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were soon followed by the uncertain peace of Utrecht. In 1706, the victories of Ramillies and oismissal. The treaty of peace concluded at Utrecht was mo- 713. April 11. mentous in its charac inconsistent with the policy of the peace of Utrecht, and were therefore, at a later day, effected at an end. And yet the treaty of peace at Utrecht scattered the seeds of war broadcast througho revolutions. First, then, by the peace of Utrecht, Spain lost all her European provinces, and rs implacable enemy. Again: by the peace of Utrecht, Belgium was compelled to forego the advantagternational law, as interpreted by England at Utrecht—Free ships shall also give a freedom to goods3. most weighty result of the negotiations at Utrecht. It was demanded by St. John, in 1711; and Le world. Finally, England, by the peace of Utrecht, obtained from France large concessions of te basin of the Mississippi. Did the treaty of Utrecht assent to such an extension of French territo
ling-place before Chap XXIII.} the treaty of Utrecht was completed. Their chiefs had become indigherit the throne of France? By the treaty of Utrecht, Philip of Anjou, accepting the crown of Spainded with greater difficulty. The treaty of Utrecht Chap. XXIII.} surrendered to England Acadia part of their possessions. If the treaty of Utrecht had been silent as to this claim, the stipula but postpone hostilities. By the treaty of Utrecht, the subjects and friends of both nations Chce relinquishing its claim till the treaty of Utrecht. The ambiguous language of that treaty did, ew York, it had done so only by the treaty of Utrecht. Each new ground for an English claim, was ato the Ohio, was, on the eve of the treaty of Utrecht, expressly asserted in the royal grant of thecendants of former settlers. At the peace of Utrecht, the inhabitants in all the colonies could noependence upon Britain. After the peace of Utrecht, the English continental colonies grew accust
ory as far south as the St. John's, and the Highlanders volunteered their service. With their aid, April 18. he explored the channels south of Frederica; and on the island to which Tomo-chichi gave the name of Cumberland, he marked out a fort to be called St. Andrew's. But Oglethorpe still pressed forward to the south. Passing Amelia Island, and claiming the St. John's River as the southern boundary of the territory possessed by the Indian subjects of England at the time of the treaty at Utrecht, on the southern extremity of the island at the entrance of that stream, where myrtles and palmettoes abounded, and wild grape vines, climbing to the summit of trees, formed as beautiful Von Reck, in Urlsperger i. 848 walks as art could have designed, he planted the Fort St. George, as the defence of the British frontier. Indignant at the near approach of the English, the Chap XXIV.} Spaniards of Florida threatened opposition. The messengers of Oglethorpe were detained as prisoners, a
h, II. 161. His administration, 163. Soto, Ferdinand de, I. 41. Sails for Florida, 42. In Georgia, 46. Alabama, 48. Discovers the Mississippi, 51. In Arkansas and Missouri, 52. Death, 56. Spain. Her love of adventure, I. 30. Discovers Florida, 32. In the Gulf of Mexico, 35. On the Mississippi, 51. Her missions, 60. Colonizes Florida, 66. Extent of her American possessions, 73. Invades South Carolina, III. 174. Her colonial system, III. 114. War of the succession, 206. Effect of the peace of Utrecht, 227. War with France, 353. Her relations with England, 400. Contests with English smugglers, 435. War with England, 437. Invades Georgia, 444. Spotswood, III. 455; II. 23, 30 Standish, Miles, I. 316. Stoughton, William, III. 83. Strafford's, Lord, attainder, II. 5. Stuarts, commercial policy, I. 218. Their restoration, II. 1. Misfortunes III. 1. Stuyvesant, III. 293, 300. Susquehannahs, war with, II. 215. Swiss on the Savannah, III. 417.
U. Uchees, III. 247. Uncas, I. 399. Underhill, John, I. 399; II. 292. Ursuline convent at Quebec, III. 127. Utrecht, peace of, III. 225.