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, the 1630 colonial statute-book proves that schemes of ruthless vengeance were still meditated; for it was sternly insisted, that no peace should be concluded with the Indians—a law which remained in force till a treaty in the administration of Harvey. Burk, i. 275; II. 37. Hening, i. 123. 153. 1632 Meantime, a. change was preparing in the relations 1623 of the colony with the parent state. A corporation, whether commercial or proprietary, is, perhaps, the worst of sovereigns. Gain iappointed to proceed to Virginia, to examine into the state of the plantation, to ascertain what expectations might be conceived, and to discover the means by which good hopes were to be realized. Burk, i. 272, and note. Chalmers, 62. 76. John Harvey and Samuel Matthews, Chap V.} 1623 both distinguished in the annals of Virginia, were of the number of the committee. It now only remained to issue a writ of quo warran- Nov 10. to against the company. It was done; and, at the next quart
ssue a commission Hazard, i. 234—239. to John Harvey. The tenor of the instrument offered no in It was probably in the autumn of 1629 that Harvey arrived in Virginia. Chalmers, 118. Till October, the name of Pott appears as governor; Harvey met his first assembly 1630 Mar 24. of burgesseof their own oppression. The party opposed to Harvey was deficient neither in capacity nor in colone, that many of the statutes of Virginia under Harvey still exist, and that, though many others are council. There the contest was renewed; and Harvey, Chap. VI.} far from attempting to enforce thrity of the council favored their wishes, Sir John Harvey was thrust out of his government; and Capected but half the errors of his predecessors. Harvey immediately reappeared to occupy his former Jappointment in England. Hazard, i. 400—403. Harvey remained in office till 1639. Campbell, 61.present Berkeley as the immediate successor of Harvey. appointed in his stead. Early in the next ye[6 more...]<
a royal license was issued, sanctioning the commerce, and conferring on Clayborne powers of government over the companions of his voyages. Chalmers, 227, 228. Harvey enforced the commands of his sovereign, and 1632 Mar 8. confirmed the license by a colonial commission. Ibid. 228, 229. The Dutch plantations were esteemed tollow- 1634. Feb. 24. ing year, that they arrived at Point Comfort, in Virginia; where, in obedience to the express letters of King Charles, they were welcomed by Harvey with courtesy and humanity. Clayborne also appeared, but it was as a prophet of ill omen, to terrify the company by predicting the fixed hostility of the nativeswide world, at the humble village which bore the name of St. Mary's. Three days after the landing of Calvert, the Ark and the Dove anchored in the harbor. Sir John Harvey soon arrived on a visit; the native chiefs, also, came to welcome or to watch the emigrants, and were so well received, that they resolved to give perpetuity