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Medford Historical Society Papers, Volume 1., Medford Historical Society. (search)
anny S. Leighton, Miss Ella. Leonard, Benjamin C. Lincoln, Miss Agnes W. Loomis, Charles H. Loomis, Mrs. Mary B. Loring, Clifton. Lovering, Frank H. Lovering, lion. Lewis H. Lufkin, Miss E. A. Macomber, W. M. Mansfield, Daniel G. Martin, Miss Martha J. Maxwell, William R. McIntire, Dana I. Means, George B. Miller, J. C., Jr. Montague, Fred W. Moore, Ernest B. Morrison, Benjamin F. Morss, Charles H. Nimmo, Mrs. Helen M. Nimmo, Andrew. Norcross, J. Henry. Norcross, Mrs. C. J. W. Nottage, Henry B. Nye, Charles E. Ober, J. E. Oldfield, John. Oldfield, Mrs. Mary. Oldfield, Miss Ada. Page, Mrs. Annie M. Papkee, J. A. Parker, Charles H. Peak, Irvin E. Peak, Mrs. Esther R. Phemister, E. A. Plummer, Mrs. J. M. G. Porter, Miss Helen. Randall, Edward S. Russell, Mrs. Cora L. Sampson, George T. Sampson, Miss Ellen R. Sargent, Miss Mary E. Shultis, Mark. Shultis, M
Medford Historical Society Papers, Volume 1., Literal copy of Births, deaths, and Marriages in Medford from earliest records. (search)
0th: 1693 dorathe Tufts daughter of Peter Tufts & mercy his wife dyed January 10th: 169 4/5 mercy Tufts daughter of Peter Tufts & mercy his wife born January 3-1694 William Hall sone of John Hall & Jemina his wife dyed Sebtember 30: 1695 Andrew willis sone of John Willis & hester his wife born December 23: 1695 susana woodward daughter of Daniell Woodward & elizibeth his wife borne January 17: 169 5/6 Samuell ffrances sone of John ffrances & lydia his wife borne July 29 1696 C of peter tufts & mercy his wife dyed Sebtember 2: 1696 hannah kidder & dorithy kider daughters of ephraim kidder & Rachell his wife was born March 23: 169 7/8 Ebenezer Brooks sone of ebenezer Brooks & abagaill his wife born May 15: 1698 Andrew hall sone of John Hall & Jemimah his wife born october 27: 1698: Mercy Tufts daughter of Peter Tufts & mercy his wife born november 13: 1698 Parcivell hall sone of Parcivell Hall & Jane his wife born december the 18th: 1698 Stephen Willis & Susan
Medford Historical Society Papers, Volume 1., Literal copy of Births, deaths, and Marriages in Medford from earliest records. (search)
nd Jemima his wife, borne august 20th: 1706 Josiah Hall Son of Stephen Hall and Grace his wife, dyed may the 20th 1706. Lydia Tufts Daughter of Capt. Peter Tuft, and mercy his wife, borne 30th Janu 1706/7 Lydia Peirce Daughter, of Nathanll Peirce and Lydia his wife born: February 24th 1706/7 Edward Hall son of Thomas hall and Abigaile his wife, borne, Aprill the 11th: 1707 Anna Whitmore daughter of Francis whitmore and anna his wife borne may 4th: 1707 James Paterson Son of Andrew and Elizabeth Paterson Borne October ye 5th 1707 Major: Nathaniel Wade died November the 28th: 1707: Elizabeth Farwell, daughter of Isaac Farwell and Elizabeth his wife borne the 1st of june 1707. Mary Whitmore daughter of John Whitmore and mary his wife borne July 17-1707 John Secomb Sone of peter Secomb and Hannah his wife born ye 3d of July 1706 Abigaill Tufts daughter of Jonathan tufts and Rebeka his wife born February ye 7th. 1707 John Secomb sone of peter secomb and h
Medford Historical Society Papers, Volume 1., Index to Births, deaths, and Marriages, published in Nos. I, 2, and 3 of register. (search)
6. Hannah, 25 (2). Isaac, 25. John, 25. Samuel, 26. Thomas, 27. Frost, Elizabeth, 62. Samuel, 61. Gardiner, Thomas, 61. Gillegrane, John, 96. Greatton, John, 93. Sarah, 94, 95. Grover, Matthew, 61. Hall, Abigail, 63. Andrew, 28. Edward, 63. Elizabeth, 62 (2), 94, 95. Grace, 28, 96. Hester, 60. Jane, 28. Jemima, 29. John, 26 (3), 61, 94. Jonathan, 25, 61. Joseph, 61. Josiah, 62, 63. Lydia, 62. Martha, 63. Nathaniel, 26, 60, 62. . Hannah, 61 (2). John, 25, 92. Martha, 95. Mary, 63. Mercy, 94, 95. Rachel, 92. Sarah, 61. Susanna, 64. Wier, Catherine, 63. Eleazer, 62. Elizabeth, 62. Prudence, 62. Susanna, 62. Willis, Abigail, 25, 60. Andrew, 27. Benjamin, 26. Deborah, 61. Elizabeth, 25. Elliot, 61 (2). George, 92. Grace, 94. Hannah, 61. Hester, 61. Jane, 25. John, 25, 27 (2). Jonathan, 25, 63, 93 (2). Mary, 26, 60, 61, 64, 94 (2). Mercy, 94.