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hn Watson80 21. Richard Woodes10 22. John Taylor60 23. Wid: Wilkerson60 24. Lieft. William ffrench150 25. Joseph Miller15 26. Jonath. Hide20 27. David ffiske60 28. Wid: Hancocke10 29. And. Stevenson60 30. Mr. Elijath Corlet100 31. David Stone50 32. Tho. Danforth220 Lot. Acres. 33. Rich. ffrances 60 34. John Parker 10 35. Jonath. Padlefoote 15 36. Edw. Hall 70 37. Ri. Oldam 60 38. Gilbert Cracbone 90 39. Robert Stedman 90 40. Tho. Swoetman 70 41. Wm. Bordman 60 42. John Betts 90 43. John Shepard 60 44. Daniell Stone 50 45. John ffrenches children 30 46. John ffownell 100 47. Samll. Hides 80 48. Tho. Marret 200 49. Edw. Winship 200 50. Goodm. Hammond 15 51. Steven Day 50 52. John Gibson 80 53. Edw. Goffe 450 54. William Man 70 55. Ri. Jacson 200 56. Willm. Dixon 80 57. George Willowes 60 58. Tho. Chesholme 100 59. Mr. Edmund ffrost 200 60. John Hall 20 61. Edw. Michelson 150 62. And. Belcher 50 63. John Swan
homas × Fox. George × Willis. Thomas × Hall. Richard Dana. Nicolas × Wythe. Thomas Chesholm. Samuel Green. Tho. Swetman. Richard Robins. William Diksone. Richard Eccles. Thomas Longhorne. John Watsonn. Roger × Bukk. Andrew × Stevenson. John × parents. James Hubbard. Robert × Wilson. Rob. × Parker. John × Bouttell. Robert Stedman. Thomas Cheny. Willyam × Heally. John Palfray. Ffrancts Moore, senr. John Gove. will × Michelson. Edward Hall. William Barrett. John Holman. will. Bordman. Zacharye Hicks. Samll. Manning. Richard Cutter. John Green. Ffra. Moore, junr. John × Adams. Beiniman Crackbone. John Marritt. Nathanell Hancocke. Willyam Town. Abraham Holman. John Shephard. Samuell Frost. Walter Hasting. Nath. Green. Ester Gossom. Peter Towne. Edward Mitchellson. Andrew Belcher. Edmund Angier. Richard Park. Joseph Cooke. Jermie Fisman. John Taller. Daniel Cheeaver. John Eliot. Edward Jackson. Samuell Haden. John Jackson. Gregory Cooke. Jo
been now read; voted, That Capt. Thomas Oliver, Mr. Jonathan Remington, and Andrew Bordman, be a Committee to treat with the Committee appointed by the Farmers aforeso the Committee formerly appointed, (viz. Capt. Oliver, Mr. Remington, and Andrew Bordman,) to debate further upon, who are fully empowered in behalf of the town, eiion of the vacation. In a private note-book, the steward of the College, Andrew Bordman, Esq., made this record: Our grandchild, Ruth Bordman, died 23 June 1740: our grandchild Andrew Bordman died 24 June 1740: both of the distemper called the throat distemper. Memorials are found in the burial-place, of Mrs. Margaret Holyoke,ice, they declare that they will serve the town gratis, as aforesaid. Then Andrew Bordman and Edmund Trowbridge Esqs. were chosen Representatives, and both acceptedas pursued the next year, and the same persons were elected. But, in 1752, Andrew Bordman refused the office on this condition, and Henry Vassall was elected in his
of this town to proceed on the article in the Warrant, relating to the choosing a person to join with the committees of Convention of the other towns in this Province, now sitting in Boston, and it passed in the affirmative. Also voted, that they will now make choice of one or more persons, as a committee . . . . to attend the Convention that may now or hereafter be sitting in Boston in this Province. Also voted that they will make choice of two persons for the purpose aforesaid. Then Andrew Bordman was chosen, who declined the service. Then Deac. Samll. Whittemore was chosen, who declined the service. Then Capt. Samll. Whittemore was chosen, who accepted said choice. Then Thomas Gardner was chosen, who accepted said choice. If Cambridge was somewhat late in the election, her delegates were not a whit behind others in patriotism and resolution. Capt. Whittemore was the veteran, who, at the age of seventy-nine years, performed yeoman's service with his musket, on the memorable
of Leonard Jarvis thrown upon the market. Andrew Bordman sells freely, and others sparingly. Daven, namely, Col. David Phips; Sarah, wife of Andrew Bordman; Mary, wife of Richard Lechmere; Rebecca, thwesterly portion of the Phips' Farm, and Andrew Bordman had the southwesterly portion, extending f one on the Phips' farm, lately owned by Mr. Andrew Bordman; Andrew Bordman, grandson of Lieut.-gAndrew Bordman, grandson of Lieut.-gov. Phips, inherited this estate on the death of his parents. The house stood on the northerly side their lands descended to their posterity. Mr. Bordman, on the contrary, in 1801, united with otheck school-house now stands. presented by Mr. Andrew Bordman to the town for that purpose. It cost aCook, Josiah Mason, Jr., Daniel Mason, and Andrew Bordman, were constituted and made a corporation ae easterly half of the square was given by Andrew Bordman, and the westerly half by the owners of the Phips Farm, except the share assigned to Andrew Bordman and his wife, Mr. Craigie bought of Jonas [1 more...]
a Committee appointed by the Proprietors do agree with Andrew Bordman and John Bunker for building a lower story under it . ett, were chosen a committee to agree with said Bunker and Bordman about building under the said house. The Committee repowith and granted liberty unto the said John Bunker and Andrew Bordman to make a lower room under the said house (which we ad cellar to be for the use of the said John Bunker and Andrew Bordman, their heirs and assigns forever, excepting an entry tbe for the use and benefit of the said John Bunker and Andrew Bordman, their heirs and assigns, forever, as aforesaid. It ianing of this agreement, that the said John Bunker and Andrew Bordman shall, at their own cost and charge, build the cellar ho conveyed the same Nov. 5, 1757, to William Brattle, Andrew Bordman, and Edmund Trowbridge, for the use of the town of Camty-five pounds to Samuel Danforth, William Brattle and Andrew Bordman, Esq., a committee for the town to take care of the sa
Lucius R. Paige, History of Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1630-1877, with a genealogical register, Chapter 15: ecclesiastical History. (search)
ngton, Oct. 21, 1696. and that the question upon admission should no longer be taken by manual vote, but silence should be considered assent. This gave dissatisfaction to Deputy-governor Danforth and others: whereupon,— At a church meeting at Mr. Bordman's house, May 4, 1697,—(1) Then propounded to Mr. Danforth and the whole body of the brethren who had remonstrated as to the votes of the church passed March 11, ‘96-7, at the house of deacon Hastings, whether, if I would condescend so far as t It was provided that this committee should consist of three in the body of the town, one upon the common, one in Charlestown End, two at Menotomy, and two on the south side of the River. The members first elected were Samuel Danforth, Esq., Andrew Bordman, Esq., John Bradish, Deacon Samuel Bowman, Benjamin Goddard, John Cutter, Ephraim Frost, Daniel Dana, and Deacon Samuel Sparhawk. The faithful and useful services of Dr. Appleton were recognized by the College in the bestowment of a degre
Boston. Before the incorporation of the second and third parishes as separate towns, another schoolhouse was erected in 1802, at the northwesterly corner of Windsor and School streets, in Cambridgeport, on a lot of land given to the town by Andrew Bordman; it cost about six hundred dollars, of which sum about one half was contributed by individuals, and the remainder was paid by the town. Seven years later, in 1809, the population of Cambridgeport having rapidly increased, yet another school-d in 1809, at the cost to the town of about $300. 6. Mason, on Front Street, opposite to Columbia Street, erected in 1835, at the cost of $3,901.89. 7. Boardman, at the corner of Windsor and School streets, erected in 1802, on land given by Andrew Bordman, at the cost to the town of about $300. 8. Broadway, at the southwesterly corner of Windsor Street and Broadway, erected in 1838 for the accommodation of a Classical or High School for the whole town, at the cost of $5,791.05. 9. Bridge, o
728. Edmund Goffe, 1716, 1720, 1721. Andrew Bordman, 1719, 1720. Spencer Phips, 1721. Wi39, 1740, 1747. Samuel Bowman, 1741. Andrew Bordman [2d], 1742-1751, 1757-1768. Edmund Trow1693, 1694. David Fiske, 1676, 1688. Andrew Bordman,* 1676. Francis Bowman, 1677, 1689, 169 1698-1700. Samuel Green, 1694-1697. Andrew Bordman, 1700-1730. Elected May 18, 1700, in place of Jonathan Remington, deceased. Andrew Bordman [2d], 1731-1769. Andrew Bordman [3d], 176Andrew Bordman [3d], 1769-1779. Elected June 2, 1769, upon the decease of his father. Thomas Farrington, 1780-1782. w, 1694-1699. Jona. Remington, 1700. Andrew Bordman, 1701-1747. Andrew Bordman [2d], 1747-1Andrew Bordman [2d], 1747-1769. Elected Aug. 3, 1747, upon the decease of his father. John Foxcroft, 1769-1771. Elected June 2, 1769, in place of Andrew Bordman, deceased. Samuel Thatcher, 1772-1776, 1782– 1786. Andrew Bordman [3d], 1777, 1778. Abraham Watson, 1779-1781. Ebenezer Stedman, 1786-1808. [4 more...]
w, by w. Anna, had Frank, b. 28 Mar. 1664. Bordman, William (now generally written Boardman), byman family about a hundred and fifty years. Mr. Bordman was a tailor, and was early appointed Stewa the right was reserved to John Bunker and Andrew Bordman to finish and use the lower story for shophn. Benjamin sold the Camb. homestead to Andrew Bordman 28 Ap. 1721. 6. Elisha, parentage not ad. 8 June 1716; Sarah, b. 19 Oct. 1712, m. Andrew Bordman 25 Feb. 1731-2, and d. in Dec. 1793; Eliaks in an old account-book formerly owned by Andrew Bordman, m. Katherine Halton in England 29 May 167, and had Elizabeth, b. 10 Feb. 1673-4, m. Andrew Bordman 17 Dec. 1697, and d. 16 Aug. 1760; Richardnd husband, came to live with her son-in-law, Bordman, in May 1705, and d. 28 Aug. 1712, aged 62. ency he resided here. He m. Ruth, dau. of Andrew Bordman, 30 Dec. 1696, who survived him, and d. 17 w. Ruth; brothers Timothy and Joseph, and Andrew Bordman, who by special direction was to be regard[2 more...]
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