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Now the legislatorCleisthenes, in 510 B.C ., cf. Aristot. Ath. Pol. 22. kai\ ga\r sune/bh tou\s me\n *so/lwnos no/mous a)fani/sai th\n turanni/da dia\ to\ mh\ xrh=sqai, kainou\s dÕ a)/llous qei=nai to\n *kleisqe/nhn stoxazo/menon tou= plh/qous, e)n oi(=s e)te/qh kai\ o( peri\ tou= o)strakismou= no/mos. For the procedure cf. Philochorus frag. 79b, F.G.H. i. 396. responsible for this deserves censure; for the law which he framed violates the oath of the People and Council. Under the terms of that oath you swear to exile no one, to imprison no one, to put no one to death, without trial; whereas on this present occasion, when the person ostracized is to be cut off from his country for so long, no accusation has been made, no defence allowed, and the voting is secret.