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Oxford (United Kingdom) (search for this): text Const. Lac., chapter 2
Having dealth with the subject of birth, I wish next to explain the educational system of Lycurgus, and how it differs from other systems.In the other Greek states parents who profess to give their sons the best education place their boys under the care and control of a moral tutorI have adopted for paidagwgo/s the term used at Oxford for a person who has charge of, but does not teach, an undergraduate. as soon as they can understand what is said to them, and send them to a school to learn letters, music and the exercises of the wrestling-ground. Moreover, they soften the children's feet by giving them sandals, and pamper their bodies with changes of clothing; and it is customary to allow them as much food as they can eat. Lycurgus, on the contrary, instead of leaving each father to appoint a slave to act as tutor, gave the duty of controlling the boys to a member of the class from which the highest offices are filled, in fact to the “Warden” as he is called. He gave this person author