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for going unasked to dinner?”“For anything,” he said he replied, “that you may bid me do.”“Come along then,” he said; “let us corrupt the proverb with a new version: What if they go of their own accord,The good men to our Goodman'sThe name Agathon resembles the Greek for “good men's” in the proverb, which seems to have been: au)to/matoi d' a)gaqoi\ a)gaqw=n e)pi\ dai=tas i)/asi (Athen. i. 8A; Bacchyl. fr. 33). The “corruption” consists in putting the dative *)aga/qwn(i) for A)GAQW=N; though perhaps the reference is to another form of the proverb which had DEILW=N (cravens') instead of A)GAQW=N. board?Though indeed HomerHom. Il. 17.587 *mene/laon u(petre/sas, o(\ to\ pa/ros ge malqako\s ai)xmhth/s, and Hom. Il. 2.408 au)to/matos de/ oi( h)=lqe boh\n a)gaqo\s *mene/laos. may be said to have not merely corrupted the adage, but debauched it: for after setting forth Agamemnon as a man