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ow-common. 1685, June 20.Bought of Wm. Dady3 cow-commons. 1687, April 21.Bought of Wm. Dady3 acres. 1691, Oct. 5.Bought of Wm. Dady4 cow-commons. 1693, Aug. 20.Bought of J. Frost10 1/2 acres. 1694, May 17.Bought of J. Lynde8 3/4 acres. 1694, May 18.Bought of T. Crosswell3 acres. 1694, May 31.Bought of J. Phipps10 1/2 acres. 1694, Aug. 23.Bought of W. Dady2 acres. 1695, April 23.Bought of J. Newell10 1/2 acres. 1696, Nov. 3.Bought of John Melvin7 3/4 acres. 1696, Dec. 8.Bought of John Cary (Walnut Tree Hill)3 1/2 acres. 1697, April 15.Bought of Timothy Goodwinthree pieces. 1697, May 10.Bought of John Dexter9 acres. 1698, May 30.Bought of John Frothingham10 1/2 acres. 1698, Nov. 25.Bought of John Blaney7 acres.    Including the cow-commons, about835 acres. During this time, they sold as follows:-- 1680, Jan. 30.To S. Grove, in Malden20 acres. 1691, Feb. 22.To Jonathan Tufts, brick-yards39 acres. 1697, Jan. 10.To Jonathan Wade, in Medford12 1/2 acres. Mr.
er may tarry, or take her freedom, as she may choose; and Nancy you may put out to some good family by the year. Colonel Royal was then on the eve of departure for England; and he thus writes to his friend in Medford:-- I shall leave North America with great reluctance; but my health and business require it; and I hope, through the goodness of God, if my life is spared, to be able to return again soon. In August, 1777, Dr. Tufts had a letter from him, dated Kensington, England. Colonel Cary, who had married a lady from New York, occupied Colonel Royal's house in 1778. The house and farm were rented for £ 200. At a later period, when three gentlemen bought the entire estate on speculation, expecting to realize large fortunes by dividing the whole into lots, there was a valuation of the lots, and the sum total was $81,996.00. A few lots were sold; and the dreams of Croesus became those of Belisarius. Colonel Royal's opinions and conduct respecting the struggles for indepen