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9.15 Edwin MunroeHouse & Barns &c4 1/210.60 Joshua LittlefieldHouse & Barns &c13.74 Charles TuftsHouse Barn &c6 1/225.72 Benj. HadleyHouse Barn &c1525.70 Joel TuftsHouse Barn &c5039.12 Nath. H HenchmanHouse Barn &c843.55 William DicksonHouse Barn &c10 Wm. WhitemoreHouse Barn &c3636.96 John, SwanHouse Barn &c35 1/218.16 Henry GardnerHouse Barn &c3215.36 Thomas HutchinsonHouse Barn &c5234.16 Daniel TuftsHouse Barn &c16 1/238.89 John OdinHouse Barn &c450.29 A SpaldingHouse5.74 John Runey jrHouse Barns &c18 1/228.85 Thomas Rand (38 Resident Landholders)House Barns &c4836.17 Young men William Rand2.50 G C Hawkins9.41 Samuel Adams2.50 J C Magoon2.50 Asa Tufts 2d2.50 Oliver Tufts2.50 Daniel Stone2.50 (7 young men)(total) 1130 Acres$1236.17 Names of TenantsHouses &cAcresTax A Newhall2.50 John Tufts jrHouse Barn &c3030.81 Benj Tuftsdo51 1/236.52 David Wait11.68 A Barnard2.50 S Gerrald2.50 Joseph Miller11.47 Joseph Miller jr6.94 E Gaffield2. (torn) Samuel
Chester Adams (president), Paul Willard, Esq. (treasurer), Benjamin Thompson, Guy C. Hawkins, John Runey. 1831, the same, except that Mr. Walker was succeeded by James K. Frothingham. 1832, Paul Willard, Esq., Benjamin Thompson (secretary), Guy C. Hawkins, John Runey, James K. Frothingham (president), Henry Jaques, Joseph F. Tufts. 1833, James K. Frothingham (president), Benjamin Thompsoved $13 per month. Before the end of the term Miss Wiley was succeeded by Miss Mary Dodge. John Runey and Guy C. Hawkins had charge of the outside schools, and were empowered to take a school censr Hill. The schools at No. 4 and No. 5 are now allowed to be kept through the entire year. Messrs. Runey and Hawkins are empowered to make such arrangements as may be thought best in regard to the r. Walker's school at the Neck until the trustees otherwise order. All such boys must call on Mr. Runey and get a permit from him. The schools now number 1,450 pupils, and the annual cost of educati
ow; Miss Abba Mead, at Winter Hill; Manda (Miranda) Whittemore, at the Russell, and Mary W. Jeffurds at the Gardner districts. Miss Jeffurds is allowed to keep some private scholars not exceeding six, and to receive compensation there from. Messrs. Runey and Hawkins are empowered to attend to the schools outside the Neck, the same as last year. They engage for the winter term Miles Gardner, for the Gardner school; Elliot Valentine, for Winter Hill; and Joseph S. Hastings, for the Russell disnd to build thereon. Later (in November) this section of Milk Row received the name of the Prospect Hill district, and $600 was appropriated for the building. The committee in charge of this school were instructed not to allow the children of John Runey to remain at the school unless he consents to be set off from Winter Hill to Prospect Hill district. In regard to a petition of the teachers within the Neck for a vacation of the first week in June, as Boston teachers have, it was voted inex
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