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Phocis (Greece) 4 0 Browse Search
Crisa (Greece) 4 0 Browse Search
Greece (Greece) 4 0 Browse Search
Athens (Greece) 4 0 Browse Search
Ilium (Turkey) 4 0 Browse Search
Argos (Greece) 2 0 Browse Search
Acheron (New Zealand) 2 0 Browse Search
Aetolia (Greece) 2 0 Browse Search
Delphi (Greece) 2 0 Browse Search
Mycenae (Greece) 2 0 Browse Search
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Ilium (Turkey) (search for this): card 558
lis;or I will tell you, since we may not learn from her. My father, as I have heard, was once hunting in the grove of the goddess, when his footfall flushed a dappled and antlered stag; he shot it, and chanced to make a certain boast concerning its slaughter.Angered by this, Leto's daughter detained the Greeks so that in requital for the beast's life my father should sacrifice his own daughter. So it was that she was sacrificed, since the fleet had no other release, neither homeward nor to Troy.For that reason, under fierce constraint and with much resistance, at last he sacrificed her—but it was not for the sake of Menelaus. But suppose—for I will make your own plea—suppose that the motive of his deed was to benefit his brother. Should you have killed him because of that? Under what sort of law?See that by laying down such a law for men, you do not lay down trouble and remorse for yourself. For, if we are to take blood for blood, you surely would be the first to die, if you were<