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e and the violence of the storm; and upon motion of406 B.C. Timocrates, that the others also should be imprisoe postponed to another meeting of the Assembly (for406 B.C. by that time it was late in the day and they couldtions was regularly paid. And there came before the406 B.C. Assembly a man who said that he had been saved by nd intimate, and Diomedon, who is my friend, partly406 B.C. to speak in their defence, and partly to advise thguilty, he shall be put to death by being cast into406 B.C. the pit, and his property shall be confiscated andat is it, pray, that you fear, that you are in such406 B.C. excessive haste? Do you fear lest you will lose thy at Mytilene. But Thrasyllus said that both things406 B.C. would be accomplished if they should leave some of) by which you judge those who did not do what they406 B.C. were ordered to do. Do not, then, men of Athens, ien men until such time as they should be brought to406 B.C. trial, and that Callixeinus be included among them
w, but think that you will retain this right if you proceed in violation of the law, by the method which Callixeinus persuaded the Senate to report to the people, that is, by a single vote? Yes, but you might possibly be putting to death some one who is really innocent; and repentance afterwards—ah, remember how painful and unavailing it always is, and especially when one's error has brought about a man's death. You would do a monstrous thing if, after granting in the past to Aristarchus,In 411 B.C. Aristarchus helped to establish the short-lived oligarchical government of the Four Hundred. the destroyer of the democracy and afterwards the betrayer of Oenoe to your enemies the Thebans, a day in which to defend himself as he pleased, and allowing him all his other rights under the law,—if, I say, you shall now deprive the generals, who have done everything to your satisfaction, and have defeated the enemy, of these same rights. Let no such act be yours, men of Athens, but guard the laws