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Asia 4 0 Browse Search
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Lebadeia 4 0 Browse Search
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Athens (Greece) (search for this): book 3, chapter 1
I will now explain how he helped those who were eager to win distinction by making them qualify themselves for the honours they coveted.He once heard that Dionysodorus had arrived at Athens, and gave out that he was going to teach generalship. Being aware that one of his companions wished to obtain the office of general from the state, he addressed him thus: “Young man, surely it would be disgraceful for one who wishes to be a general in the state to neglect the opportunity of learning the duties, and he would deserve to be punished by the state much more than one who carved statues without having learned to be a sculptor. For in the dangerous times of war the whole state is in the general's hands, and great good may come from his success and great evil from his failure. Therefore anyone who exerts himself to gain the votes, but neglects to learn the business, deserves punishment.”This speech persuaded the man to go and learn. When he had learnt his lesson and returned, Socrates ch