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a verbal message, had specially requested. Dalrymple, the commander of the troops, expressed infith, the commanding officer of the fleet, and Dalrymple, were present. After much altercation, the of power to do any thing in his province. Dalrymple to Gage, 2 Oct. 1768. Since that resolution ccasion stole away into the country, leaving Dalrymple to despise his want of spirit, Oct. 1768, in Letters to Hillsborough, 126. Lieut. Colonel Dalrymple to Commodore Hood, 4-5 Oct. 1768. and to Smith to Commodore Hood, 5 Oct. 1768. L. Col. Dalrymple to Gage, Bernard to Hillsborough. on the L. A Eliot to T. Hollis, 17 Oct. 1768. Dalrymple encamped the twenty-ninth regiment, which haerty, and thereby secured all their arms. Dalrymple to Hood, 4 Oct. 1768. I will keep posses prevail beyond conception, he blustered; Dalrymple to Gage, 2 Oct. 1768. we shall see how he reetters to the Ministry, 94, 5 October, 1768; Dalrymple to Commodore Hood, 4 October, 1768; Captain [1 more...]
been speculating on what would be done, and Dalrymple stood ready Dalrymple to Gage, 1 October,Dalrymple to Gage, 1 October, 1769. to protect the factors. But his assistance was not demanded; Hutchinson permitted the merch New-York Gazette, No. 1398, 16 Oct. 1769. Dalrymple to Gage, October, 1769. Votes at the Meeessed the complete victory of the people. Dalrymple to Gage, 16 October, 1769. A letter from adopted. Hutchinson to——, 17 Oct. 1769. Dalrymple to Gage, 22 October 1769. On the eightee I consider myself to be without support, Dalrymple to Gage, 28 October, 1769. said their Comman Hutchinson to Hillsborough, 31 Oct. 1769. Dalrymple to Gage, 29 October, 1769. Hutchinson to Si had continued to stand out, capitulated. Dalrymple to Gage, 6 November, 1769. To the militaery transgression of the provincial laws. Dalrymple to Gage, 28 Oct. 1769. Arrests provoked resiBoston I have the originals of some of them. Dalrymple was so continually engaged in disagreeable b
on to Sir Francis Bernard, 21 January, 1770. Dalrymple was ready; and ordered his men to equip themand officers looked on, with wounded pride. Dalrymple was impatient to be set to work Compare DDalrymple to Gage. in Boston, or to be ordered elsewhere. Hutchinson—–, March, 1770; in Letter Boere delivered up and committed to prison. Dalrymple's Narrative of the Late Transactions at Bostthe Colony or Province might give the word. Dalrymple, accordingly, offered to obey the Lieutenantsummer, and at the time had been approved by Dalrymple, was called to mind as the rule for the occ Hutchinson represented them as addressed to Dalrymple who stood at his side. But the Town and S. d the scene, at the appearance of the de- Dalrymple's Narrative of the Late Transactions at Bostle forthwith. It is impossible for me, said Dalrymple again and again, weakening the force of whatsty's Chap. XLIII.} 1770. March forces. Dalrymple's Narrative. You have asked the advice o[2 more...]<
s adopted, 6 July, 1770. At the same time Hutchinson received from Gage the direction to surrender up Castle William to Dalrymple. But the Charter of Massachusetts purposely and emphatically reserved to its Governor the command of the militia of thth the favor of Hillsborough and the King? On second thoughts he resolved to obey the order at once. Early on Monday, Dalrymple hastened to the Castle, provided with a power to substitute regular troops for the provincial sentries. Hutchinson theand of the Castle CHAP. XLV.} 1770. Sept. in the Governor? After a secret discussion which lasted for two hours, till Dalrymple had had time to take possession, he entered his carriage which was waiting at the door, hurried to the Neck, stole into the Castle. The officers and garrison were discharged without a moment's warning; Hutchinson delivered up the keys to Dalrymple, and in the twilight retired to his country house at Milton. Hutchinson to Sir Francis Bernard, 15 Sept. 1770. But h