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the army by Cinna himself, broke into and plundered houses, and killed persons whom they met on the street. Some of them attacked their own masters particularly. After Cinna had forbidden this several times, but without avail, he surrounded them with his Gallic soldiery one night while they were taking their rest, and killed them all. Thus did the slaves receive fit punishment for their repeated treachery to their masters. Y.R. 668 The following year Cinna was chosen consul for the B.C. 86 second time, and Marius for the seventh time; to whom, notwithstanding his banishment and proscription, the augury of the seven young eaglets was yet fulfilled. But he died in the first month of his consulship, while forming all sorts of terrible designs against Sulla. Cinna caused Valerius Flaccus to be chosen in his place and sent him to Asia, and when Flaccus lost his life Cinna chose Carbo as his successor.
The City surrenders--Massacre of Citizens--Heads exposed in the Forum--Death of Marcus Antonius the Orator--Sulla's Friends killed and his Property confiscated--Death of Merula and Catulus--Death of Marius Y.R. When the murder of Pompeius became known in B.C. the city, Sulla became apprehensive for his own safety and was surrounded by friends wherever he went, and had them Y.R. 667 with him even by night. He did not remain long in the B.C. 87 city, but went to the army at Capua and from thence to Asia. The friends of the exiles, encouraged by Cinna, Sulla's successor in the consulship, excited the new citizens in favor of the scheme of Marius, that they should be distributed among the old tribes, so that they should not be powerless by reason of voting last. This was preliminary to the recall of Marius and his friends. Although the old citizens resisted with all their might, Cinna coƶperate