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ried consultations and whispered adicus in every quarter, whence bank directors rushed to impel specie and other valuables toward the cars, soon to bear them to Chattanooga, to Columbia, and other points of comparative safety. Gov. Harris and his Legislature, with the State archives and treasure, betook themselves swiftly to MemphShiloh, the surviving Rebel leader dispatched a messenger to Corinth with this exhilarating dispatch for Richmond: battle-field of Shiloh, Via Corinth and Chattanooga, April 6th, 1862. Gen. S. Cooper, Adjutant-General: We have this morning attacked the enemy in strong position in front of Pittsburg; and, after a severe ba he been even moderately reenforced, he would have struck and probably could have destroyed the great Rebel armories and founderies in Georgia, or have captured Chattanooga; which was assailed, June 6. under his orders, by Gen. Negley, who was driven off by a Rebel force under Gen. E. Kirby Smith. Mitchel's activity and energy
ry Stanton promptly responded: June 11. Your dispatch of 3:30, yesterday, has been received. I am fully impressed with the difficulties mentioned, and which no art or skill can avoid, but only endure, and am striving to the uttermost to render you every aid in the power of the Government. Your suggestions will be immediately communicated to Gen. Halleck, with a request that he shall conform to them. At last advice, he contemplated sending a column to operate with Mitchel against Chattanooga, and thence upon East Tennessee. Buell reports Kentucky and Tennessee to be in a critical condition, demanding immediate attention. Halleck says the main body of Beauregard's forces is with him at Okolona. McCall's force was reported yesterday as having embarked, and on its way to join you. It is intended to send the residue of McDowell's force also to join you as s speedily as possible. Fremont had a hard fight, day before yesterday, with Jackson's force at Union Church, eight mile
s of 30 killed, 50 wounded, and 75 prisoners. Gen. Buell had left Corinth in June, moving eastward, as if intent on Chattanooga; but Gen. Bragg--who had succeeded to the chief command of the Rebels confronting him — had thereupon moved more rapidly, on parallel roads, from Tupelo, Miss., through northern Alabama and Georgia, to Chattanooga, which he reached ahead of Buell's vanguard. Bragg's army had been swelled by conscription to some 45,000 men, organized in three corps, under Hardee, Bshop Polk, and Kirby Smith respectively, whereof the last was sent to Knoxville, while the two former sufficed to hold Chattanooga against any effort which Buell was likely to make. McClellan's Richmond campaign having proved abortive, while consncinnati was thought to be also within its purview. Crossing Aug. 24. the Tennessee at Harrison, a few miles above Chattanooga, with 36 regiments of infantry, 5 of cavalry, and 40 guns, Bragg traversed the rugged mountain ridges which hem in the
e light. Gen. Warren, with the 2d corps, supported our cavalry, but was at no time engaged. This reconnoissance having proved that Lee had depleted his army to reenforce Bragg in Tennessee, Gen. Meade crossed Sept. 16. the Rappahannock in force, posting himself at Culpepper Court House, throwing forward two corps to the Rapidan; which he was preparing to cross when he was ordered from Washington to detach Sept. 24. the 11th and 12th corps, under Hooker, to the aid of our army at Chattanooga. Being reenforced soon afterward, he sent Oct. 10. Gen. Buford, with his cavalry division, across the Rapidan to uncover the upper fords, preparatory to an advance of the 1st and 6th corps; but Lee at the same time crossing Robertson's river and advancing in force from Madison Court House on our right, Meade fell back Oct. 11. across the Rappahannock; our cavalry, under Pleasanton, covering the retreat, and being engaged from Culpepper Court House to Brandy Station, where Buford re
nnessee at Bridgeport Bragg flanked out of Chattanooga Rosecrans eagerly pursues Bragg concentrae doubling the labor of crossing them — and Chattanooga was wakened Aug. 21. by shells thrown ac with regard to Vicksburg — he relinquished Chattanooga and saved his army ; retiring Sept. taken Sept. 9. peaceful possession of Chattanooga, was directed to leave one brigade as a gar, it is assumed, he had routed — right into Chattanooga, on the evening of the the 20th, the followinterpose his cavalry between Rossville and Chattanooga; but Bragg countermanded the order. The fae Army of the Cumberland remaining quiet at Chattanooga, Bragg (or his superiors) conceived the idet, telegraphed, next day, to Gen. Thomas at Chattanooga to hold that place at all hazards, and was es. Grant's fighting had not yet begun; but Chattanooga was safe, and Bragg virtually beaten. Hovy artillery fire, giving the impression in Chattanooga that Sherman was losing ground. Yet no gro[69 more...
d, by order from Vicksburg, soon afterward. Gen. Jo. Johnston, commanding in northern Georgia, having dispatched two divisions of Hardee's corps, under Stewart and Anderson, to the aid of Polk in Mississippi, Gen. Grant, still commanding at Chattanooga, sent forward Feb. 22. the 14th corps, under Gen. Palmer, to counteract this diversion. The divisions of Jeff. C. Davis, Johnson, and Baird, moved on the direct road to Dalton; Stanley's division, under Gen. Crufts, moving from Cleveland o4, 1863. at Bean's station, near Morristown, and a spirited fight ensued, with no decided result; but Shackleford does not appear to have hurried Longstreet thereafter. Wheeler, with 1,200 mounted men, struck Dec. 28. a supply train from Chattanooga to Knoxville, guarded by Col. Siebert, near Charlestown, on the Hiwassee, andl had easily captured it — Siebert having but 100 men — when Col. Long, 4th Ohio cavalry, came to his aid with 150 more cavalry and Col. Laibold's 2d Missouri infantr
rdingly from the Winter encampments of his forces around Chattanooga with an army barely short of 100,000 men Army of y reduced his force at the front. The country between Chattanooga and Atlanta is different from, but even more difficult trman's effective force nearly to that with which he left Chattanooga; and he moved forward next day to Big Shanty. Kenesawome North were brought at Government cost by railroad to Chattanooga. When all was done, Major Clan, of Hood's staff, tendery, under Pillow, had dashed into Lafayette, nearly up to Chattanooga, held by Col. Watkins with 400 men, and had very nearly . Leibold held it firmly till Gen. Steedman arrived from Chattanooga and drove the Rebels off. Wheeler now pushed up into Easps, and Schofield, with the 23d, with orders to march to Chattanooga, and thence report to Thomas at Nashville; most of the chis garrisons holding the railroad, sending some back to Chattanooga to aid in the defense of Tennessee, and drawing others f
ortnight longer to operate, on Sherman's line of communications nearly up to Chattanooga, and had thence moved westward, as we have seen, into northern Alabama, next the point at which the railroads cross the Tennessee which tend eastward to Chattanooga, westward to Memphis, and northward to Nashville. He found here Gen. Gordon under his command; but, to concentrate these, he must abandon such posts as Chattanooga, Stevenson, Huntsville, Decatur, Athens, &c., and in effect relinquish more n, with 5,000 of Sherman's men and a Black brigade, had come up by rail from Chattanooga. Add tile garrison of Nashville, and a division organized from the employesed no supervision. Thomas, reluctant to relax his hold on the railroad to Chattanooga, had left Gen. Rousseau, with 8,000 men, in. Fortress Rosecrans, at Murfreespidly as he had advanced; while Gen. Ammen, just arrived with 1,500 men from Chattanooga, was pushed out to Strawberry plains on his track. Stoneman, as directed
ed bombarded by the fleet the sailors' assault repulsed Gen. Ames assaults from the land side desperate fighting the Fort carried losses explosion of magazine Gen. Schofield arrives advances on Wilmington fight at town creek Fort Anderson evacuated Hoke retreats Burns vessels and stores Wilmington given up advance to Kingston Upham surprised at Southwest creek Hoke strikes out is repulsed, and retreats Schofield enters Goldsboroa. Gen. Sherman, after sending back to Chattanooga his sick and wounded, surplus guns, baggage, and the garrisons of his more northern posts in Georgia, had still under his immediate command the 14th, 15th, 17th, and 20th corps, numbering 60,000 infantry and artillery and 5,500 cavalry. Concentrating these around Rome and Kingston, Georgia, he thoroughly destroyed Nov. 2-11, 1864. such portions of the railroads and such other property as he judged might be used to his prejudice by the enemy, reserving for the last sacrifice the telegr
Rosecrans at Shelbyville, 404; he abandons Chattanooga on the advance of Rosecrans, 411: advances, 415; map of the position of both armies at Chattanooga and its vicinity. 416; the fight of Sept. 25; Grant drives him from Lookout Mountain, Chattanooga, and Mission Ridge. 438 to 445; his officiaee river, Johnston retreats across, 630. Chattanooga, Bragg marches to, 213; Rosecrans's preparaTennessee, 432; is reenforced by Sherman at Chattanooga, 437; drives Bragg from Lookout Mountain, Chis apprehensions as to Rosecrans's army at Chattanooga. 432; Grant relieves him as Commander-in-C carries Lookout Mountain. 439; advances on Chattanooga, 441; Cleburne turns on him at Ringgold, 44stown, Tenn., 622. Charlestown, Va., 396. Chattanooga. Tenn., 638. Cherbourg, France, 646. Chesof Jackson, Miss., 817; reenforces Grant at Chattanooga, 437; his advance checked, 441; cooperates 1; retires unassailed, 423; ordered to hold Chattanooga. 434; at Lookout Mountain, Chattanooga Val[2 more...]