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assador in Portugal, written to his brother, October 19, 1501, in Paesi novamente ritrovati et Novo Mondo da Alberico Vesputio Florentino intitulato. L. VI. c. XXV. The original and the French translation are both in the library of Harvard College. was 1500 appointed commander of the enterprise. He reached the shores of North America, ranged the coast for a 1501. distance of six or seven hundred miles, and carefully observed the country and its inhabitants. The most northern point Herrera, d. i. l. VI. c. XVI. Gomara, c. XXXVII. Also in Eden, fol 227. Galvano, in Hakluyt, IV. 419. Purchas, i. 95, 916. Memoir of Cabot, b. II. c. III. and IV. which he attained, was probably about the fiftieth degree. Of the country along which he sailed, he had occasion to admire the brilliant freshness of the verdure, and the density of the stately forests The pines, well adapted for masts and yards, promised to become an object of gainful commerce. But men were already with the Por
on earth, and gained its shadow. On Ponce de Leon, I have used Herrera, d. i. l. IX. c. x. XI. and XII., and d. i. l. x. c. XVI. Peterned his death. Peter Martyr, d. VII. c. II. Gomara, c. XLII. Herrera, d. III. l. VIII. c. VIII. Herrera's West Indies, in Purchas. Herrera's West Indies, in Purchas. IV. 869. Galvano, in Hakluyt, IV. 429. Ensayo Cronologico, 4, 5, 6. 8, 9, and 160. Roberts's Florida, 27, 28. The Portuguese Relation. c Peter Martyr, d. VI. l. x., and d VIII. l. x. Gomara, c. XL. Herrera, d. III. l. VIII. c. VIII. But neither the fondness of the Sely applied. Portuguese Relation, c. i. 483; Vega, l. i. c. i.; Herrera, d. IV. l. i c. III. No sooner was the design of the new expend priests. Vega, l. i. c. VI. 9; l. IV. c. VI. and elsewhere. Herrera confirms the statement. The wanderings of the first season brotion, c. XXX. Vega, l. v. p. i. c. VII. VIII. Vega embellishes. Herrera d. VII. l. VII. c. III. No longer guided by the energy and p
se of Columbus was conceived. Irving's Columbus, II. 351, 352. Herrera, d. i. l. IV. c. XII. The maritime adventurers of those days,n in slavery among Christians, to be transported to Hispaniola. Herrera, d. i l. IV. c. XII. Thus the royal ordinances of Spain authorizeduction of negro slaves, who had been bred in Moorish families, Herrera, d. i. l. VI. . XX. and allowing only those who were said to have r. King Ferdinand himself sent from Seville 1510. fifty slave Herrera, d. i. l. VIII. c. IX. to labor in the mines; and, because it wasla was enjoined by a royal ordinance, Ibid. d. i. l. IX. c. v. Herrera is explicit. The note of the French translator of Navarette, i .2. LVIII. LIX, The Memoir of Las Casas still exists in manuscript. Herrera, d. II. l. II. c. XX. Robertson's America, b. III. It may yet of slavery, and to order emancipation. The first is probable; yet Herrera, d. II. l. II. c. XX., denounces not slavery, but the monopoly o