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CliniasDo you mean that these things were unknown to the men of those days for thousands upon thousands of years, and that one or two thousand years ago some of them were revealed to Daedalus, some to Orpheus, some to Palamedes, musical arts to Marsyas and Olympus, lyric to Amphion, and, in short, a vast number of others to other persons—all dating, so to say, from yesterday or the day before?AthenianAre you aware, Clinias, that you have left out your friend who was literally a man of yesterday?CliniasIs it EpimenidesCp. Plat. Laws 642d. you mean?AthenianYes, I mean him. For he far outstripped everybody you had, my friend, by that invention of his of which he was the actual producer, as you Cretans say, although HesiodHes. WD 640f. NH/PIOI, OU)DE\ I)/ASIN O(/SWI PLE/ON H(/MISU PANTO/S, OU)D' O(/SON E)N MALA/XHI TE KAI\ A)SFODE/LWI ME/G' O)/NEIAP. Hesiod's allusion to the “great virtue residing in mallow and asphodel” is supposed to have suggested to Epimenides his “invention” of a