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404 BC 24 24 Browse Search
370 BC 23 23 Browse Search
395 BC 22 22 Browse Search
406 BC 22 22 Browse Search
371 BC 20 20 Browse Search
394 BC 18 18 Browse Search
366 BC 15 15 Browse Search
369 BC 14 14 Browse Search
389 BC 12 12 Browse Search
399 BC 12 12 Browse Search
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Sophocles, Eratosthenes, Charicles, Onomacles,404 B.C. Theognis, Aeschines, Theogenes, Cleomedes, Erval contingents of the allies to their several404 B.C. cities, and he sailed home with the Laconian ocracy, Theramenes opposed him, saying that it404 B.C. was not reasonable to put a man to death becallent men outside this body nor rascals within404 B.C. it. “Besides,” he said, “we are undertaking, ou consider the matter, that no one finds more404 B.C. fault with the present proceedings than Thera and he was a leader in that government. When,404 B.C. however, he perceived that some opposition tol not be able to do the same thing to us also?404 B.C. We therefore arraign him on the charge of plothey nevertheless sailed away and left them to404 B.C. perish. I do not wonder, however, that Critia I knew that all those who had been zealous in404 B.C. the state's cause would look upon us with suscall him? For you in the days of the democracy404 B.C. were regarded as the bitterest of all haters [6 more...