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The troops that were at Chios under EteonicusSee I. vi. 36 f.406 B.C. subsisted, so long as the summer lasted, upon the produce of the season and by working for hire up and down the island; when winter came on, however, and they were without food and poorly clad and unshod, they got together and agreed to make an attack upon Chioss hand, he put him to death. And when an uproar resulted and people asked why the man had been put to death, Eteonicus ordered his followers to give out word that406 B.C. it was because he had the reed. As a result of this announcement all those who were carrying reeds threw them away, each man as he heard the report being afraid re sons of Darius' sister—the daughter of Darius' father Xerxes—because upon meeting him they did not thrust their hands through the corê, an honour they show the406 B.C. King alone. (The corê is a longer sleeve than the cheiris, and a man who had his hand in one would be powerless to do anything.) In consequence, Hieramenes and h<
summoned Cyrus to come to him. In the following year—Archytas being now ephor,405 B.C. and Alexias archon at Athens—Lysander arrived at Ephesus and sent for Eteonicufar outnumber them in ships; for, Cyrus said, both the King and he had money in405 B.C. abundance, and hence, so far as that point was concerned, it would be possible of Abydus and the other cities were at hand on the shore to support him, being405 B.C. commanded by Thorax, a Lacedaemonian. Then they attacked the city and captured Meantime Alcibiades, who could discern from his castle that the Athenians were405 B.C. moored on an open shore, with no city near by, and were fetching their provisiich were employed for various public missions and as dispatch-boats. with them,405 B.C. but all the rest Lysander captured on the beach. He also gathered up on the shith these men. Many other stories were told, and it was finally resolved to put405 B.C. to death all of the prisoners who were Athenians, with the exception of Adeima