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Corinth (Greece) (search for this): card 908
your earlier resentment. For it is natural for a woman to get angry when a marriage of a different sort presents itself to the husband. But your thoughts have changed for the better, and though it took time, you have recognized the superior plan. These are the acts of a prudent woman. Children, your father has given anxious thought and has secured for you—with the gods' help—abundant prosperity. I think that some day with your new brothers you will hold the very first place in the land of Corinth. But grow to manhood. The rest your father will see to, with the help of whatever god it is that smiles on him. May I see you as fine strapping lads coming to young manhood, victorious over my enemies! Medea turns away weeping. You there, why do you dampen your eyes with pale tears and turn your white cheek away, and why are you not pleased to hear these words from me? Medea It is nothing. I was thinking about the children. Jason But why, poor soul, do you lament over these children? M