 235-37. Quincy, President, of Harvard, on Disunion, 88, 89. R Rachel, Mlle., actress, 50, 51. Rarey, John S., and his horses, 50. Rawnsley, Canon, 320. Ristori, Adelaide, actress, 243. Rogers, Dr., Seth, 207, 209, 215. Rogerson, Mrs., 280. Rust, Col. J. D., 188. S Sanborn, Frank, 139, 349; description of, 86. Sand, George, description of, 262. Sargent, Mrs. J. T., 268, 270. Saxton, Gen., Rufus, 181, 202. Scudder, Horace E., letter to, 332. Secession, 79, 80. Shaler, Prof. Nathaniel S., funeral of, 347. Sibley, John Langdon, 2. Sims, Thomas, case of, 156, 157. Sixth Mass. Vols., account of, 155, Smalley, George, 82, 83. Smalleys, the, 277, 294, 295. South, the, Union sentiment, 165, 166, 264; Higginson's accounts of, 183-92, 217. Sparks, Jared, 267. Spofford, Harriet Prescott, in Newburyport, 103, 104; advice about reading, 105, 106; at Atlantic dinn
Mary Thacher Higginson, Thomas Wentworth Higginson: the story of his life, XI: John Brown and the call to arms (search)
re suddenly dispelled in the autumn of 1861. He wrote to his mother:— I have authority from Governor Andrew to take preliminary steps toward raising a regiment, which when formed will be placed under charge of an U. S. officer—probably Captain Saxton of the naval expedition, who is an anti-slavery man. At any rate the Colonel is to be satisfactory to me and I to be under him. But by the time several companies for the new regiment had been recruited in different parts of the State, an ny quarters yesterday and asked for me, saying he was drunk and wished to go to the guard-house. In November, he wrote that they had everything but guns and might be ordered off at any time, and on the following day he telegraphed his mother, We have orders to leave this week. But he was still in the Worcester barracks a fortnight later, when he received a thrilling letter from Brigadier-General Saxton, of the Department of the South, offering him the command of a regiment of freed slav
Mary Thacher Higginson, Thomas Wentworth Higginson: the story of his life, XII: the Black regiment (search)
h his survey of the ground, he eagerly accepted General Saxton's offer. When he returned home and announced h a born commander, wrote Captain Jackson. When General Saxton, somewhat later, witnessed the dress parade of unlimited horseback . . . .The one [horse] which Gen. Saxton turned over to me, has sowed his wild oats and bey other things which you will see in my Report to Gen. Saxton. The men have behaved splendidly and I have enjoappeal to be fortified by an urgent letter from General Saxton, himself,—was thus noted in the War Journal:— I told him [General Saxton] with some indignation that if I could be made a Major General by writing a no came over all as in the middle of the Lancers, General Saxton came in, pale and stern, and with a word stoppe, and then sent from the Department forever. But Gen. Saxton in pity for his wife, who is here, took off the ito his mother, I feel very weak in these days. General Saxton was unwilling to consider his resignation and w
, Gov., 176. Rogers, Dr., Seth, letters to, 175-77, 232, 233, 239-41, 250, 263; becomes surgeon in colored regiment, 216; and Higginson, 237, 282, 321. Rosebery, Earl of, account of, 330, 362. Round Table Club, 315. St. Louis, Mo., slave-market in, 182-89. Saints and their Bodies, 156, 407. Sanborn, F. B., 190; and T. W. Higginson, j 100; described, 129; seeks aid for Brown, i 192, 193. Sargent, Dr. D. A., 156. Sargent, J. T., Radical Club meets at home of, 267. Saxton, Gen., Rufus, offers command of black regiment to Higginson, 214; offer accepted, 215; and Higginson, 217, 248; and battle of Olustee, 241. Scott, Sir, Walter, 339. Search for the Pleiades, A, 296, 415. Sewall, S. E., 193. Sharp, Professor, account of, 338, 339. Shaw, Robert Gould, Higginson writes verse about monument to, 388. Sims, Thomas, 142; the fugitive slave, 112– 15. Sixty and Six, a poem, 301. Smith, Joseph Lindon, 372; his outdoor theatre, 374. Smith College, influ
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