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a royal commission; and, in April, 1693, Benjamin Fletcher, assuming power as governor for William 15. ance was developed. It was the object of Fletcher to gain supplies; the wary legislators were io be redressed.— My door was never shut, said Fletcher on parting; but it was avoided, as if it werevilege by having elected an assembly of which Fletcher could give no good character at Whitehall, ann of the covetous and passionate 1692. Sept. Fletcher, a man of great mobility and feeble judgment,icut was, by a royal commission, conferred on Fletcher. An address was also sent to the king, repes have a commission of command. Meantime, Fletcher, refusing to await the decision 1693 Oct. 26embled train-bands, busy in exercising them. Fletcher advances, to assume command, ordering Bayard,nce more the drums beat. Silence! exclaimed Fletcher. Drum, drum, I say! shouted Wadsworth, addi make the sun shine through you in a moment. Fletcher was daunted; and, as the excited people came [5 more...]
F. Fenwick, John, purchases half New Jersey, II. 357. Fernandez, Francisco, I. 34. Finland, emigrants from, II. 286. Five Nations. See Iroquois. Fletcher, Benjamin, in Pennsylvania, III. 37. In New York, 56. In Connecticut, 67 Fleury, Cardinal, II. 325. Averse to war, III. 449. Florida discovered, I. 31. Abandoned, 60. Huguenots, 63. Melendez in, 66. Colonized, 69. Expeditions against, in. 209, 432. Fox, George, I. 154. Education, 331. Influence of the age on him, 354. His death, 404. France, first voyages, I. 15. Trading voyages of, 25. Settles Acadia and Canada, 27. Huguenot colonies of, 61. Its settlements pillaged, 148. Loses Acadia, 445. Persecutes the Huguenots, II 174. War with the Five Nations, 419-423. Character of its monarchy, 467. Its rivalry with England, III. 115. Missions, 128. Contends for the fisheries and the west, 175. War with England, 176. Indian alliance, 177. War with the Iroquois, 189. Colonial boundaries, 192
. Struggle of the people for power, 304 Under Stuyvesant, 106 Dispute with Baltimore's agent, 308 With New, England, 310. Conquered by England, 313. Recovered by the Dutch, 322. Reconquered by the English, 325. See New York. New Orleans founded, III. 351. New Sweden, De Vries's colony, II. 281. Swedes and Finns in, 286. Conquest by the Dutch, 296. Subject to the city of Amsterdam, 298. New York. (See New Netherlands.) Andros in, III. 405. Free trade, 415. Charter of liberties, 416. Dread of Popery, III. 50. Protestants under Leisler, 51. Ingoldsby arrives, 53. Fletcher's administration, 56. Under Bellamont, 59. Under Cornbury, 60. Under Hunter, 64. Builds a fort at Oswego, 339. Contests with Cosby, 393. Niagara, Fort, II. 424; III. 342 Nicholson, Francis, III. 25 Norridgewock village, III. 333. Burned, 336. Norton, John, II. 74. Nova Scotia discovered, I. 17. Patent of, 332. Conquest and vicissitudes of, 445; II. 70; III. 186, 218, 234, 457.
III. 181. Penn, William, II. 363. His charter, 364. Opposes monopoly, 366. Sails for the Delaware, 369. Previous life of, 370. Contrasted with Locke, 379 Penn on the Delaware, 382. Treaty with the Indians, 383. Disputes with Baltimore, 387. Bids farewell to the colony, 395. Advocates English freedom, 397. His fame, 400. Thrice arrested, III. 39. Founds a democracy, 44. Pennsylvania. (See Penn.) Witchcraft in, II. 393. Slavery, 403. George Keith's schism, III. 36. Under Fletcher, 37. New constitution, 42. Delaware forever separated from it, 44. Few checks on popular power, 394 Its governor meets the Iroquois deputies, 455. Military organization, 456 Peorias, III. 197. Pepperell, William, III. 458. Pequods, war with the, I 397, 400. Peters, Hugh, arrives, I. 383. His death, II. 32. Philadelphia founded, II. 389, Philip, King, II. 98. Phipps, William, III. 83. Pilgrims, their flight, I. 301. At Leyden, 302. Sail for America, 307. Arrive a