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In the ensuing year—the year in which there406 B.C. was an eclipse of the moon one evening, and the edaemonians sent Callicratidas to take command406 B.C. of the fleet, since Lysander's term of officecedaemonians who were there and addressed them406 B.C. as follows: “I, for my part, am content to stills at their hands. And you should as leaders406 B.C. show the other allies how we may inflict the e was commander no Greek should be enslaved if406 B.C. he could help it. Accordingly on the next dayfrom anywhere,—and the people in the city were406 B.C. many, and the Athenians could not come to his When the Athenians heard of what had happened406 B.C. and of the blockade, they voted to go to the llowing order: Aristocrates, in command of the406 B.C. left wing, led the way with fifteen ships, anr ships at first in close order and afterwards406 B.C. scattered. But when Callicratidas, as his shieonicus began to offer sacrifices for the good406 B.C. news, and gave orders that the soldiers shoul<